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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 13th – What Up, Kaysar?

The cameraman is trying to send us all hints, apparently. He keeps focusing on the bugs on the wall and the numbers surrounding them. There’s been a lot of speculation that the food competition will revolve around bugs, so this could be some good foreshadowing. Nakomis had said she would be okay with it as long as it was only this one day of eating bugs. Yet still, the question remains, what if they lose the competition. If it’s not PB&J, and it’s supposedly worse, what will it be?

Kaysar says Howie reminds him of Lenny from Of Mice and Men, crushing bunnies and not even knowing it. He, Jase and Janelle make a bet over whether he knows the book or not, and when he walks in, and they ask him, he says he doesn’t read. When they say he reminds them of Lenny, he asks if they mean Lenny Kravitz. Now if their could be two people with the same name that could be any more different than the two Lennys, I’d like to see them.

Jase leaves, and the other three set to trying to figure out a new name. Everything Howie brings up is shot down right away, and he just won’t stop. They keep trying to think but Howie is just rifling off stupid names, making Kaysar eventually tell him to quit making this like a comic book or sports team. They refuse to use anything with “Jedi” in it. Howie comes up with the I Dream of Jeanies, the MaggieMoos, The All Stars, the SuperFriends, the Forecasters, etc. They laugh when he comes up with the Babushkas, and Howie admits to selling the babushka clippers on eBay. I’m having a real hard time wrapping my head around that one.

Janelle goes back to trying to save Nakomis, saying why don’t they go after Diane instead, but Howie says she’s a good manipulator, but not a good competior. She’s not as dangerous as Nakomis. He then starts mocking Janelle, and says, “I like her! We’re going to smoke together. “Shut up Howie.” Janelle calls him out on being so much more aggressive this year.

Meeting up with Marcellas as they file their nails together, Janelle takes her concerns to him. She asks if Jase is working with Boogie and Will, and he says it doesn’t really matter, as Jase will just go wherever the power is. Marcellas says that Howie shouldn’t have carried on the way he did when Kaysar won, as it was too much like last season, and it scared a lot of people. He says they all think that Janelle is the brains of the whole alliance. Janelle picks for a little more info and asks who Marcellas is scared of, and he says Danielle, of course, Will, and Boogie.

Janelle asks if the whole house is afraid of the BB6ers, and Marcellas says yes, and tells her to put herself in their place. They aren’t as worried about James, as he seems lke he’s only hanging with them as long as it will benefit him. Thinking back to her earlier conversation with Kaysar and Howie, that’s what she said. He wasn’t staying away to benefit them, but to help himself. Janie knows best.

Marcellas’ game is to try and get rid of the floaters and keep the big players, as he thinks they can help him get to the end. He notes how everyone there is the stars of their season, and they’re all such big personalities. That’s the ineresting personality to me, too. They’re all very narcissistic, only thinking of themselves. Except perhaps Nakomis. Marcellas believes all the females are vicious this year, and Janelle always seems more of a threat because she’s always surrounded by all the guys. He thinks the alpha males don’t have much of a chance this year, prompting Janelle to prognosticate him and Erika at the end. I don’t see that happening.

Janelle talks about not lying to anyone in the game yet, and Marcellas switches up the conversation to how gross the sinks in the bathroom are. He wants to have them switched out, but he knows if he asked them in the DR to do that, they would be like, Sure, we’ll get right on that … Queen. He wants to at least get rid of the bar soap and put the liquid body wash there instead. Well, they can’t find fault with that, can they? I don’t like bar soap in public areas either. It’s yucky.

After Marcellas switched his laundry, he and Janelle find themselves in front of the memory wall. Marcellas starts making up a soap opera about the people he sees there. Stuff like Janie being a model. there’s a cosmetics company they are all involved with, and Will is the evil one there. Diane is the illegitimate country daughter of George. Marcellas is the head of advertising, and Nakomis is the graphic artist. Janelle and Marcellas laugh, saying the internet people are gong to writing all this up. Okay, so what if we are? If we weren’t here doing this, you wouldn’t be there doing that.

Howie and Kaysar are sharing the bed in the HoH room, but are having a hard time sleeping. They both are having back and/or neck problems. They discuss Will, and say he strategy is to not win any competitions, as then he’d be a threat. His strategy is just to manipulate people. Howie finally gets some Icy Hot to put on Kaysar’s back. Kaysar, after eleven days in the house, wants a haircut. He says he got an inch taken off right before he came in the house, but it’s already too long again. He wants a haircut for a luxury competition. Usually it seems there’s someone in the house that is adept at cutting hair, but I can’t figure out who that would be this year.

They finally try to get some sleep in the HoH room, and everyone else in the house is already sleeping. They all know BB will wake up them up early tomorrow at 7:30 BB time for the food competition. They said it’s because it gets so hot there, that they need to do it earlier, but who could handle food comps at that time in the morning. Especially if it ends up being bugs.

By tomorrow we’ll know the details of the food competition, and we’ll also know what “bugs” them. Okay. Okay. Bad pun. Anyway, we’ll know that, and possibly we’ll also have the nomination ceremony. I hope something happens to change their minds from Nakomis, or for Janie to get that secret alliance going. It’s my Dream Team.

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