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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 11th – Chicken George the Swing Vote

Everyone is into the strategy talk today after a few slow days. James and Danielle chat, with James saying if he gets HoH he’s putting up George and Nakomis, because he thinks she hates him. Danielle says if she stays, she’s putting up whoever voted for her to leave. C’mon, Danielle, I know you’re smarter than that, and that you realize that people that vote for you aren’t exactly against you, they’re just voting the way they need to to play the game for themselves.

Janelle walks into the conversation and says that Jonny Fairplay and Jenna Morasca from Survivor called her, and they then give shoutouts to them, along with Rob Cesternino, and Ethan Zohn. Speaking of Survivor, Janelle is asking for Burton’s number. Something tells me she’ll get it, even if not directly from him.

Nakomis and Marcellas talk now, and she calls Allison a big liar. She thinks James and Kaysar are in Danielle’s backpocket. Marcellas compares it to having the devil on one hand and satan in the other. You just gotta love him. Nakomis says she’s rather keep Allison because she’s more vocal, while Danielle is much sneakier. I don’t think she’ll find an argument from Marcellas on that one. Of the BB6, Nakomis would want James out first, and Marcellas would want Howie. They think putting Howie and James up together might work.

Erika, Marcellas, Nakomis and Kaysar discuss the weird letters they get from BB viewers, and Nakomis says she got a really nice one from some guy in prison, but she never wrote back. One thing he said was that she was edible. Okie dokie. How weird would that be to get letters like that? I mean I get emails from some guy calling me names because he was upset last year when I was trashing the Nerd Herd, but hey, who wasn’t? Oh wow. Erika says that the serial killer John Wayne Gacy killed one of her distant cousins. That would be the guy that buried his victims in his crawl space. Maybe he thought they were edible.

One little tidbit they discover is that this year, instead of the tie vote being decided by the HoH, it’s decided by the PoV holder. Hmmm. I guess the power really has gone to the PoV holder from the HoH. Interesting little twist.

Alison is working it with George. After listening to his talk about the casinos forever and a day while he sliced potatoes outside, she finally got down to it and asked if she could guarantee him he wouldn’t go up last week, we he throw a vote her way. He told her he doesn’t think she can guarantee it. He’s already pretty much promised himself to Danielle, but obviously doesn’t tell Alison. He listens to her, lets her go on and on, and says if she brings him Nakomis and Diane to confirm what she’s saying about him putting the numbers in her favor and guaranteeing his safety the next week, he’ll do it. Suddenly things are getting interesting.

Word gets to Danielle very quickly about George’s vote change, and she’s mad because he promised, and they shook on it. How did she ever manage to make it to final two if she thinks that’s all it takes? She’s on a search for him to find out from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, or chicken’s mouth, I guess. Meanwhile, Janelle, Danielle, Erika go up to watch the proceedings on the spy cam. About time they started using that thing.

On the spy cam Janelle watches Jase in the weight room with Diane and Alison, and figures out their secret alliance. These three are now called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Janelle explains that before All Stars started, Toni Ferrari, who used to live with Diane, called her and the rest of the cast and said Diane was freaking out over the All Stars thing, and was watching all the past seasons. She was hanging out with Jase and Alison, and they called themselves Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They called up Will and Boogie and asked them to throw the first HoH so that Mr. and Mrs. Smith could win, nominate Kaysar and Janelle, and take out Janelle. Oops, looks like Janelle foiled that plan.


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