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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 11th – Chicken George the Swing Vote

Danielle heads downstairs and confronts George about him jumping. Meanwhile Alison has taken cover in some huge vase in the kitchen, hidden under pillows. No one knows she’s there, and it’s beyond me why they chose now to stop using the spy cam. All George wants to talk about is why Danielle lied to him before about not knowing Kaysar. George, concentrate on the important stuff. Sheesh. George gets very confused, and says he needs to think over this for awhile. He’s seeing himself now as the swing vote. He’s gone from very inconsequential in the game, to having two women begging him for his vote.

Meanwhile, Alison is still hiding , but there’s too many people in the kitchen for her to learn or hear anything, so I’m not sure what she was expectng to get out of it. George, Danielle, Diane, Nakomis, and Will are in there. This isn’t exactly a group to talk strategy. A little too early in the game for that crap she’s pulling. Why are they not watching this on the spy cam? The camera guy was trying to help them.

Danielle now has gone back up to the HoH room, as has Janie. She is very pissed off at George for thinking of flipping. If she walks out this Thursday, she tells them to send his ass out right after hers. Not good on his part, switching like that. I don’t think, being from season one, that he knew what he was getting into.

In the room with the huge bed, the old gold room, Nakomis and Diane are in there, and Nakomis is pissed off with Alison about using her name in this plot. This might not bode well for Alison. She may have played the wrong card here, and maybe this will upset Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Nakomis is the one complaining the loudest, but surely Diane, in the whole thing with Alison and Jase, should be very upset she’s using her name.

Janie finds Marcellas in the weight room, and begs him to switch his vote and take Alison out to keep Danielle. He’s so upset, saying he doesn’t want to lie to Janie but everyone knows he can’t keep Danielle. She’s promising him to save him with PoV any time she can over anyone else. I can’t believe how good this is this early in the game. She even tells him she’ll save Marcellas before she saves Howie and Kaysar. Wow. That’s a huge concession for her. Then again, she knows she’s at the top on Alison’s list.

Still being the Amber, Erika sets to strategizing with Alison, who is now out of her pot. For a little bit she was discussing her pot adventure with Diane and Nakomis, so they either knew or know now. Alison now begs Erika for her vote, promising she will save Erika. Erika can’t actually be considering this. This is the woman that took her out of BB4! Erika and Alison are now downstairs talking to Diane about Erika switching her vote. The proof will bein the pudding if Erika keeps this to herself, or runs to BB6 with it. She has to be voting Alison out. They take the conversation to Diane, but are interrupted by James who keeps walking into everyone else’s conversations.

Amber, I mean Erika, gets in a conversation with Boogie and Diane, and listens to them talk about what Danielle needs to go. Boogie then remembers the votes that Alison said she had, and finds it curious that Erika’s name wasn’t among them, and if she is, they have the six they need to keep Alison. Boogie then keeps going, and says if they win HoH next week, they’ll have to power to take out the BB6 in one fell swoop.

Making the complete rounds, now Erika is in the HoH again, this time talking with James and Janelle. They say Jase showed his cards early, because once he was told Alison was going, she started campaigning like crazy. James tells Erika not to make the same mistake Howie did, of saying he wanted the Nerd Herd out, but not using the opportunity when he had it. Later, Erika and Janelle do more bonding while they soak their feet in Mr. Bubble, and Janelle says Dr. Will is going to fix her spider veins.

James then finds his way outside with Diane, and he confirms for her that George flipped his vote. Diane says she and Nakomis are mad about Alison telling lies and using their names in them to back them up. James offers up that when Alison was looking for votes, she looked at him, then said she didn’t need to talk to him because she knew he wasn’t on her side. James says that was the wrong thing to say. Where is that girl’s head? Later when Jase joins them, someone supposedly in a secret Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance with Diane and Alison, Diane tells James and Jase that she saw Alison hiding in the pot in the kitchen. I think this game is going to end in October, and we will never know who the true alliances were.

These three then set out talking about Howie. Diane says when she met him he gave her a business card made out of cardboard. James says he came to Sarah’s work swinging a light saber around. Apparently show Howie is real Howie.

Diane moves on to a discussion with Boogie, and says she thinks Erika may be flipping her vote. This upsets Boogie, as he says she promised him. Boogie says this whole thing will be easy if Erika and Marcellas just stick to voting out Alison. Oops!

That goes to prove it, at least for this week, that Janie is still the best to play the game. Just today she’s figured out secret alliances, and secured two votes, one of which that was definitely going the other way. Let’s just see, though, if she can keep this up. As once someone out of her alliance wins HoH, she’ll go unless she can win a PoV.

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