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Wall to Wall Fashion – Project Runway 3, Premiere

As the new summer season of Project Runway takes off, we are introduced to the fifteen designers sewing their way to the top.

  • Laura is going to be this season’s Scarlet: elegant, glamorous and sophisticated.
  • Angela is the girl next door.
  • Stacey is smart, an entrepreneur and has a “passion for fashion.”
  • Kayne’s the pageant diva who apparently has a hatred for wire hangers.
  • Vincent is an 80’s designer who got out of the business years ago and is now trying to relive his glory days.
  • Jeffrey is a wild man with tattoos who has designed clothes for famous rock stars like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. How cool is that?
  • Keith is a men’s wear designer; so designing for women will be somewhat of a challenge for him.
  • Alison has her own label.
  • Uli is from Germany, so hopefully she won’t be Heidi’s pet.
  • Bonnie is the plain girl who has designed tennis outfits.
  • Katherine is the tomboy risk-taker who’s taking a risk in fashion.
  • Michael is striving to become the best mother-bleeping designer ever!
  • Malan… oh boy, I think he’s going to be this season’s snobby complainer.
  • Robert has the coolest job on earth – he designs clothes for one of the most famous women in history: Barbie.
  • And lastly there’s Bradley, who seemed to blend so much into the background he didn’t leave much of an impression on me at all. But he still has time to redeem himself.

It’s an eclectic group of designers and the mix should be interesting to watch as they interact and compete over the next few weeks.

The Challenge

Typical Project Runway style, the first challenge is all about innovation. This is the opportunity for the designers to really show the judges their creativity in designing a piece from pieces of their apartment. Wall to Wall Fashion. They can use anything from their apartment as the materials for their creation.

These designers literally ripped their apartments from top to bottom as fluff was flying from chairs, genuine leather was being skinned from a chaise lounge, chandeliers were pulled down and claimed, and nothing was safe. After their time was up, their apartments looked as if the FBI had searched for drugs and a murder weapon.

As the designers began making their ideas into a reality, Tim made his usual sweep through handing out advice and critiques. He told Vincent that the pockets of his dress looked like cartoons, and he suggested to Keith that he might want to consider adding more to his dress, something like bamboo place mats. Keith took his advice and the next day immediately ripped it apart and went back to his original idea.

Where the Magic Happens – The Runway

The judges are the same: Michael, Nina and Heidi, and this week’s guest judge was designer, Kate Spade, as in, “Oh my god, you have a Kate Spade bag? I hate you!”

Instead of giving you a blow by blow of the runway, each week I’ll provide my pick for the following categories:

Most Ridiculous
Most Dramatic
Most Creative
Most Wearable
And Most Beautiful – the winner in my mind, so to speak.

So let’s get on with it then, shall we?

  • Most Ridiculous – Vincent’s dress was goofy and awkward, but that’s not what made it our first week’s Most Ridiculous. It was the basket hat! When I saw it on the model, what came to mind was when people back in the 1950’s would get so drunk they wore a lampshade on their head. Only he was trying to pull this off with a dramatic and funky effect. Too bad, it only looked incredibly ridiculous.
  • Most Dramatic – Laura’s rug and chandelier was stunning and bold. It reminded me of the classic woman from the 1930’s when fashion actually said something about the woman wearing it. For a rug, this effect worked like no other design on the runway.
  • Most Creative – Drip, drip. It was Michael’s incredible coffee filter dress that won the Most Creative award. While Bradley thought it looked soft and it made him think it would smell like Frebreeze, I thought this was by far the most clever dress, and it made me want to grab the morning paper and donut with a fresh brewed cup of joe.
  • Most Wearable – Even though Keith won this challenge, I didn’t feel it was the best design for the actual challenge. It was simple and classic and the model wore it brilliantly. This piece was one where I could actually see myself buying a knock-off at Target. It was pretty and definitely wearable.
  • Most Beautiful – (Drum roll please…) Robert’s design was so amazingly beautiful. I liked how Heidi indicated that there was no need for jewelry because it was already on the dress. The front was crisp and delicate, while the back of the dress popped with beautiful silver beads tied with an elegant red satin bow that was a wonderful contrast to the front. Bravo, Robert!

The Loser Goes Home

Sad but true, someone has to leave each week. As the first challenge was complete, it was Stacey who was “out.” It seems as if her “passion for fashion” just didn’t cut it for Project Runway. The judges claimed her shear dress, showing brief-like white panties was just not worthy of the runway or fashion. Her dress also seemed limp and loose and was not very flattering on the model.

So there you have it. Our first week has come and gone, Project Runway Junkies. Carry on, until next week…

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