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A Case of She Said, She Said – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 2

Jase and Janelle call everyone into the living room to announce the explanation and rules of the Power of Veto. For those of you who are new, the Power of Veto medal allows its owner to take one of the nominees off the “chopping block,” thereby saving him/her from eviction. Six players compete for the medal: the two HoH, the two nominees, and two randomly selected houseguests. In previous seasons the nominees and HoH would select who would play alongside them, so this twist takes a certain element of scheming out of the game, but adds a blessing/curse of randomness. Both Danielle and Alison are confident for this prize that is necessary to both of their survivals.

The next day, the houseguests gather in the living room around a vertical wheel bearing all their names. Alison hopes Chicken George will be one of the players randomly chosen because he doesn’t provide a physically competitive threat. Danielle is fearful that Marcellas will be selected. Alison gives the wheel a spin, and just barely misses Marcellas, landing on Kaysar. Jase, assuming that Kaysar is part of the BB6 alliance, knows that his nominations will be secure if Kaysar happens to win the PoV. Danielle spins the wheel, and it lands on the not-so-little guy, George. Although he’s probably not likely to win, Janelle does point out that he’s a bit of a wild card, since he has no alliances or grudges to bias him. Finally, Jase and Janelle voluntarily select Boogie (ew) to be the host of the game.

Boogie, at the beginning of the game, informs the contestants that it will be a diving competition, so the six players don their trunks and swimsuits. “Hope they got a big pool,” jokes George. “I’m not Greg Louganis! I don’t like wet water, period,” remarks Danielle. What other kind of water is there? The houseguests head out to the backyard, where they find loads and loads of garbage. Ew ew ew. A large tub of water, mucky ickiness sits in the middle of the “Big Brother Dump,” and six dumpsters with each of the players’ names on them are lined up in the back. The lucky six competitors hop into their respective trash bins, prepared to do some dumpster-diving. The Chicken Man privately admits that he’s done some dumpster-diving in the past, so he didn’t feel incredibly out of place: “This is cool.” Gross, you may thinm, but again, I give him a little forgiveness and leeway because I don’t know how lame BB1 was, and he may not have experience with these elaborate types of games. Also, I have a relative who firmly believes that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it was not uncommon for him to bring home various doors, tables, chairs, dressers from alleyways, considering them “fixer-uppers.” And every college student living in a dorm knows that some of the best couches can be found near the dumpsters just before the seniors graduate.

Some of the trash collected on the lawn were various bric-a-brac collected from the past six seasons of Big Brother, including miscellaneous items that were involved in past challenges. The competitors will have to leap out of their dumpsters, rummage through the garbage, and find small veto symbols (red circles with a bar across). The first to find and place six of the veto symbols in the tray above their dumpster wins. On your mark… get set…

Wait. Because rummaging through garbage isn’t gross enough, let’s add a little stank to the atmosphere. Because the houseguests will not be eating peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches like they usually do each year as ‘punishment’, James and Howie “throw away” giant bins full of old pb&j sammiches right on top of each of the players standing in their dumpsters. Icky and sticky, but I’m not grossed out yet. “Ew!” Janelle claims, picking bits of sandwich out of her valley of cleavage. After six years of certain houseguests being obsessed with primping and product, the sink and shower drains have been cleaned out. Gallons worth of water and “soiled hair” are dumped onto the lucky six. Danielle and I look like we’re about to throw up, but George is laughing and having a good ol’ time. As much as other people hate him as a waste of space, I gotta love the fireplug. He’s got a great attitude about the whole thing, and sometimes you need a break from the conniving deceitful backstabbing of the rest of the house. Finally, a mixture of mud, fish chum, and iced clam sundaes (all from various previous seasons) are dropped onto the competitors. Janelle lets out a piercing scream while Kaysar yells out, “Ahh! It’s in my pants!” Ewww.

