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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 13th – What Up, Kaysar?

Moments after Kaysar is crowned the new HoH, the live feeds come back. Nothing very interesting is happening. Everyone is pretty subdued. After all, they’re all All-Stars. They know to not get excited one way or another over this, as it doesn’t help them later in the game. Well, all except Howie. You can just never tell what’s going to come out of his mouth, but he’s shown this year than when it’s best for him to be subdued, he is. James does, however, ask Kaysar if there is an off-button for Howie, and when Kaysar says he can’t find it, James tells him to check the rectal cavity.

Janelle is now quite upset about some of the things Alison admitted to saying about her while with Julie, such as Janelle is fat. James initially tells her it was pretty funny the way it was originally said, until he realizes how much it upsets Janelle. He and, surprisingly enough Nakomis, tells her not to worry about it, as Alison was just jealous. Maybe just maybe I’ll still see my dream of a secret Janie/Nakomis alliance. Janelle even lets Nakomis smoke her cigarettes, and when Nakomis apologizes for smoking them, Janie says not to worry about it. When they run out, they’ll both be out.

Danielle and Diane join them for some girl talk, minus James, and Danielle and Janelle discuss their boob jobs, as each of them wants to get them redone. Danielle wants to get silicone, and Janelle tells her it’s about $1000 a boob, which Danielle doesn’t seem to mind. The talk turns to being naked in their own home, and how they miss that they can’t do it here. Diane sleeps in the nude, and Janie walks around naked. I am very thankful they didn’t take this conversation to Howie. It’s just one of those don’t go there types of things.

Everyone is basically surprised that Alison was worried most about Erika before All Stars started, and she never said anything about her during the show. Erika explains what went down during their season and final four, and it gets a little clearer for everyone. If Alison would have stayed with the alliance, and Erika won final HoH, who would she have taken with her to final two? Alison. Looks like everyone wanted her with them in final two, as they all knew they could beat her.

Howie might be taking his competitiveness with Will too far. He wants Kaysar to put up for nomination Will and himself. He thinks he’ll beat out Will, and if he doesn’t, he figures it wasn’t meant to be. Kaysar spends hours and hours and hours making just the perfect choices for nominations, so I don’t see him going with Howie’s plan for the heck of it.

Will is a little irritated about all his sand Howie’s play last week. Now he realizes that that is what America has been watching, after Julie mentioned it and showed clips. Howie, of course, takes the cue and runs around the house shouting, “Will loves Howie. Will loves Howie.” Will gets his props, though, from the others for the quote about George trying to snore him out of the house. They think that was classic. I may be the only one, but I would actually tune in every day to listen to Howie, Will, James and Jase show. The four of them are pretty funny, and if they could ever all get going at the same time, it would be phenomenal.

Jase fills Janie in on the stunning news that Diane doesn’t like her. I’m sure she’s shocked! He says Diane doesn’t like blondes, and says she hated Holly for no reason. He figures the only possible reason is because she never gets the guy. They both know she was one of the votes for Allison, and figured maybe Nakomis was the other one. Marcellas comes out, wearing his eye mask on top of his head, and eating an apple, because Danielle, his arch rival, has told him he eats too many sweets. He joins in on the conversation and agrees it was probably Diane and Nakomis.

James and Howie do a little serious strategizing about who would be good to go up. They are both pinpointing Nakomis knowing how smart she is, and realize it might be too soon to go after Dr. Will. They wonder about going after Jase, but decide he helped them out last week, so they should let him stay a little longer. Basically they’re targeting Nakomis. I think Boogie and George. That’s what I say. Then again, I don’t have the HoH room key around my neck. Janelle joins them and James says that Jase is together with Boogie and Will, and she seems kind of upset.

Maybe it’s just me, but the non-BB6ers are starting to resemble the nerd herd, at least in the level of paranoia. Will, Boogie, and Jase are in the hot tub strategizing, and Howie comes out interrupting by constantly saying, “I thought there was no Chill Town.” James is working out nearby and is asked what he thinks of Howie vs. Will in the veto competition. He says he thinks Alison has a better chance at winning that this week.

As Howie leaves they start to trash him and say he’s starting to get patronizing to them, with Booger saying the game means more to the BB6ers than it means to them. Isn’t that like April saying she didn’t need the money? Is Booger the new Busto? Marcellas comes down and tells them when Kaysar gets his HoH room they should all go up so that they get a chance to use the hookah. The talk switches to how nice it would be if they could go home for the night and come back for the competitions, and not have live feeds. Ummm, doesn’t that ruin the whole thought of “Big Brother” is always watching you?


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