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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 10th – It's Finally Strategy Time

Jase, Will, and Booger think that Alison is playing alone, and so they should keep her and vote out Danielle. Howie, again, is non-committal, asking if all this is something he can think on. Will says sure, but if George or Erika win HoH, he’ll tell them to target the Sovs. Hmm, what are the odds that one of those two will win HoH next?

Finally Janie and Kaysar break up this little chat, and they start talking about Kent and Bunky from season 2. Nakomis and Diane are playing chess while James snoozes on the couch, and Danielle is in the pool with Erika. Let’s go over to the pool, shall we?

Danielle is telling Erika that the whole plan of getting Janelle out was actually Alison’s plot, and that she wants to stay in the game and “keep it real”. Oy. She doesn’t want to lie and scheme this time, she just wants to play the game. Erika is just smiling and nodding. Danielle throws out a few compliments about Erika and Jack in season 4, which is basically what she’s been doing the whole time. Telling people how great they and their allies were in their respective seasons.

Diane is talking to Marcellas, trying to campaign to keep Alison in the house. She says that Ali is a target anyway, and that, if she gets power, she’ll be focused on taking out Janelle. She thinks that Danielle is aligned with James and Chicken George, and that Jase would vote with them to keep Alison and evict Danielle. Diane is called to the DR just as Alison enters, so the strategy talk is over for now.

And now it’s time for … more strategy talk, courtesy of Jase and Marcellas. Marcellas says that he has to vote with the majority since it’s the first eviction. He says that it’s unfair that season 6 has so many representatives, but what can they do? They both start talking about saving Alison and evicting Danielle, but Marcellas has reservations. He doesn’t want to go against his word so early in the game, and if Danielle leaves then he’ll be the only one in the house from season 3. Jase is worried that the BB6ers will all make it to sequester and then vote as a block. They decide to make a secret alliance between them, with Marcellas working the women and Jase working the guys. This should be interesting. They think no one would guess they were allies, and they’re right.

Janelle and James, playing chess, decide together that they shouldn’t tell anyone too much information, and keep as much as they can between the four of them. James calls the leaking of information “Kaysaring”, then decides that the term is too mean. But true, I’ll give him that. They think they should get rid of Alison, and James wants to nominate Chicken George next week. Janie is surprised that Jase has sided with them, but James isn’t so sure of his loyalties. Janie likes Nak, but again James reasons that she’s too smart and thinks ahead. They need to get rid of a lot of people, apparently! James warns Janie to pretend that she likes Will even though they need to get him out as soon as possible, or else he’ll turn the whole house against her. Might be too late for that.

Still plotting, James says that they need to put Chicken George up with someone that the “other side” likes to ensure that he goes. Maybe Nakomis? Will walks by and they decide to finish their chess game later. When Janelle walks away, James switches a couple of the pieces. Sneaky bugger!

Booger and Jase discuss the BB6 alliance, and figure that they need to put up Janie and James together, because they’re the brains of the operation. I’m sure Howie and Kaysar would be pleased to hear that. Well, maybe just Howie. Jase finds money in his pocket, and BB tells him to take it somewhere – we don’t know where because the flames of doom appear.

Will, James, Kaysar, and George are in the kitchen for some grazing. Will’s talking about how to win the game (alliances, skill, and mostly luck), and George is again asking all kinds of questions about past seasons. This is getting old, George. Will says that he’s been sleeping all day in the same bed with Howie, and doesn’t want any rumours started. He adds that it’s disturbing to be laying in bed with a grown man and hear him say that he has an erection. Um … nah, I won’t go there.

Now it’s time for boring chatter. Marcellas and Diane talk about how they’ll get George to vote with them against Danielle. (Perhaps asking him would work? It’s not like he’s a master schemer or anything.) Nakomis talks to James about tattoos and giving blood, and Booger is wandering around using phrases that no one over the age of 14 should utter. He did not just call someone “homeslice”, did he?

Erika takes one for the team and sits to play chess with Booger. He’s in full strategy mode – you can tell because his eyes get all glassy and he drools a bit. He explains that his side wants Danielle gone, and that if Erika will vote with them, then he’ll make sure that she’s safe. He asks her to put aside her differences with Alison. Then he tries to get sympathy, saying that he has to start playing the game hardcore because his alliance with Will makes him a target.

Erika isn’t happy with Alison sticking around, and says that Ali will be out for blood. Booger agrees, but says that it’s Janelle’s blood that she’s after. Erika thinks that Alison. Diane, Jase, and maybe some others are all working together. Booger leaves to let her think it all over.