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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 11th – Chicken George the Swing Vote

At some point Danielle just has to get over it. She made a mistake on day one in the house, and hasn’t really been doing a lot since then to reverse that mistake. Everyone knows who she is and what she’s capable of, so she’s on the block for what she’s done, and for what she could do in the future. Yet, she goes into the DR first thing in the morning to them how stupid she thinks Jase is for not going along with her plan. We know this because the feeds “accidentally” show some of her chat from the DR. Get over it, Girl. You messed up!

Once again the early morning crew, that is if you see 10 AM as early, consists of Danielle and Nakomis. Anyone looking to upset alliances should see this and get rid of Danielle now. Nakomis will lose her early morning talker, and will have to rely on others to get the girly chat thing going. Have I said enough how awesome it would be for Nakomis and Janelle to get a secret alliance going? Maybe if I say it often enough it will happen.

As usual, Nakomis and Danielle get in a teeny bit of strategy and a lot of getting-to-know-you talk. they discuss that they don’t George is that naive (no one does). Danielle tries to take the talk a little too far as she mentions looking for a partner to take to the end, and Nakomis, ever the soloist, says she’s just not ready for that type of commitment yet. Well, this is BB, Nakomis. Commitments only seem to last five minutes or so. Even Nakomis calls this game “Mystery Shopper”, saying you have to shop for the best alliance.

Nakomis can’t believe there isn’t more for them to do in the house so far, saying, “This is All Stars, Damnit!” I kind of think that’s the point though. No shocking twists, etc., just hey, go crazy while you spend three months with a bunch of narcissists just like yourself. That seems to be the theme so far.

Once Janelle gets up to join the outside brunch bunch, she notes it’s the first time she hasn’t been woken up by BB, and believes she might finally be on some type of schedule. Danielle says she wants to hear the Wham song “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” as a wakeup song, and Nakomis replies she’d rather hear some Nine Inch Nails. On this information alone, I’d like to keep Nakomis around to the end, and get rid of Danielle right now.

As more people join the brunch bunch, the talk centers around April from last season. Danielle says she met her outside the show and thought she was okay, and wondered whether how she was on BB was the real her. James feels it was the real April we saw in BB6. They talk about her being a newlywed, and James says they had been married for only 8 months, but had been together for seven years before that. Danielle says she’s still a newlywed, and James says not in his book.

This talk continues, as they all discuss last season. James thought Maggie was very strategic in the way she controlled the rest of the Nerd Herd, but this upsets Kaysar, as he doesn’t want to see it that way. James explains his viewpoint, asking how stupid are they, as the S6 could never find a way to completely stop her. The discussion then moves to talking about how Michael was a pawn in Cappy’s scheme to get him out, and how he wasn’t the sexual predator Cappy painted him to be.

Nakomis is up to her BB5 tricks. She’s planning on touching up her roots, and is thinking of going orange. Kaysar is apparently bored, too, as he’s reading the list of ingredients in his cereal to the people in the kitchen. Exciting day around here! As Nakomis moves to the bathroom to work on her hair, Allison follows her in there and works on buttering her up for a vote, assumably, as she’s telling her how pretty her hair is, and how she should let Marcellas work on her. Nakomis, hair done, moves outside, and sits next to James, who whistles at her. Meanwhile, he’s looking for his glasses. I wasn’t even aware James wore glasses, or am I missing some type of joke here?


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