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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 10th – It's Finally Strategy Time

Meanwhile, Nakomis and George are talking about evicting Danielle over Alison. Nak thinks that Dani is a “snake in the grass”, but Alison will always have a target on her back. So keeping Ali around to help them get rid of the BB6 group sounds like a good plan. Ugh – I thought you were smarter than this, Nakomis. Chickenman is worried because James said he would throw anyone who tried to backdoor him over the balcony. Is he serious? He can’t really be concerned about that.

Erika seeks Alison out and goes to lay on the hammock with her. Erika, what are you thinking? They’re talking about their season and how there were misunderstandings. Erika is laying it on pretty thick. Oh, but so is Alison. Ali says that she never watched their season, but apparently everyone hates her now because of things she said. Only she doesn’t remember saying any of it. Please – didn’t she start off this season bad-mouthing everyone in the diary room?

Ali finally asks, “What can I do for you to vote for me to stay?” She really wants to evict Janelle, and promises that she’ll go after her if she can stay in the house. Then they’re laughing and talking about their moms. Good grief. Alison says that she would have taken Erika to the end if she had had the chance in their season. Right. They talk about making a secret alliance. Erika? What the hell are you doing?

Alison thinks that the food that will be worse than PB&J will be … bugs. She’s convinced, because she was on The Amazing Race and saw people eat bugs. Yeah, well we’ve seen people eat bugs on Fear Factor too, but that doesn’t mean BB will join in the hot bug action. Marcellas is grossed out by the very thought.

Ali is called to the DR, and her picture on the memory wall disappears. The house is in a tizzy, thinking that something might have happened and she’s not coming back. It’s not been my lucky day so far, so I’m thinking it’s a coincidence. And … yep, she’s back. Oh well.

Erika and Kaysar are talking about the vote. This is good – now the BB6 group will know what’s going on and they can vote with the majority. Kaysar doesn’t understand why Erika would want to keep Alison, but Erika just says that she thinks the vote is at 5-5 now. Kaysar wants to know if Erika is concerned that Alison will count the votes and know she voted against her, and Erika says that she is. Kaysar tries to emphasize that Alison is a threat and needs to be taken out. He suggests that Erika try to get George on her side. Erika leaves, no doubt wondering what on earth she’s going to do now.

She finds Marcellas, and the two of the decide that they need to somehow keep Janelle and Kaysar in the house, even though they have to “break the six”. Erika says that Janie will never turn on Howie, but Marcellas insists that she has to eventually. They want to tell Janie that they’ve changed their minds and are voting to evict Danielle. Marcellas really wants to stick with Janelle and protect her, and fit himself and Erika into that alliance after evicting James and Howie. Um, guys? Alison, the one you want to keep, is going after Janie hardcore. Perhaps you might want to consider that and how it fits into your little plan.

James, Howie, and Kaysar are goofing off in the tarantula room. James gives Sarah a shout out, and Kaysar says he wants to go on Survivor. I’d like that too, Kay. James is talking about Maggie, and says that “now she’s half a million dollars richer. I hope she had her penis removed with the money.” And now I have Diet Pepsi all over my desk. Dangit.

It’s lockdown time again, and everyone heads outside to play a rousing game of kickball. It’s not as much fun as the last game, and not as many people are playing. Jase is eating KD straight out of the pot. It’s a short lockdown, thankfully, and soon they’re all heading back into the kitchen to chow down just as Kaysar kicks the ball onto the roof. Game over.

While a group of people are in the living room tossing grapes into each others’ mouths, Janelle and James are in the gym talking about not trusting Jase. Why is this such a big topic of conversation? Of course you shouldn’t trust Jase. James thinks that Jase and Alison are allies, and gets Janie to go ask Erika what she knows about that.

Erika confirms that “everyone knows” about Jase and Alison. Janie brings up the vote, and Erika tries to tell her that she’s voting for Danielle to go home. They’re interrupted by Booger though, so they make plans to go play chess. Booger corners Erika in the storage room quickly to emphasize the need to boot Danielle.

Janelle heads up to the HoH room, where Jase and Marcellas are talking. They all seem to think that at least one person will leave voluntarily this season, comparing it to Survivor All Stars. Jase leaves, and Marcellas tells Janie that, while he’s still torn, he thinks he’ll be voting to evict Danielle. Janie isn’t happy with this, but her distress is subtle. She explains that they’d be safer with Danielle because she would never align with Will and Booger, whereas Alison will to get Janie out of the house. She sees an alliance of Ali, Nak, Diane, Will, and Booger. With the discussion still unsettled, they both promise each other that, if they win the veto and the other is on the block, they’ll use it to save the other. Did that make sense?

Now Marcellas is talking about how his crush on Booger is growing. Oh yuck. He’d have to change lots of things about him before he would date Booger though. Like his clothes, his hair, his smell. How about his entire persona? That would help. And perhaps reverse the lobotomy. He thinks it’s awful how they never put two gay boys in the house together. Janie agrees and says that she wishes they had put Will Wikle in the house with them this year. Me too.

Marcellas wants Danielle to go first, then Will, then Booger. Sounds good to me, but swap Dani for Alison. He thinks Janie put the wrong people up this week. Erika comes in, and Kaysar joins them briefly as well. This isn’t altogether a bad alliance, but they need a few more for numbers. Janie and Kaysar try to convince Marcellas that Danielle can go next week if Alison goes now. Marcellas wants Will and Booger put up together first though, so they can be split up. That way only one can be taken off the block with the veto, if they win it.

Finally, Marcellas says that if Janelle really wants him to vote for Alison, he’ll do it. Then he beats himself up for being the “nice guy” again. Janie jumps on him and says, “I love you Marcy!”, while Erika laughs and says that she’s too cute, that’s the problem.

Downstairs now, and they’re all trying to think up games to play. Diane suggests that they jump around on the furniture like islands, and the “shark” has to catch people who are not on the furniture. BB nixes this plan by asking them not to jump on the furniture. Okay then, hide and seek it is! Janie goes to count, but the game must be too boring. After an interlude of flames, they’re all sitting around trying to figure out what to do again.

Howie and James are talking about who they want gone. Will, Nakomis, George; they have a lot of small cells to break apart while keeping their group strong. James yells goodnight to Sarah, as does Howie (calling her “big-boobie Sarah” of course).

There is much pleading for alcohol from the group downstairs, and from my desk. It’s getting pretty late though, so I doubt the libations are forthcoming. They’re playing some kind of celebrity guessing game now, which will no doubt bring the wall of fire often. Oh, looks like I was wrong. It’s 12:30ish pm, and Danielle comes out of the storage room with beer. And there’s wine too. Let the fun begin.

Booger tells a story about how he randomly made out with Paris Hilton one night. They’re discussing celebrities they’ve met, because apparently this is impressive. And if Paris Hilton made out with Booger, I’ll eat my keyboard. Honestly.

Janelle and Nak are outside smoking, and one of them mentions that the rejected hamsters from the original 20 could still be sequestered in a house somewhere. Which brings us the wall of flames. Interesting.

Little groups break off, telling stories, naming cameras, talking about really boring stuff. It appears that the booze came out far too late and will not do anything to revive this crew. They start to get ready for bed, apparently exhausted from all the strategy talk and mind games of the day. Poor Chicken George is sleeping outside, even though a few people have asked him to come inside. I guess he’s tired of hearing how loudly he snores.

It’s very anti-climatic the way the day winds down, considering all of the manipulating and discussion that went on today. But let’s just be thankful that the game is finally being played, and we have something to look forward to in the coming weeks. Once the group thins out a little bit, it will truly be “game on”.

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