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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 11th – Chicken George the Swing Vote

James talks about his time at college, and telling Boogie he’s not what he seems. He actually kept failing classes while he was trying to keep up with work. He then talks about working security at the store and grilling some girl that had been stealing, and realizing how heartless he had become. He says interrogating people just came naturally to him and he even taught others at the store how to do it. Suddenly I’m having James/Maggie flashbacks. Remember how he swore up and down there was no way she could be a nurse?

Will decides since he doesn’t have any fat friends, he’s going to turn Howie into his first one. He encourages him to eat with every utensil in the kitchen, other than regular silverware, and his hands. He also wants him to eat the leftover butter, and asks if Howie can finish the pie before noon. Howie, for once, has no retorts. I’m sure he’ll pay him back sometime, but for now, it’s silence. This all came, of course, after Will was making fun of the house, asking who puts brick on a kitchen floor. I honestly think he has more game going on right now with BB and the house than he does with the HGs.

Will continues, wanting the internet viewers to vote on how much we think Howie weighs. Finally Howie answers back, asking America if we can find the piece of bread on pal Will’s back. While these two bond over cutdowns, Boogie and Jase bond over their experiences filming commercials. Boogie made a lot of money on a McDonald’s commercial, and Jase says he always wanted to do a beer commercial as they “run the sh*t out of them.” Jase just missed out on being Brad Pitt’s double.

After he is called in the DR, Will comes back out and announces that if anyone wants any over-the-counter drugs, such as Scope and Tylenol PM, he isn’t allowed to disburse them anymore. Oddly enough, despite the fact he is a doctor, he isn’t allowed to give OTC to anyone. They have to now go into the DR and ask for some Once he says this, he is chastised by BB for talking about his DR conversations. He yells back he was told to tell everyone what was said.

Will turns his attention to making fun of the internet feed people again. He thinks we change our minds every season on who our favorites are, which makes no sense, as usually there is a whole new crew every year, as he notes that Howie was a favorite last year. Ah-ha. We now see why Will won’t leave him alone. He has Howieallousy; forget about the Janeallousy. He thinks our order of favorites this year is probably Kaysar, Janelle, Erika, George, and Nakomis. George?

As much as he thinks these other people are our favorites, the feeds seem to follow Will around often. He moves to lifting weights in the gym with alongside Howie. They do their usual banter back and forth, making fun of each other, but in the end, Howie proves the victor, as Howie has to help Will with his last few lefts, but Howie never needs the help. Kaysar comes in to work out as well, and complains he feels fat. Probably from eating that stinky lamb meat from a few days ago.

Boogie is trying to convince Erika to save Allison, in the belief that the BB6 will be after him and Will. Erika tells him he doesn’t have one of the people on his side that he thinks he does. Boogie realizes she means Nakomis and Diane, but when he tries to figure out why, she won’t answer him, and makes him keep guessing. Yep, She’s the Amber this year. She immediately finds Kaysar and tells him to talk to Boogie and Will because they feel left out of the loops. She wants him to advise them to vote out Allison.

Kaysar takes the advise, somewhat, and finds Will and Boogie together with Howie. Everyone is picking at each other, trying to find out who the two sides are voting for. When Boogie points out the disadvantages of Allison and Danielle, Kaysar, trying to put additional negative thoughts of Allison into their heads, says that Allison has a photographic memory. That has Boogie definitely thinking Will and Boogie fish to find out who will be going up next week if BB6 retains control, but they aren’t talking. When Will and Boogie are asked the same thing, they say they are going after floaters. Howie and Kaysar don’t seem to be buying it.


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