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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 14th – Food Comp and Nominations

Interspersed with more flames, Marcy asks for an ear cleaning kit to get the slop out of his ears, Danielle and Chill Town discuss the feeling that one of them is being backdoored this week, and Danielle tells Will and Booger that she would use the veto to save one of them if she had the chance. Sure she would. James tells Diane that, as far as he knows, she has nothing to worry about this week. Er, I’m pretty sure he knows who’s being nominated. This might come back to bite him in the arse.

After another half hour of flames and trivia (this is getting old, really and truly) the hamsters are back, and it looks like they’re cleaning the house. Still no sign of Erika. My guess is that they’re cleaning the house to prepare for the nomination ceremony. Cut to flames and trivia yet again, and this time it’s over an hour long. Oh boy, BB! Why is the trivia all about season 1, by the way?

And we’re back again. For how long, I don’t know. Nakomis and Diane are in the bedroom and Di is bawling. Yep, looks like the nomination ceremony has indeed taken place. Diane says she’s embarrassed and apologizes to her twin sister Lindsey several times. She claims that she doesn’t belong here, she doesn’t have enough active brain cells because she smoked too much pot. Hehe. She never thought she’d be going home this soon, and doesn’t want to even try to stay in the house now. Poor Nakomis is fine, and she’s really trying to help Diane get a grip.

Marcellas shows up and tries his best to console the still-sobbing Diane. Nakomis thinks they’re up because they voted for Alison to stay. They both say stuff like, “We’ll just have to win the veto”, and “if it’s meant to be, we’ll both still be here next week”.

Kaysar and Danielle are talking, and Kay feels horribly guilty for causing Diane so much pain. There’s no way he could have foreseen her reaction though. Danielle, who has been on the block a total of once, is trying to tell him how it feels to be nominated. You know, ’cause it’s not like he hasn’t been evicted twice already or anything.

Erika’s back, and she’s in the kitchen with a group of others making something to eat. James comes in and tells Kaysar that Diane is still crying, and he seems upset about it. Hey, Janie (I think) suggests making cookies out of the BB slop. Maybe if I keep suggesting penalty nominations for Booger, that’ll happen too.

Back in the bedroom of abundant sorrow, Diane and Nakomis are regretting that they didn’t align themselves with the S6 group. Wow. Diane says that Danielle and Erika are with them, so there’s no one to latch onto now, it’s too late. She’s pretty sure she’s the target this week (wrong), and says that if they offer her the chance to get back into the house she’s not going to take it.

Diane keeps talking. She’s glad she got put up by someone like Kaysar, who is intelligent, rather than Howie. Nakomis laughs and says that Howie would have niminated her because she has “pink hair and little tits”. Heehee! Diane says that if she wins the veto she’ll save Nakomis, but Marcellas jumps in and says, “Believe me, I understand this part of the game. Save yourself!” At least he has a sense of humour about it all!

Diane’s really upset and still crying her eyes out. She says that she has nothing to go back home to. No job, no home, no agent. She’s living out of her car. She came on the show to improve her situation, because she still wants to become an actor. Because that’s working out so well for Drew and Cowboy now, I guess. Her roommate, Toni Ferrari (she of the bug eyes from Paradise Hotel and a score of other reality shows), threw her out so now she has nowhere to go. Wow. That’s a pretty big and personal outburst, and I almost feel bad for recapping it.

James comes in to offer condolences and to tell them that he thought Chicken George was going up. Diane hopes that she’ll be playing for the veto against crippled Erika and George. Uh, Diane? Nakomis, the other person on the block, is sitting right beside you.

Diane finally makes it out of the bedroom and heads for the kitchen, where she apologizes for her outburst. Kaysar tells her that she’s breaking his heart with her crying, and she keeps saying that she’s fine, she’s totally cool. She goes to take a nap, and continues her sobbing alone.

Kaysar is worried about eating in front of the people who are on slop for the week. He’s checked out the restocked fridge and is very pleased with the contents. Janelle is in the kitchen trying to make chips out of the slop.

In the backyard, Will is saying that he invented the live voting thing on BB. Because, you see, he asked them in season two if he could vote live, they said yes, and the rest is history. My, Dr. Pasty, what a big head you have.

Booger joins the still-sniffling Diane to explain that Kaysar wants to take out the floaters. Like this is big news or something. Di is whining that no one wants to talk game with her. Hello? Booger is trying to do just that Diane. He promises her that he and Will did not make a deal with the S6 to evict her. I guess that’s theoretically true.

Jase shows up and says that the BB house is a nuthouse. He adds that the last time Diane and Nak were on the block together, he was the one who ended up leaving. Diane continues to whine that no one wants to talk strategy with her, and that she’ll still be seen as a floater even if she’s still there next week. They leave the room and go back to the kitchen.

Marcellas is complaining about the slop, saying that he gets body massages in this stuff to remove pimples from his ass. He’s worried that he’ll forget that he can’t eat real food when he wakes up in the middle of the night, and he’ll hear “Marcellas, put down that banana!” from BB. Jase makes the obvious banana joke, robbing me of some fun.

Will tells Diane that this is just a game, it’s a joke. He promises to help her find a job once the summer is over, and she seems very grateful. He says that even though he won the game, all it’s done for him was give him problems. So the obvious question is, why did he come back? But apparently it’s not the obvious question for Diane, ’cause she doesn’t ask.