Finally, the game begins. The six players leap out of their dumpsters and feverishly dig through the garbage, tossing trash and dust everywhere. Ew ew ew. Danielle is first to find one, followed by Kaysar. George is having a really hard time finding anything while on his hands and knees, but Kaysar has no problem finding a second veto symbol. James looks on as Alison overturns boxes and couches to no avail. Janelle finds her first symbol, Kaysar leaps into the disgusting water-filled clear tub, and Danielle happily finds a second red circle. Jase blames the fish chum in his pants for not being able to find any veto symbols. Fish chum, eh? So that’s what you call it. Janelle claims a second circle, while Alison finally gets her first. Dr. Will with the score: “Janelle 2, Kaysar 2, Danielle 2, Alison 1. George appears to be composting; he hasn’t found any yet, and we’re still waiting for Jase to get to work.” The game continues, and the exertion and smell began to exhaust the contestants. Janelle grabs the lead with her third veto symbol, and Jase celebrates with his first one. Finally, miracle of miracles, George finds a red circle. “Five more, and George has this wrapped up,” quips Will. Janelle breaks out a fourth and fifth symbol, leaving her only one more away from winning. Danielle looks on nervously as she finds her fourth. Janelle leaps into that damn disgusting-water-laden tub: “hottie cocktail!” exclaims the (Maybe) Evil Doctor. Garbage flies as Kaysar finds his third and fourth red circles to the tune of that annoying-as-all-hell cheer that we heard all last year, “What up KaySARRR!!” Ugh. Enough. Jase finds his second veto symbol; Danielle frustratingly tosses aside a spare tire. Janelle leaps into her dumpster and places the winning sixth veto symbol into her tray. Privately, Jase unconvincingly admits that he “let” Janelle win so that he wouldn’t have a target on his back. With Janelle winning both the first Head of Household and Power of Veto, Alison and Danielle know their fates are sealed.

Danielle and Alison talk, each of them sure that she is the one going home. Jase and Janelle know though that they are running a risk now, because they have two nominees are now upset with them, but only one will leave the house. Howie joins them in the HoH room, soon followed by Will. Will starts talking to the two Heads, and Howie walks right up to him and kisses him on the cheek. The Doctor is completely unphased by this and continues on as if nothing happened. Uh… hello? Guy, girl, whatever, someone just kissed you! WtF. Anyway, Will tells J&J that Marcellas was talking about voting out Alison (which I have a hard time believing) and that the “black gay sweetheart” revealed that James and Danielle were a team. Huh? Doc admits that this “confession” by Marcellas leads him to believe that Marcellas and Danielle are a team. Uh, riiight. Listen, Mister Doctor Will. If you’re going to lie and attempt “stirring up the pot,” at least make up some believable lies. He goes on to say that he has a level of loyalty and respect for people, let’s say… oh… for example… “I won’t put you guys up because you didn’t put me up, but James…” yes Will, tell me about evil, evil James, “…will put anybody up.” Riiight. Ugh, whatever. Get over your pasty self, Will. Jase pays no attention to the Doctor’s attempt at monkey wrenches. However, Janelle is not so confident that the rest of the house will be smart enough to escape Will’s wiles, wondering what whoppers he’ll wield. Weeping weary willows were wet. Whee!

Janelle contemplates vetoing Danielle’s nomination because she could make a deal with Danielle, who ideally would, in return, keep Janelle safe. After all, it’s good to have a manipulative power player on your side. If she saves Alison however, “Alison has a good chance of winning Head of Household” and may repay Janelle by not nominating her for eviction.

The veto ceremony begins. Janelle, holding the power to veto either Danielle or Alison’s nomination, offers both of the women a chance to say why their nomination deserves to be vetoed. Alison: “I don’t see why you would use the veto right now. It was your decision to put us up here, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to keep that decision. I’ll respect your decision.” Um… bravo? Danielle: “Same thing Alison said. Very seldom do we see an HoH change their mind once two people are sitting here, but I would appreciate if you did use it on me.” What? No begging, pleading, wheeling and dealing? I guess that comes later. Janelle expectedly decides not to use the Power of Veto, and the ceremony comes to a close.

Alison threatens to return against Janelle with a vengeance (but what about Jase?), and Danielle has no intention of just giving up, of course. Janelle puts it simply, “They came after me, so I had to get them both on the block.”

If Alison stuck around, I think it would make for some excellent catfight fodder between her and Janelle, but man cannot live on blonde bustos alone. I would prefer if Danielle stayed, only because of her intelligence and manipulation capabilities. She would make for an interesting season. That, and I have the typical-American-television-viewer short attention span (which is part of why I’m kinda tired of the Sixers). I’ve already seen Alison and what she had to offer in BB4. I want to become familiar with someone new — well, new to me anyway.

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