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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 14th – Food Comp and Nominations

Can I get a “What Up Kaysar”? I’m so glad that he won HoH. Now we can finally get a steady stream of strategy talk, and it’ll be fun to watch people like Booger trying to suck up to him and his cohorts. And Marcellas being safe will ease the tension a little bit too, since we all know he goes a bit off the deep end when he’s stressed out. Bless him. After this week’s eviction, if Erika and Marcy stick with the BB6 crew, there will be a 50/50 split in the house. Anyway, on to the feeds.

7:30 am rolls around and feed watchers are treated to the wall of fire as, assumedly, Big Brother wakes up the slumbering hamsters. They want to get the food competition underway early, since they also have to get the nomination ceremony out of the way today.

When we come back, Jase is making himself a can of beans for breakfast. Not a bad idea – fiber and protein will be his friends if they end up having to eat something disgusting for the next week. Still, I don’t think I could handle a can of Libby’s for breakfast. Other houseguests are milling about in the kitchen, getting coffee and making their own food, while still others are heading directly to the bathroom to get themselves looking good for their guaranteed TV time.

Big Brother is back to his old trick of spewing out random facts about the house. He tells them that they have to swim 440 laps in the pool to swim a mile. Wow, it doesn’t look that tiny, but I guess it must be.

In the kitchen, Jase tells Janelle that he didn’t sleep well at all last night. I wonder if he’s worried about going up on the block? I don’t think Janie will let that happen, although maybe she should consider it.

The bathroom becomes the busiest place in the house as more people come in to brush teeth, put on makeup, and complain about getting up so early and not knowing what the day will bring. Howie and Booger simulate sex in one of the bedrooms, and Booger starts calling out about visiting Maggie in Vegas and meeting Cappy, interspersed with moans and climax sounds. Gotta give credit where it’s due – very funny stuff.

Nakomis is worried about the nominations. She tells Dianne that she just wants them and the veto comp over with so she knows where everything stands. Does she know exactly how much Howie dislikes her? I’m hoping that, if Kaysar does indeed nominate Nakomis, that Howie doesn’t get all “Busto” on her.

After some more small talk about competition schedules and what days they might actually be able to sleep in, the flaming wall of … er… fire reappears. This time they’re up for about half an hour – there’s no way the food comp was done in that time, so maybe it was rehearsal or a BB briefing. Who knows.

Anyway, when we come back, the hamsters look pretty bored and mopey. Will lies down in the middle of the kitchen table and Nakomis gives the lazy susan a spin, prompting BB to shout “Stop that!” This is followed by singing, and more flames. Okay, enough. I want the fish tank back. Another 40-minute wait and it’s food competition time! Yay!

Everyone rushes to the bathroom for last-minute primping, while Danielle is sound asleep. Kaysar has to go wake her up, and she’s disoriented at first. But she snaps out of it and meets up with the other hamsters who are gathered in the living room. Kaysar reads his cue cards and welcomes everyone to the first All Stars food comp. They have to divide into two teams, and then pick a partner on their team.

Overalls are provided and everyone puts theirs on. I get to see Howie in his underwear and Booger’s bare butt. Lucky me. Most of the men are having trouble figuring out how to get the overalls on and done up. Heh. Kaysar is dressing for the occasion as well, although he’s not competing since he’s HoH. Remember last time Kaysar hosted a food comp? He had to spin a wheel to see if they got food or PB&J for the week, and the results weren’t optimal. Let’s hope he has better luck this time.

It’s difficult to accurately recap what’s going on here, because it’s much like the Sing-A-Long With Dr. Will Show. Feeds, then flames, then feeds, then flames. The competition is called “Slop ‘Til You Drop”. The partners are chained together, and they have to work as teams to get rats out of the BB slop trough with their mouths. Oh. Yuck. Marcellas is going to have a conniption. Each pair has to get two rats in their team’s basket before the next pair can go, and the first team with twelve rats in their basket gets to eat regular food for the week. The losing team will get to eat BB slop for the week. Apparently BB slop is very nutritious, but doesn’t taste that good.

The teams are Howie, Nakomis, Janelle, Marcellas, Danielle, and James versus, well, everyone else. And they’re off! The slop is disgusting – it looks like thick oatmeal mixed with mud. The pairs take turns – it looks like Janie/Marcellas, Will/Erika, Chicken George/Jase, Booger/Diane, Howie/Danielle, and Nakomis/James are the partners. The comp goes extremely quickly, and BB keeps saying “no hands!” They all complain that the slop is too thick to see anything in, so they have to feel around with their faces. Blech.

And the winners are … Will, Booger, Erika, George, Jase, and Diane! Will looks very pleased, while Marcellas looks like someone spilled indelible ink on his housecoat.

Diane is complaining that Booger shoved her head into the slop and told her, “you’re not coming up for air, bitch”. What a charmer that guy is. Erika seems to be in pain, and Will pulls his microphone closer to his mouth to tell BB that it looks like she’s going to need an x-ray, so they need to prepare for that. Howie asks BB if they want him to take Erika to the DR.

The rest of the hamsters hose themselves off before heading inside. Danielle finds a big pot of what I assume is “slop” in the kitchen, and does a great Oliver impression with “Please sir, can I have some more?” Most of the houseguests don’t seem too disgusted with having to eat this oatmeal stuff. And heck, there’s lots you can do with oatmeal. Cookies, pancakes, bread – you name it. Where’s Karen when you need her?

As it turns out, Erika hurt her ribs on the edge of the trough. Will admits that he was goofing around and acting like a “jackass” with her and caused the injury. He genuinely feels bad about it, which is good to see. Erika is really in pain though. The nurse in the diary room apparently told her she’d be okay, she just needs to ice the area and get lots of rest. Nakomis says that she lost one of her contact lenses in the slop as well. Are these comps more difficult than previous seasons, or are the houseguests just trying harder? Lots of injuries and mishaps already, it seems.