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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 12th – Guess Who's Going Home?

Janelle wants to know who Howie thinks the house will go after next, and Howie thinks it’s her. She askss him to win HoH tomorrow to keep her safe. Kaysar joins them and they start the “What up Kaysar” schtick, although Howie realizes that they can’t put targets on themselves with that stuff any more. They discuss sleeping arrangements, and Janie is considering joining the girls in the ginormous bed.

Now it’s time for more eating, so all the hamsters head for the kitchen. For some reason, every other word out of Jase’s mouth is “jizz”. Imagine that. Howie isn’t even involved in the conversation at all. Alison is uncharacteristically quiet as everyone digs in to what looks like a really good meal that Danielle has prepared.

After dinner, Dani talks with Will and Booger in the HoH room about the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance. The Chill Clowns are trying to turn Danielle against the BB6’ers, but she turns the conversation around to point out that James seems to be alone, and that the real alliance is Jase, Diane, and Alison. She says that Janelle didn’t want her to be evicted, but put her up because of what Jase told her. Danielle says that, if she wins HoH, she’s going to put Jase and Di up together.

Danielle keeps working them, saying that the BB6 group is not after Will and Booger. Will says that he wants out of the house before sequester, and that Howie is scared to death of going up on the block with him. Booger says that Kaysar and Janie are the brains of their alliance. Wow, give this guy a cookie. Now Will’s going on and on about how he wants a penalty nomination, and will do everything he can to ensure that happens.

Danielle leaves, and Marcellas and Janie arrive. Janie leaves a few minutes later, and Will launches into his diatribe once again about wanting to win HoH so he can disagree with the nominations and go up himself. Ugh. Dude, this is getting really old, and no one believes you.

Small groups break off to talk about stuff that doesn’t really need to be recapped, unless you want to hear about Booger’s aversion to feet, how long Jase and Holly dated outside the house, or how Nakomis gets “attacked” by bees in the hammock.

Alison and Diane are talking together, and Ali is trying to coach Diane on what to do when she leaves the house. “Put up Janelle and Danielle together” is Ali’s plan. They talk about what a pervert George is (see, I get that he could be taken as annoying, but pervert isn’t something I’d call him).

Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar are in the gym again, just goofing off. Kaysar needs a haircut, and says he feel disheveled. They laugh and have fun, and it’s a total throwback to last season, except that there’s no cutting to the HoH room and the shrine of Crappy, where the rest of the house is cutting them to shreds. Oh wait, Alison is trying to do an impersonation of Janelle to Diane. So maybe it kind of is like last season.

James, Nakomis, and Diane are talking about how touchy Jase is getting when they talk about his season with Diane in the house. James is trying to dig a bit for information, but Diane is just throwing nonsense out there and Nakomis is playing everything off likes it’s no big deal. Diane says that Jase thinks that if people catch them talking together, that everyone will think they’re in an alliance. But she insists that they hate each other. Right Diane, I’m pretty sure that was convincing.

Janie and Kaysar hang out together outside, talking about how nice it is that there isn’t so much hatred in the house this time. Kaysar says that it’s too early in the game to predict what’s going to happen, and that the game itself it too unpredictable. He also thinks that James is doing what he did last year, and trying to get into everyone’s alliances somehow. He predicts that it will eventually backfire on him. Again. Kaysar says that if the power shifts, James will follow it.

Howie joins them, and they try to figure out whether they should get rid of Will or Booger first. They all agree that it should be Booger. And now I’m hoping that two of them win HoH together, just to make this happen. Ali and Booger as the first two evicted – how sweet would that be?

A large group inside is talking about charity gigs and how at one of them there were more “reality stars” than guests. Marcellas complains that they didn’t feed them either. Then Marcy finds watermelon in the recycle bin and has a bit of a diva attack trying to figure out who put it there. Alison takes the blame, and then tells Diane that she’s leaving anyway, what does she care?

Marcellas and Howie are at the pool table, admiring Kaysar’s butt. Howie offers up that Kay wears a thong, but Marcy isn’t buying it. He says that he doesn’t think Kay even knows what a thong is. Nakomis joins Marcellas, and he fills her in on Will’s plan to win HoH and get himself on the block. He thinks it’s a ruse to get everyone else to throw the comp so he’ll win and go up. Marcellas isn’t buying it of course, and adds, “Don’t play with my money!”

Time to gather in the kitchen for a junk food pig-out. It’s 11:30 pm, BB time. Marcellas regales us with tales of a stripper that he picked up, who ended up taking him to Taco Bell for breakfast and then stayed with him for two days. The rest of them talk about whether or not we can see them when they’re in the shower. Come on people, you’ve done this before. You know we can’t see you naked unless you walk around the house that way. Thank goodness.

George tells some stories about how he worked with the guy who everyone called on to fly banners over the BB2 house that summer. Will is eating this up, and says that he loved the banners and how much everyone hated him.

Janie and Marcellas go over all kinds of scenarios regarding who would go up depending on who won the HoH. They’re kind of overdoing it now – chill out and just see what happens. Marcy likes Nakomis a lot, but Janie tells him about Howie’s hatred for the pink-haired lady. Marcellas is upset, and says that Howie does this all the time – goes after the wafflers instead of taking out the threats.

Howie and Erika join the conversation, but we don’t learn anything new here. They’re concerned about Will actually putting himself on the block, although they seem to agree that he’s bluffing. Janie wants to keep him around so that he’ll always be a target, and Marcellas complains that it’ll be Will and Chicken George at the end.

The hamsters start making tracks to head for bed. The BB6 crew, minus James but with Marcellas and Erika, stay up a bit later, still turning scenarios and trying to soothe a nervous Marcy, who thinks he’s going up next week. They’re all pretty tired now though, and eventually they all head for the safety of their beds, getting a good night’s sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s HoH comp.

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