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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 13th – What Up, Kaysar?

Janie and Howie start arguing about the value of keeping Nakomis or putting her up. Janie doesn’t want to do it because she likes her. Yea! I knew she did! Howie says no, this is business. Kaysar interrupts them to say the HoH room is open. Everyone files up and finds that the room has been completely redecorated, to the degree of new furniture. Kaysar didn’t get his hookah, but he got a sweater. Hey! Cool! We never really get to see what else he got. The non BB6ers file out, kind of disgusted. Apparently they just wanted a shot at the hookah. All except for George who stands around and stares inside the bathroom. Maybe he got lost in there.

The hot tub bunch is back out, and they decide Howie went from a fun guy to an ass. Boogie is saying the nerd herd is going to seem like Sesame Street compared to them. “Mark. My. Words.” How about “Boogie. You’re. Nominated.”? Erica joins them, and when the talk is out to go after BB6 the following week, Erica never comments. Maybe she really is in tight with Janie.

Kaysar, Howie and Janelle strategize and Howie is still intent on putting up Nakomis. He wants Nakomis on the block with Chill Town. Kaysar says that’s not going to do anything. Janie gets upset that James isn’t up there with them, because it puts the rest of them in danger, looking like he’s not really with them. I think that’s the point, Janie. Although she’s told by the other two that he’s just trying to take the pressure off of them and find out more info.

James finally joins them and wants to take out Jase, but no one else will agree to this. The suggestion is made to put up one from each alliance to cause them to fight each other, and they discuss it possibly being Nakomis and Boogie. Janie keeps fighting for Nakomis, saying she likes her so much. Jase interrupts to say Will suggested they all agree to take out floaters if it keeps them safe for three weeks. Howie says not to give Jase any information, as it would all just go right back to Will. Howie wants to know how Will can sit there and say he’s ready to leave, then want to make offers to stay another three weeks.

Janelle goes back to talking about Nakomis and suggests making a deal with her. Howie asks if she thinks Nakomis is honest, and she says yes. Diane sold her out their year, so maybe she’d be wiling to join their larger alliance. Kaysar believes if they put Diane up and she doesn’t leave, she get her battle gear on and come after them. Howie points out they’re already after them.

Will, from the hot tub, says whatever the food competition is, whether he loses or wins, he’s going to eat anyway. Since he figures he’s going up on the block anyway, the worst he could get is a penalty nomination. Ugh. I guess since he was thrown for a loop without the double HoH, this is how he is deciding to get his attention. After James leaves, they wonder if they can trust him, and decided they can’t be sure, but as long as long as they keep the majority, he’ll stick with them. Howie decides to stick close to Boogie and Will to make it look to others like he is in with them, and they decide to put up Nakomis and Diane to make them think that they have cut a deal with Boogie and Will. They’ll keep testing Jase to see where he stands. Getting a headache yet?

Kaysar and Janelle then talk alone and go over the different ins and outs of this plan. They discuss bringing Will and Boogie up to talk to them, then as they leave saying thanks, this helps us out, or something similar, to make others think they have a deal with them. It will strengthen that idea when Nakomis and Diane go up on the block. It will keep everyone on edge, and no one will no one what’s really going on. They decide not to tell James, as they fear he might tell Nakomis and Diane, and put the whole thing in jeopardy.

Around the hot tub talk revolves around how George will never find someone to sleep by him, and Marcellas figures it can’t to be too bad with as long as he’s been married. George points out, though, that he’s done a lot of couch time through all that. He talks about his daughter being born on his wife’s birthday,and says when she was born she had no blood, and they gave her no chance. But she ended up turning out just fine, and he figures he is a blessed man. You can’t find fault with that.

Erika visits Kaysar in the HoH, and their flirtation continues. Kaysar says he feels everyone is expecting him to make a big move like “I sealed your partner’s fate.” Erika wonders if he is sealing her fate, and he says no, you’re partner’s. He says he wasn’t even trying to win HoH; he was going to let it go to someone else from the alliance, but the next thing he knew it was him and Nakomis alone out there.

Things might get confusing for his nomination choices as Janelle goes out for a cigarette with Nakomis, and they continue their slow and steady bonding. Nakomis says she voted for Allison to stay as a sympathy vote. She didn’t want it to be unanimous. She was upset when Allison lied to her, though, and couldn’t believe the whole thing with her hiding in the pot. Janelle admits Allison is the one person she really wanted to leave, since she knew she was after her. Nakomis asks why she just didn’t tell her when she asked her, and Janelle says the whole thing was just so confusing. She couldn’t even talk about it in the DR. Janelle pretty much has to go with her alliance here, but I think she should tip off Nakomis, and tell her she can keep her safe, and they’ll be a secret alliance.


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