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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 13th – What Up, Kaysar?

Oh c’mon, you know I had to go with that title.

At least with Alison leaving instead of Danielle, Nakomis will still keep her early morning buddy. I wonder if that played into her decision on who to vote for. Not that it ever played into the BB6’s minds when evicting Cappy. They didn’t care if he got up early and cooked them firehouse chow. When it’s your time to leave, it’s your time to leave. And today, it was definitely Alison’s time, despite being in there for only a little over one week.

Danielle and Nakomis are once again the first ones up this morning. However, this time they can’t go outside. Assumably it’s because they’re setting up for the HoH competition later tonight. Hopefully Nakomis got enough sleep last night for the live show tonight, as she says she looks like an owl when she doesn’t get enough sleep. And this was before James got up and exclaimed that they were sure some ugly MoFos in the morning.

Nakomis and Danielle continue their bonding, and discuss BB5. The main topic is Holly. Danielle thought her voice was fake until she met her in person. Holly was edited to look like a sweet airhead, yet she came up to Donald at the wrap party and told him not to let his girlfriend (Nakomis) call her Skanky anymore because of a dress she wore. Holly didn’t eat a lot in the house because she was a vegetarian. Can’t vegetarians eat PB&J?

And then it happens. I see what is perhaps the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on TV. Danielle is sitting in the bathroom picking at her armpits with both hands … and she doesn’t stop! Are we sure this is the HG we want to stay instead of Allison? She then exclaims she hates armpit hair, and talks about getting lasered when she gets out of the house. Does she not have a razor in there with her? BB, can you get the girl a bottle of Nair please? We’d rather that than watch this display every morning.

Danielle moves from plucking her armpit hair to being James’ spotter in the gym. Boogie asks why James needs her, and James explains that without her, he’d would rub up against … and Boogie shouts out, “Oh yeah. You’d get a woody.” Thank God Will put this guy in his contract for being here. Where would be out our daily Boogie?

Marcellas goes and sits in the room that my fellow feed recapper, Carrie, calls the room with the ginormous bed, and starts issuing orders to BB of what he would like to see in his HoH basket when he gets it. There’s lots of goodies he wants, including peanut butter from Trader Joes. That can’t be what he said, could it? He also wants his iPod and gives directions of exactly where it is in his bag. Lastly, he’d like a Justin Timberlake CD … and poster. Erika has read that Justin likes older women, and Marcellas, well, he doesn’t care about that. He just wants to know if he likes black boys.

Will is delusional enough to think that everyone is worried about him winning HoH and disagreeing with the other HoH on purpose so that he can go up on the block. He steals Danielle’s plan for Jase and Janelle, has spent an entire week talking about nothing else, other than insults to Howie and of trying to get a penalty nomination, and now thinks everyone is up at night worried if this will happen. Yep, the good doctor is delusional. He also thinks it will be great live entertainment when Julie says it’s another dual HoH week, for him to jump up and down and imitate Howie’s reaction to double elimination week from last year. Well, so much for Will’s grand plans. Doctor heal thyself.

Alison apparently decided to make her final day in BB last as long as she could. She refused to get up this morning, and BB had to call out to her by name to get up. Eventually she did, and the always polite BB thanked her. Although I think a more fitting response would have been, “Thank you, Alison. Now, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

Okay, I know Jase was kind of an ass on season five, but he is completely cracking me up this season. Not only is the one responsible for the “Plastic Inner-Tube” jingle, but this morning when he, Boogie, and James were trying to figure out what kind of music everyone would listen to, they got to Nakomis, and Jase was making up lyrics for her type of music involving “gut a f’in turtle with a butcher knife” and “sorority bitches with your pretty hair, I’ll dye my hair green and purple because I just don’t care.” I love Nakomis, but this is funny stuff. Maybe you had to be there.

Shortly after this the feeds go to flames for what seems like hours, and it is. Someone took pity on us poor feeder souls, and they are replaying trivia questions that they played last year before the show went live. At least it’s something. However, if they would ditch the dang BB music loop, I’d be much appreciative. This continues for much of the afternoon, and up through the live show. Occasionally the feeds would come back, but by the time we would settle on one of the four feeds being shown, BB would take it away from us just as quick.


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