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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 12th – Guess Who's Going Home?

The camera makes the rounds as the hamsters go outside by the pool after feeding their faces in the kitchen. Upstairs in the HoH room, Marcellas, Janie, and Erika pose for some cute pictures. Kaysar sits with Erika and Janie, and tells them to “get their boobs off [him]”. Kaysar, you do realize that you’re shooting down all of the straight male feed-watchers dreams there, right?

James and Diane discuss how bored they are, and that today is really dragging. It sure is. At least I don’t have to type a gazillion works a minute to keep up – but the down side is that I have to somehow stay awake here. Diane wonders if the “internet fans” think this is a boring season so far. Well… not entirely. But right now? Uh, yeah. She promises that it will get better. I’m sure she’s right.

Diane and James join a few people outside and continue to talk about the “internet fans”. Will talks about his strategy, which seems to be saying things with authority even if they’re wrong, and then make it look like there was nothing you could do about it when you get evicted because you were just to good to stay in the game. Or something.

Time for an outside lockdown. This promises to be … well, rather dull actually. They talk about what they’ll have to eat instead of PB&J again, and Will says that crickets wouldn’t be so bad. Marcellas notes that activists will be outraged if they have to eat live bugs. True, true. Marcy admits that he picked up Scott’s Playgirl issue. Yuck. He adds that he would have done one himself for $10,000 but his agent told him not to do it.

Will talks about the stuff people sent him after he won BB2. This is kind of interesting. He got comic books, science fiction stuff, and half-naked pictures. Then he says, “If you’re 12 years old, don’t send me naked pictures.” Apparently a lot of people sent him photos and a self-addressed stamped envelope asking for his autograph.

The wall of flames appears, and I’m not sure why. But it lasts for almost half an hour. When we come back, everyone is feeding themselves in the kitchen again and Alison is talking about how she’ll be seeing her boyfriend in about 24 hours. Kaysar teases her about being in the urn yesterday, and says that he tried to fit in there himself but couldn’t. James thinks that Sarah is lonely without him, but Diane says that she’s probably throwing parties and having a great time. Heehee.

House cleaning ensues, which isn’t as interesting as you might think. And I doubt you’d think it was very interesting to start with, right? Kaysar, James, and Janelle are talking while Janie moves her stuff into the tarantula room. She’s going to sleep there because Howie snores too much. Kay has had a dream where he’s in a warehouse and Howie calls him over, but he falls into a hole in the floor. Howie yells out, “I didn’t know!”, and now Kaysar wants to know what it means. It means that Howie might not be a strategic genius, but he means well. At least that’s my take on it.

Ha! Janie says that George is a loose cannon and needs to go, and James suggests that maybe Erika can kill him off in the next HoH comp. “I killed the Chicken Man!”

James admits that he misses Sarah, and then asks Janie if she misses Michael. That’s an emphatic no. She says that they didn’t get along outside the house at all. He tried to change her, telling her what to wear and how to act. He also didn’t like that she wanted to hang out with Kaysar. She calls him a psycho, and says that he liked to go out and drink a lot, but she wanted to stay in and cook dinner and watch movies. Apparently he even went so far as to call up her mom and tell her that Janie was depressed and would end up alone if she didn’t get professional help. Wow.

Some talk about the cast of BB6 ensues. They all hated Crappy instantly (welcome to the club), but they seemed to like April at first. They say that this season is so much different because the people are much cooler and more likable. Well maybe. Except for Booger. And Alison. Janie says that Maggie flew the Nerd Herd out to Las Vegas, but Ivette didn’t go. Jase arrives and welcomes Janie to their room. He says that he told America in his blog that Janelle is actually much hotter in person. Janie says that she gave a lot of shout outs, including one to Beau Beau. James wonders if Beau can read. Hee. Janie also gave a shout out to Joker’s Update and SurvivorSucks. Pretty cool! Sucks does have the best photochops on the planet after all.

They talk about wanting to get George out of the house because he’s trying too hard to look like he knows nothing and isn’t a threat. Then they discuss Will, and how he wants to get a penalty nomination and be evicted on that. Jase says that he thinks Will does want to be nominated to show that people still fear him, but there’s no way he wants to be evicted. Howie joins the conversation, which quickly spirals downwards into sex noises and compliments on Janie’s boobies.

Howie and Will get into their insult hurling, and it starts to get somewhat personal. Will tells Howie that he only got in the house because a whole bunch of others declined, and that even Kaysar would put him on the block with the way he’s been acting. Booger joins in, and Howie promises that, if he and Will get dual HoH together, they can both go up and then see who gets evicted. He tells Booger that he’d better find a new partner.

Will says he’s going to go around and tell everyone to nominate him and Howie if they win HoH. Then he’ll promise them all safety if they keep him in the house. Howie retorts that it sounds like a great Cappy strategy, which will be sure to backfire on him the following week. James is sitting there watching, making comments every once in a while. It’s pretty heated, but I’m impressed with Howie holding his own and not giving away anything about his alliance.

Finally more people join them and things cool off a bit. They talk more about eating bugs, which seems to be almost as prevalent as discussing past seasons. And it always leads to more snooze-worthy conversations. As is the case now.

After a while, Janie and Howie hit the workout room and , er, work out. Howie wants to know if he’s gaining weight, and Janie laughs and tells him to stop letting Will feed him ice cream. She thinks Will is trying to fatten him up so he’s not as good in the comps. Howie asks if Busto shouldn’t be there with them, and Janelle says no, this is All Stars. Heh. Actually I’d love to see April back in the house. Just for comedy’s sake.