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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 10th – It's Finally Strategy Time

Booger admits that he used to be a fat kid in school. Since they’re sharing, James offers that he had big thighs. Wow, none of the women want to admit to having fat ankles? A plane flies by and a bunch of them jump on the table and wave. Will thinks the plane has a banner, then he gets all excited thinking it’s going to drop something. Like, oh I dunno, Holly maybe? That would be cool. But no, it’s nothing. The plane flies on.

Now it’s the “Will sings, We get flames” portion of the hour. This morning’s flame-worthy tune is “Brass Monkey”. Moving on, Marcellas is trying to catch a fly. He’s irritated that this fly has the nerve to land on his coffee cup. I hate that too. Which is why I drink my coffee indoors in front of the computer.

Kaysar and James talk privately about how their alliance is solid, even though everyone else seems to think they’re against each other. They laugh over James’ suggestion that the next HoH nominate Howie, and how Kaysar has been telling people not to trust James. Alison has shared some strategy with James, which he passes on to Kaysar. She said that she won’t be approaching Erika, Howie, or Kaysar for votes to stay in the house. They both agree that she should be the one to go this week. (And I do a little dance in my chair.)

Meanwhile, Will and Booger are off strategizing on their own. Booger relates his ideas from earlier this morning, because he still can’t decide which direction his game should go in. Will says that if they go against the BB6 crew then they’re targets as soon as one of them gets power again. Of course, Will thinks he’s a target no matter what. Booger contemplates “rocking everybody” by causing a tie vote. Really, why would that be a big deal? It’s the first eviction. Get over yourself.

Oh goodie, James has some advice for us. He says that if we enjoy watching then that’s fine, but if we end up angry and with high blood pressure, we should step away and take a break. Easy for him to say – he’s not expected to recap the entire day. Kaysar finds the whole fan-obsession thing a bit disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, Will and Booger are in the HoH room watching Janelle on the spycam. (Like that segue?) Booger is the worst strategist I’ve ever seen. No, that’s not true – but he’s up there. Way up there. He thinks that a) Diane and Nakomis will do whatever he tells them to do, and b) if he and Will join with the BB6 group that they will throw the HoH comp and let him win it. There’s more – these two are all over the place with possible alliances and ideas to get them farther in the game – but they make no sense whatsoever. Booger is like a two-year-old hopped up on candy, jumping around from plan to plan, with each one being much better than the last in his feeble little mind. And Will – well, either he can’t actually find another pawn in the house who he trusts, or he’s really lost his game.

Will decides that the two of them have to start the paranoia today, and divide the house into at least two distinct groups. They plan to tell the ChickenMan that he’s going up with Erika if any of the BB6 folks get HoH, and then offer him protection. Oh brother. Then Will decides to offer Howie a secret alliance, since it would make more sense for Howie to be in an undercover alliance of three rather than the most obvious alliance in the house. Marcellas is brought up too, but they can’t figure out exactly where he stands. I’m thinking that’s a good thing for Marcellas if he can keep it up.

As if on cue, Howie enters the HoH room as Will hides behind the door and Booger jumps under the bed. Howie knows they’re both in there, and is only upstairs to take a shower. After the shower, Will starts the game talk. He wants to know who’s with who from the BB6 group, but Howie is evasive. He says that there are too many floaters in the game, and that no one is willing to commit to one side or the other. When asked if he trusts James, Howie replies, “Did you see my season?”

Will says that he doesn’t expect to be in the game much longer, so he needs to find an ally that will help Booger in the game. Give me a break. What kind of motivation is that for an alliance? Help protect this idiot and we’ll watch your back. No way, no how. Even Howie can’t be that stupid. They talk about how dangerous Danielle is compared to Alison, and how whoever wins the next HoH will target either the BB6ers or Will and Booger. So Will wants to make the floaters pick sides and call them out.

Poor Howie. We all know he doesn’t react well to an ambush, and how ironic is it that Will and Booger have him cornered in the HoH bathroom? If he wins HoH, ever, then Janie will have to be glued to his side until the nominations and veto ceremony are both completed.

But he’s holding his own here, throwing back veiled comments to Will and basically ignoring Booger, who is obviously trying to compliment and butter him up. Finally Howie laughs and says, “Chill Town 2, right here, final three”, just as Jase walks in and starts calling them the Four Horsemen.

Will tells Jase that Howie admitted that the BB6 group is in a tight alliance. Howie laughs and shakes his head, and Will admits that he didn’t say that at all. Booger tells Jase that the strong players have to bond together so that a floater doesn’t win this season. I’m down with that, but Booger isn’t what I’d consider to be a “strong player”. And so far, Will isn’t looking so good either. But at least they’re giving me something to write about.