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A Case of She Said, She Said – Big Brother 7: All Stars, Episode 2

WooHoo! It’s the second episode of our long-awaited BB All-Stars. This is my first BB recap, and I know there are some hardcore BB fans out there, so please, be gentle.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the twists and drama to begin. Where did we last leave things… After much campaigning and begging, 14 of the 20 candidates were selected to be a guest in this season’s house. The players from BB6, having a definite majority in the house, became the rest of the competitors’ targets, while Will and Boogie (ew) started their scheming and plotting early. The ever-fabulous Julie shocked the house by telling them they were going to have two Heads of Household, who have to mutually agree on their eviction nominees, else they become nominated themselves. Danielle comes up with an idea of how to handle the first pair of HoHs, Jase and Janelle: “What if Jase chose not to agree with Janelle on purpose? He would go on the block with Janelle, and the house will have the numbers to kick out Janelle.” Alison quickly spread the word about Danielle’s idea, which of course screwed her own fate, as Jase and Janelle nominated the two schemers— Danielle and Alison —for eviction.

Alison is of course pissed off at Janelle. I’m not really sure why she’s not as equally angered at Jase, considering it was a mutual nomination. Yay double standards! She says she respects Danielle and doesn’t want to have to compete against her. Danielle, the power player from BB3, had never been nominated before but seems almost quite cordial to Janelle, telling her, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” She plans on keeping quiet and low-key, allowing Alison to hopefully talk herself right out of the house. Jase will enjoy watching those two vie for votes and taking out “a huge, huge player of Big Brother history” rather than someone easy, like Chicken George.

After a brief consultation with each other, Alison and Danielle decide to confront their executioners face-to-face. In the HoH room, Jase and Janelle tell their victims that they weren’t even on their radar until some of the houseguests started telling them that Danielle had been rallying up troops against Janelle. Danielle explains that she had only presented the “what if” situation to Alison, and Alison goes on to say that she had “only” told Jase and Boogie. I love that. “Only.” And I only dropped this penny off the top of the Empire State Building; I didn’t know anything bad could happen…

Danielle and Alison get up to leave, but as Alison heads out the door, Danielle opts to stay behind to get her last words in. With Alison out of earshot, Danielle tells the two HoHs that she only threw out the scenario because she wanted to get people’s reactions, to see what kind of alliances they have going on. Uuuu… I never saw BB3, but what I’ve heard about her is definitely true. She’s a sneaky witch, but she’s a smart witch. She tells the two that she had presented the situation to Alison but did not commit to an opinion about which of the two Heads should be voted out. Now… this is semi-true. She did walk away from the conversation when Alison tried to pin her down for a clear answer about who to take out, but in the Diary Room, it’s clear who she wants ousted. Alison, who already had a weird, unfounded hatred toward Janelle, was the one who spread the word saying that the rest of the house should take Janelle out, thereby crumbling the BB6 “alliance.” It definitely was a team effort, but Danielle successfully makes herself out to be the innocent one, placing all the scheming blame on Allison. Once Danielle leaves though, Jase and Janelle prove they aren’t stupid, noting how Danielle made sure to dump all the blame on Alison once she wasn’t around to defend herself. Danielle doesn’t like the idea of having to cross Alison, but she is going to do what she has to in order to survive.

Later, it’s Alison’s turn to talk to Janelle and Jase on her own. Jase tells her that Danielle pointed the finger at her, which she expected. Alison retells the story of how Danielle came up with the ‘what if’ scenario, and that it was Danielle’s idea to “vote you guys out.” Alison states that she was just the one reporting the idea to everyone else, but it was Danielle who was directing where the votes were going. Again, another half-truth. Lies in the Big Brother House? Never!

Meanwhile, it looks like Dr Will has found himself an admirer: Howie. Idol? Role model? Man-crush? I’m not sure what it is that Howie’s got going for the white-as-a-sheet Will, but we all know Will’s licking up every last drop: “Howie and I have one thing in common: we’re both attracted to me.” Oh lord. “I’ve never had a retarded friend before.” Ha! Howie privately expresses his not-gay love for Will… right before hopping into the shower booth that is immediately next to the Doctor’s. Wait a minute! What’s this, dual showers? Rawk on. *cues the music* Boom-chicka-bow-bow… Will nicknames the Season Six alliance “SeaSick,” but is hoping that he can lure his new fanboy Jedi to the dark side.

