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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 12th – Guess Who's Going Home?

Once again we have to begin the feed recap in the early hours of the morning, as Janelle and Kaysar pull another all-nighter to make sure they’re on track. Kaysar isn’t happy that Janelle made open promises to Marcellas to secure his vote against Alison. Janie admits that she didn’t put a time limit on her guarantee to keep him safe. Kaysar asks if they can trust James, and Janie thinks that he needs them – and if they go after Danielle next, James will need them even more.

Kaysar seems to think that he can get Booger and Will with them, but Janie doesn’t want that to happen. They discuss how much they can actually trust Jase; Janelle says he’d be stupid to turn against them, but Kaysar knows he has other alliances in the house. They both decide that they should limit the amount of information they share with James and Howie, in order to keep them all safe.

Not wanting to come off as “Mr. Popular”, Kaysar is trying to keep a low profile this time around and just observe people. He warns Janie that if one of them isn’t one of the HoH’s, then they need to be prepared to make deals. Even though he just gave Janelle heck for making a deal with Marcellas. Anyway, at about 5 am they finally go to bed.

Little more than three hours later, BB announces that it’s time to get up for the day. Everyone except the nominees and the HoH’s will be voting and recording their goodbye messages for Alison and Danielle.

Most of the hamsters get up and head for the bathroom. There’s a steady parade of people going in and out of the showers and primping in the mirrors, getting ready for their brief camera time. Diane looks like someone force-fed her caffeine pills or something. She’s jumpy and wide-eyed. Everyone else is focused on making themselves look good.

This is followed by houseguests milling about the kitchen, then gathering in groups to make small talk or heading off to catch some more sleep. Will and James head to the gym for a workout. It’s pretty dull in there for a while until James mentions that, if Danielle stays, she’ll go after George, but if Alison stays she’s going after the BB6 group. Wow, that’s a shocker. I’m sure Will hadn’t considered that before. Will acts nonchalant, saying that if he has to share HoH with someone, he won’t agree with the nominations and go on the block himself. Booger arrives and starts talking about himself. Snore.

Marcellas is called into the DR first, and Erika mentions how relieved he must be to be getting this over with. Good call BB. Whe he comes back, he gets into a conversation about fans on the internet with Danielle. Danielle mentions that someone posted some nasty stuff about her husband and her daughters, and everyone agrees that it’s okay to pick on the hamsters, but families should be left out of it. I’m with them on that one.

Apparently Marcellas is afraid of midgets. Good thing Crappy didn’t come back then. He’s afraid of clowns too. And masks. Nakomis says she collects masks, so if Marcy ever wants to come visit her he should warn her first. Nak is called to the DR to vote, and Alison quickly asks Marcellas if everything is okay with him and Erika. He says it’s fine, and Ali is relieved. Heehee – I hope Ali doesn’t find out that they voted for her until Julie announces who’s leaving.

Erika is talking to Booger outside, and he wants to know if Danielle knows that he tried to get her evicted. Erika just tells him that it’s too early for big moves, and to stick with the majority. It looks like she’s convincing him to vote against Ali too. Delicious! Erika, where have you been hiding this strategy thing you’ve got going? Keep this up and you’ll never be called “Amber” again. From the sounds of it, Diane knows too, and they hope that someone mentioned it to Nakomis. Could it be unanimous for Alison to go home? Or am I hoping for too much here?

Erika tells the Booger that she loves him, but he seriously needs to chill. He’s not even on the radar yet. He insists that he and Will are always on the radar, and Erika warns him that she’ll cut him loose. Wow, when did this alliance cement itself? She warns him not to vote emotionally. Is it me, or is this like Big Brother: Bizarro World?

Marcellas and George are working out together (I know, paints an interesting picture, doesn’t it?) and they start talking about how Alison did herself in with all of her lies. Sounds like George has finally figured her out. He tells Marcy that Alison made all kinds of insane promises to him, about all of the people who would guarantee his safety if only he would vote to keep her in the house. Marcellas wants to know if he’s on George’s radar, but George says no, not at all. If they win HoH, they won’t put the other up. James is standing just outside the door for this conversation, and hears the entire thing. Not that he gets much out of it though.

Booger seeks out Nakomis to fill her in on the vote switch, but it’s too late because she’s already cast her vote – to evict Danielle. Oops. She’s okay with it though, ’cause this way she didn’t go back on her word to anyone. Booger, however, is worried that Danielle is going to come after them now. Nakomis? Not worried at all. Unfortunately Nak’s calm demeanor does not help Booger – he’s yapping on and on about how he put three days of stress into saving Alison only to have to change his vote at the last minute. Can I tell you how satisfying this is to watch? Then he goes on about how they won’t show him much on the show this week either because he campaigned to keep Ali and then voted against her. And now we see where his real priorities are.

After what seems like hours of meaningless conversation, James pulls Howie aside to tell him that Erika was talking to Booger right before she voted, so she might not be with them after all. Ah James, you might have it backwards there, although it does look like Erika might be playing both sides of the fence.

Booger tells Jase about the voting, and how he found out the George and Marcy flipped, so he and Will “aborted”. He goes on to say that Alison buried herself by lying and making unreasonable promises to everyone. He’s planning to expose someone and their alliances next week, but I can’t tell if it’s James, George, or Marcellas. BB, may I suggest a penalty nomination for Booger, since all he’s been talking about all day is how he voted?

James meets up with Janie in the HoH room to tell her about seeing Erika with Booger. Janelle informs him that she was indeed switching the vote – but to their benefit. James is quite surprised, and wonders how she managed it. He’s worried about her being a floater and says that she’s more worried about being with the majority than loyalty. Janie says that it wouldn’t make sense for Erika to be lying to her face.

Outside, Marcellas is sitting with Diane and Alison. It seems that Ali might know that she’s leaving. Rats! Diane is annoyed that Erika “got scared” and wouldn’t take the chance of keeping Alison in the house. Alison is saying that being evicted isn’t all that bad, especially because she has so much going on outside the house anyway.

Jase gets the HoH digital camera and the photo-taking hilarity ensues. Apparently Jase was told to “make it raunchy”. See, CBS knows what sells. Someone tries to get a shot of Marcellas in the shower, but he tells them, “Don’t even try it, bitches!” Booger runs around posing like an idiot, thinking that this will make up for the airtime he’ll be denied on the show this week. James gets his picture taken with the bible. Erika rushes into the bathroom to put on a few more layers of makeup and curl her eyelashes before rushing back out to strike some poses.