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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 10th – It's Finally Strategy Time

We’ll actually start this recap in the wee hours of the morning. While most of the hamsters are tucked away in their beds, there’s strategy talk in full swing outside. Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar are trying to figure out how to keep the Sovereigns together, and they’re really making some progress.

Once again, Kaysar is leading the strategic talk – and he’s making a lot of sense. After trying to figure out who would vote with them or against them and how many people they could theoretically keep in their group, Kaysar says that the best plan to try and win competitions and then split the alliances up the middle. Break up Dr. Will and Booger, Nakomis and Diane, etc. They’re worried that once an alliance is split, the remaining person will join the next alliance.

The allies that they feel they can count on are Erika and Marcellas, even though they all agree that Erika is an “Amber”. They’re not sure about Jase but are willing to put some trust in him for now. Janelle also emphasizes that they have to trust James this time. The group finally breaks up at about 5:15 am.

Four hours later, Danielle is getting out of bed and starting her morning routine. Booger is up next, and the two of them whisper incoherently in the kitchen before Dani goes to shower and Booger makes his breakfast. He takes his food outside, where he’s strategizing with … himself. Talking to himself with his mouth full. This guy is all class.

He’s not sure what to do. Vote out the sovereigns or join them? He seems to think that if he doesn’t join the S4, then there will be too many floaters in the other camp willing to vote him out. On the other hand, if he becomes part of the BB6 group, then there will always be targets bigger than him in the house. What to do? Then he decides that he and Will should always vote for different people, to really get the others thinking. But no, maybe that would be dumb. You think?

Nakomis is up now as well, followed by Marcellas, Diane, and Alison. Then along comes James, who apparently went on a bit of a snoring jag last night. He’s surprised to learn that he snores loudly. He shares his most recent dream; he’s being chased by dogs in his old high school. Janelle is there with him, as are Toni Ferrari (oh, so it was a nightmare), and Howie, who is talking non-stop. They’re all hanging out in the gold room from last season. All righty.

Chicken George is up and showering. I don’t want to watch that, so let’s go out to the backyard. Most of the group is out there, including Kaysar. They’re talking about competitions from previous seasons. Bo-o-o-ring. George is out of the shower now and talking to Danielle and Nakomis. He thinks that Will and Booger are aligned with the BB6 gang, and have been since before they all entered the house. He says that the rest of them have to all stick together. When he leaves, Nakomis asks if he just adopted them.

Time for the BB public service announcement of the day: “Houseguests, please clean the bathroom including the mirrors over the sink.” Wouldn’t it be cool if CBS let viewers send in messages that BB could read to the hamsters? “Houseguests, the next person who makes up a bad rap song will be skewered and burnt over the fire pit.” Heh.

George, Dani, and Nak are talking again outside. More rehash over the BB6 crew. They think that James is expendable to the group and that Diane would join the three of them in targeting that group. Nak is on an anti-Janie rant, saying that she hates how Janelle will come and sit beside her and not say anything, just smile from time to time. She also thinks that Janie would never even talk to her outside the BB house. Well, I’m thinking that works both ways if it’s even true at all.

It’s time for a lockdown, so everyone who isn’t already up is stirring. They all grab as much food as they can carry and head out. You know, ’cause they might be out there for well over ten minutes, and we’ve realized by now that they can’t go that long without eating.

Will wants to have a “house meeting” (there’s a phrase we haven’t heard in a while!) about the snorers in the house. Chicken George is not happy with the idea of snorer-segregation. Of course not, he snores. Will wants them to sleep outside. He’s talking about George, Howie, and James. Oh, and apparently Erika. I’m sure Howie wouldn’t mind that arrangement.

Booger tells everyone that Mark Burnett held the launch party for Eco Challenge at Belly (his bar), and that they just handed over their credit card and told him to put all of the charges on it. So he charged them an extra two grand. When someone points out that now Booger’s confession is on tape, Will chimes in, “When he says 2 G’s, he really means $4,800.” Nice to see Will picking on someone besides Howie.