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So You Think You Can Dance 2, 07/12/06 – S-E-X Sells

Ashlee and Dmitry choose pop, Ashlee’s preferred style. Dan Karaty says there’s a misconception what pop is, but it’s a watered down version of hip hop with some jazz influences. His first impression of Ashlee was that she was a bad 80s dancer, so he’s asking her here to be cleaner an tighter. Dmitry is always a very cool guy, but when it come to this, he really needs to find his cool. He’s stiff, so Dan wants him to let it all go and be “loosey goosey.” Am I the only with the giggles listening to a grown man say this?

To Rihanna’s Let Me, Ashlee and Dmitry also look somewhat hot. There’s definitely a theme going. Nigel says he doens’t know what pop dancing is, so he can’t blame them for dancing it. He doesn’t believe this gave Dmitry a character to pull off like when he did hip hop and had the hood over his head. He feels it will be forgotten in twenty minutes. The crowd boos him, and even Mary has a “boo” for him. She completely disagrees with him as well. If it’s supposed to be watered down hip hop, that’s exactly what they did. They have great chemistry together she thought. Brian says pop is not watered down hip hop, it’s hip hop and jazz together, and he didn’t see the jazz. What they could have done was taken the dance and make it the best it could be. With Dmitry there was movement downstairs, but he wasn’t living through his upper body. Ashley was playing a role, but it stayed the same pace in her face, instead of being on different levels. It’s not their fault, as they gave what they could with the routine, but it just should have ben more. Is Brian slamming Dan’s choreography?

Early judge favorites, Martha and Travis have fallen recently with a couple of mixed reviews. They’re hoping to avoid ballroom after doing salsa last week, but they pull fox trot. Travis asks if he’s allowed to cry on camera. Why not, Mary did. Jean Marc Genereux choreographs this dance for them, and while Travis calls him a crazy little Frenchman, Martha calls him a little French delight. They like his analogies, as he tells them they need to move together like a satellite dish. He wants them to bring back Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and these two start doing fox, as in the animal, impressions.

Travis and Martha do a very pretty fox trot, with great jumps by Travis, to Witchcraft by Steve Tyrell. Nigel says after today they shouldn’t be too frightened about getting ballroom as they’re both fabulous dancers. He just wants to make a few points. When bringing up Fred and Ginger, Travis’ chest should rise just like his, but sometimes he stopped. Martha needs to be careful of her shoulders, as sometimes she wears them like earrings. Mary tells Travis not to get that look in his face, as she’s not going to kill him. She tells Martha she looks absolutely beautiful, and she was stunning moving across the stage in that beautiful ball gown, and Travis partnered her well. Yet, she has to agree with Nigel that they need more expansion. In such a short period of time, though, she feels they did Fred and Ginger proud. Brian says after these two did the salsa last week, he was scared to hear they were doing the fox trot, thinking it would be their kryptonite. And while they were wearing green, it wasn’t. He was very impressed with both of them, and thought it was great.

Last up for the evening is Benji and Donyelle who will be doing Broadway. Donyelle is very excited as she’s a music theatre junkie. Tyce Dioro is choreographing this, and tells them Broadway is musical theatre. They’ll have to do movements from the sixties like the mashed potato and funky chicken. That can’t stop the beat and will be challenged to keep the energy up from beginning to end. Not a problem for Benji, but he does believe he’ll need to be “spatulaed” like a pancake to get off the floor at the end. Before they always did romantic types of things, but now they get to show their friendship and play off each other.

Benji and Donyelle dance to You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray. They are just so cute together, and this is perfect for the two of them. Nigel says what makes the two of them such a great couple is neither of them is carrying the other. They both come up to scratch every week. Is that a British term? He believes whatever they give them, they get there. He’s not one to make predictions, like Mary predicting Allison could win the whole thing, because he thinks it’s silly. However, if Benji doesn’t win, he’ll be surprised. And if Donyelle doesn’t win, he’ll be very surprised too. The winner will have a mixture of personality, great technique, and a wonderful performance; they both have that. Unfortunately there will only be one winner. Nigel can be quite entertaining when he gets going with those emotions of his.

Mary thinks we need to get real here about Benji and Donyelle’s performance. It was 50% corny and cheesy, 40% energetic dancing, 10% pulling faces, and 100% just absolutely fantastic. Wow, she scared us there! Benji says she’s always doing that to him. Mary continues, and says Benji had the best routine of the day, and he says at least this time he didn’t cry, but she did earlier. Brian does get real here, and tells Benji he didn’t want him in the top twenty. Yet now, he eats his words fully, as Benji is his favorite man on the show. Benji thanks him, and says it means a lot. Brian tells him every time he comes on the stage, he lights it up. He does everything he’s asked to do, as he even kicked in there. It’s hard to make out exactly what Brian is saying here, but it sounds like he says it passed every contemporary and lyrical dance of his by far. He loves Hairspray, and loves both of them tonight. They both belong in the musical.

Wow, what a great night. It’s hard to pick a bottom three couples. There wasn’t anyone that did poorly. I do know, though, that at the end of the night, I’m remembering and thinking of two couples that did phenomenally, Ivan and Allison, and Benji and Donyelle. I’m not going to predict a final three, but I’m predicting the only two that I think could possibly go home Thursday night, based on previous judge’s thoughts that seem to continue every week. I think it will be Ashlee and Ryan going home. They are both great dancers, but at this point in the game, it takes more than being a great dancer. you have to be great, but entertaining as well, and these two don’t seem to have that. And besides, how phenomenal would it be to have Heidi and Dmitry partner up?

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