Alison decides to make nice-nice with Janelle and asks to listen to her Tiesto CD. Janelle agrees, calling Tiesto “the greatest dj in the world,” and off Alison goes to the HoH room. Janelle munches her way through chips, telling a nearby Jase that she really has no idea if Alison is being genuine with her niceties. Alison, alone in J&J’s room, takes the opportunity to check out the video screens that spy around the house. There’s not much to see though, so she heads back out to the kitchen, saying “time for me to go play stupid.” Whether or not she has to “play” is up for debate. She is polite and friendly with Janelle, but calls her names behind her back, including the anticipated “Busto.” Hee!

A voice from above, Big Brother, calls Chicken George to the Diary Room. He gets out of the pool, grabs a towel, and… well, he bumbles around a bit trying to find the room. Aw, poor guy. Did BB1 even have a Diary Room? Has he even been in this house before? I think he deserves a little slack. Jase and James giggle at him before helping him find it. “Holmes, it’s over here,” says James. Uh, sorry James, but you don’t get to giggle if you frequently use words like “holmes.”

Now, we get a little lesson in irony. Danielle and Alison had concocted their little scheme because they were worried about a BB6 alliance, right? But Janelle told them later that the BB6 didn’t even have an alliance. Not officially anyway. But because of the threat that Janelle felt from the two nominees, she is convinced that “the BB6 players have got to stick together.” Ta-da! Irony! The word irony gets overused and misused way too often these days, but here is a great example: the difference and often opposition in what is expected and what actually occurs. In hoping to split the BB6ers apart, Danielle and Alison only succeeded in making them that much tighter. James instructs Howie and Janelle to interrupt any potential conversations going on between the other players…

…like the one going on between Nakomis and Danielle, discussing the “gigundo alliance” among the BB6 players. Or the one between Boogie and Nakomis, in which Boogie boasts that it’s fine if the Sixers think they are running the show, because the rest of the houseguests will not go down without a fight. Or the talk between Will, Danielle, and Diane, Will telling the girls that he doesn’t care what the “SeaSick” team says, he knows they’re together. Meanwhile, Danielle is still ranting that Jase should have put himself and Janelle on the block, so that the house could deal with the menacing threat that are the BB6.

Marcellas, without even knocking, enters the HoH room to find Janelle and Erika in their jammies. Marcellas and Erika, both feeling like they were betrayed by Danielle and Alison in their respective seasons, discuss with Janelle why their hated teammates should be evicted. Marcellas, carrying a grudge from four years ago, explains that while Danielle is incredibly manipulative and smart, she is incapable of winning physical challenges. Hm… but from what I’ve heard, Danielle purposely did not win challenges as part of her manipulation. Erika counters, saying Alison is a fierce physical competitor, increasing her chances at becoming Head of Household or winning the Golden Power of Veto. Marcellas knows Alison is a threat, but Danielle’s “jugular is exposed, and it is too juicy.” I think his indecision is indicative of how the rest of the house feels.

Night falls on the Big Brother House, and… oh gawd, what is that noise? It’s just our little fireplug, George, snoring as loudly as he possibly can. Poor, poor Will. How ever will he maintain his beauty without his beauty sleep? The Doctor says he’s going to need some earplugs… or a hatchet. When the Chicken Man plods out to the kitchen the next morning, Will asks, “How’d you sleep buddy?” “Dude, I didn’t sleep good at all,” he responds. Hee.

Will, Kaysar, Jase, and Howie get the bright but not-so-original idea of building a Slip-N-Slide in the backyard with trash bags, duct tape, water, soap, cooking oil, shaving cream, and probably some other stuff you wouldn’t want ending up accidentally in your mouth. The boys make good use of it, slipping and sliding on their chests, trash-bag suits, and blown-up pool floaties. Kaysar even manages to slide right off the tarp and into the wall. What could top that? Why, some lubed-up man-on-man action of course! Howie, in his trash-bag outfit (to provide less friction of course), lies down on his back on the makeshift Slip-N-Slide and asks, “Who’s going to ride on top of Howie?” The lucky person is Chicken George. George lays on top of Howie, chest to chest, while Jase, Will, Kaysar, and Boogie all grab one of Howie’s appendages, preparing to pull and slide him down the tarp. Giggling and laughter explode everywhere. Marcellas, of course, in his ever-so-fortunate timing, comes out of the house, just in time to see George and Howie laying on top of each other, all wet and soaped up, as they are sent flying down the S-n-S. “The idea of George mounting Howie almost made me straight,” he giggles. “Gross.”