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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Life With Kathy Griffith…Or Is It Griffin?

Kathy Griffin is SO D-List that not only did she get bumped from my column last week by A-List stars in the music world like Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee and the Low B/High C-Lister Brooke Burke in her glitter sack, but this week’s column about Kathy Griffin is later than usual. Such is the life she expects, and I deliver.

I don’t know why people don’t know who Kathy Griffin is. She had a major role in a major prime time sitcom with Brooke Shields. She was on Celebrity Mole. She hosted a show that recapped reality tv for MTV. She’s been on all different networks for all different demographics. She was even on Oprah once. Yet, she’s still brushed aside for bigger stars. She’s not an A-Lister by any means. She’s not even in with the B’s or C’s. Kathy Griffin owns The D-List.

First off, she is truly a comedic genius. She’s a storyteller. If for no other reason, people should watch My Life On The D-List just to hear the bits of stand-up she does. She rags on celebrities, really putting A-Listers in their place, back in reality. She picks on them through telling stories about her encounters; she doesn’t name call unless they deserve it. Her husband once explained that she doesn’t really have an act written down. Instead, she has a list of things she wants to talk about and then goes on stage and talks. That’s hard to do. That’s why she’s a comedic genius.

People should also watch because we get to see all the lame things she needs to do to make a buck. Like doing comedy shows for corporate events. Like giving out awards to people who do costume design for commercials. Like doing weight loss stories for Star Magazine. Like being a judge on the least funny season of Last Comic Standing (no offense to Roz or Josh Blue, but with that dippity-do from Yes Dear on there, it’s an automatic mess). Her motto: Don’t say no—as in, don’t turn down any job. Which is why she owns a three million dollar house and two dogs, has a personal assistant, and gets to have her own show.

The D-List on Bravo also shows that Kathy Griffin does not lie. In her act, she talks about her parents being old and kinda crazy. On the show, we see her parents who are old and kinda crazy. She can shut them up with a bottle of anything with alcohol in it. Her mom is in love with Bill O’Reilly. Her dad is willing to sell their condo if she’s ever abducted and held for ransom.

In the past few months, reports have come out about the ugly, unfortunate divorce between Kathy and her husband, Matt. She doesn’t hide from it. She talks about it on her show. She talks about it in her stand-up. Her rapport with Matt is one of comedic banter and, despite the divorce (maybe because of), mutual respect, admiration, and tenderness. Perhaps that will all change next season after the reports have now come out that indicate why they got divorced—**allegedly** he was stealing money from her. Whether he was stealing from private bank accounts or out of her purse at home, I’m not sure. And I say **allegedly** because Kathy Griffin would love it.

Even though many Square Staters, old white men, and people who don’t have cable may not know who Kathy Griffin is, she does have a dedicated following. I saw many of them when she performed at The Nokia Theater (I had seats in the last row with obstructed view–my friend called them D-List seats). Her fans are mostly gay men. She has her Sunday brunch friends and co-writers who she refers to as her gays. Kathy Griffin is the Cher of the comedy world.

Now here’s the BEST part of My Life On The D-List. Kathy Griffin’s Huge Celebrity Grudges. Her primary concern right now is degrading the host of American Idol. She hates Ryan Seacrest stemming from an incident where he ripped her shirt open on stage at an awards show and then rubbed it in by taking over her Red Carpet job at E!. Now many punchlines involved references to “that damn Seacrest” even if what she’s talking about has nothing to do with him. Apparently he is at fault for anything that goes wrong in her life.

Kathy Griffin is real. I guess that’s why she’s on the D-List. She shows her flaws and is an open book about them. She doesn’t mind making a fool of herself (including the episode where she dresses up as a rat and shoots off toy guns in an unsuccessful attempt to make her dogs listen to her and Matt). She is a petite woman, and I’m all for the little women of the world. Her hair is the red I’ve always wanted my hair to be. However, it has a life of its own and morphs into different styles in every single shot. If you don’t want to watch the show for the comedy, then watch it for the ever-evolving hair.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality TV[/b]: Quick witted comedy with a side of it could happen to you.

Kathy Griffin is uncensored and quick witted and owns her place in the world. She’s a hard worker and a funny lady. And with her Emmy nomination, perhaps a change-up is in store for Hollywood’s lists.

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