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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 14th – Food Comp and Nominations

Janelle, Jase, and Howie are excited to read the label on the can of Big Brother Slop when they discover that it has 25 grams of protein and only 4 grams of fat per serving. They’re allowed to use condiments in it too, like sugar and honey.

Janelle asks Kaysar if he’s sticking with their plan, and he says that he is. She points out that he looks nervous. He wants to know when the nomination ceremony is going to be, before or after dinner?

After some complaints about the slop, Howie starts jumping up and down with his head tilted to the side. What’s he doing? Why, he’s trying to get the slop out of his ear, of course! Ick! Kaysar wants to keep his overalls on for the rest of the day because this is the only time he’ll ever wear them and he thinks they’re kinda neat. How cute is that?

Kaysar calls a meeting with Will and Booger in the HoH room. He tells them that he’s not going after them, he wants to take out a floater because they’re more dangerous. He’s rather see someone who played the game win it in the end than someone like Chicken George. Will wants to know who Kaysar is putting up, but he doesn’t get an answer. He asks that Kaysar not put Erika up because he feels bad for hurting her in the comp. Aw, he really is human after all, not all wires and circuitry.

Kaysar asks that, if he keeps Will and Booger off the block this week, will they promise to take out another floater next week if one of them wins HoH. Interesting strategy here. They do seem interested, and Kaysar says that they have an agreement, not an alliance. Will mentions that he can’t believe Howie and Janie jumped on Kaysar when he won HoH. Me neither – that was a really dumb move. Booger wants to know if the other three S6ers know about their deal, and Kaysar says they do. When asked if they all agree on Kay’s nominations, he says that the others don’t really have a choice, since it’s his decision.

Will says that the plan suits him just fine, and that “the lines of communication are open” now. He and Booger leave the HoH room, and Kaysar flips on the spycam, saying that he’ll let them stew with that for a while.

Howie is eating pink slop – he says it’s strawberry. Will asks him why he put protein powder in it (which, apparently, is one of the approved condiments), and Howie says it’s for flavor. They all agree that it’s not as bad as PB&J, but it does rather taste like cardboard.

Kaysar pulls Janie aside and fills her in on his conversation with Will and Booger. Janie is surprised that Kaysar trusts them, and he says it doesn’t matter if they follow through or not, since they weren’t being targeted anyway. At least he gave it a shot, since they have nothing to lose. Personally it looked to me like Will and Booger were serious, but give them some time to see if they can turn things around and make a power play at some point, regardless – it might be too hard for them to resist.

James joins them and says that he told the DR that he was worried, because Kaysar always wants to make his power “epic” – either save the world or burn the house down. Ha! He also suspects Marcellas, because he heard him talking about “the four” last night to the others at the pool table. James asks if Nak and Booger are going up, and Janie lies and tells him that Kaysar won’t say. James is actually making sense though, saying that they need to go after Will, Booger, Jase, and maybe George.

Speaking of George, he comes wandering in claiming to be looking for his shoes. The HoH trio says that the others must have sent him up there, and that it was way too obvious.

They talk about how Howie is doing a much better job this time, and how they need a new name for their alliance since it’s bad luck to keep the old one. I don’t know – they seem to be doing fairly well so far. Then again, it’s only week two. James leaves and Kaysar says, “No offence to James, but his strategy sucks.”

Downstairs, Marcellas is holding court, telling everyone about the soap opera he made up using all of them as characters. The rest of the group seems really into it, mapping out more plot lines for themselves and planning to act it all out. Will wants to marry Nakomis for her money, and then have affairs with Erika and Janelle. This is fun!

Erika is still in a lot of pain. She puts an ice pack on her ribs, and checks the mirror to see if there’s any bruising. None, from what I can tell. She takes her hairdryer into the gym so she can do her hair sitting down, but she has to stop and put her arms down every once in a while when the pain gets too bad. Poor girl. It must be karma for trying to kill the Chicken Man.

As most of the houseguests lounge around, catching a nap or making small talk, Booger is in the pool with Jase telling him about the conversation he and Will had with Kaysar. Jase is worried now, and wonders whether he’ll be nominated. Booger thinks it was all a line of BS and that they’ll probably try to backdoor Will. Jase says that James is the real mastermind behind Kaysar’s choices this week (which is funny because James wants to go after Will and Booger), and Booger thinks that Kaysar just doesn’t want to be perceived as a threat.

Will talks to BB through his microphone, saying that he got up early and gave them “great footage” for the food competition, so now they need to give him something to do. Everyone except Erika is locked outside, so maybe she’s finally getting some real medical attention. Will says that the nurse told her that her ribs might be broken, she couldn’t tell. So the prescription was Advil and lots of rest.

Time for flames, and then the dreaded trivia. The trivia might be okay if they mixed up the questions once in a while. I’m just sayin’. After 45 minutes …

… we’re finally back, and Marcellas is sitting with Diane and Nakomis by the fire pit. Diane is saying that she asked Booger what happened during his meeting with Kaysar and Will, and Booger told her that Kay tried to make them a deal but they said no. Marcellas doesn’t believe it, because he doesn’t see the point in going after floaters. He thinks they should go after their real enemies, Will and Booger. He also throws out that, if the S6 all make it past the jury cutoff and one of them gets final two, they’ve automatically got three votes to win.