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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 9th – Strategy from the Jr. High Crowd

With the game over by technical difficulty, many people end up in the kitchen looking to eat. Marcellas goes into the storage room and complains about the foot in there. He’s doesn’t like the generic food, and says it looks like Chips Ahoy, but you can tell up close it isn’t. Looking at a box of popcorn, it looks already opened, and he wonders if it was a leftover from last year. No, I’m pretty sure Janelle ate everything before she left the house. Everyone wonders why they have so much fattening food, and wonder if BB is fattening them up for a bad no food week.

Kaysar had put his special meat on boil and forgot about it. A few hours later, and Marcellas says it’s stinky. As he and Janelle make fun of it, George says he should just put some Ragu on it. Danielle is asked to fix it up somehow, and she says she’ll try. Kaysar doesn’t mind the laughter, saying it really does stink now. Marcellas compares it to a stink bomb, and says it smells like McDonalds in Lebanon. Hungry yet? I’ll take the fake Chips Ahoy.

Jase, Will, and Boogie are in a conversation, and Boogie says if he is ever HoH, he’ll put up Janie and James. Jase and Will say they would agree to that, so it’s unclear whether Jase is really in the BB6 alliance or whether he’s just pretending. They speculate that if Howie gets HoH he’ll put up Boogie and Danielle. Little do they know of Howie’s hatred for Nakomis, and they apparently don’t realize he makes completely emotional decisions. Jase thinks James will ride the BB6 train to sequester, then split off with Danielle. All are worried about Janelle, call her a machine, and the best player to date. Might not bode well for our Janie.

Later Jase goes in and tells Allison that Danielle is definitely in with the BB6, and that they’re trying to save her. Allison takes this information to Diane. I don’t think we are going to get a clear picture of what the true alliances are here for quite some time. These are supposedly the best of the best. It’s not going to be easy for us. After Diane talks to Howie, she still doesn’t know who they BB6 are planning to vote for. She goes back and talks to Allison, and they believe the BB6 fifth player is Erika, when in reality they have at least three possibilities, in Erika, Marcellas, and Jase. It could even be all of them without the others knows the others are number five.

To me, looking around, it seems the only people worried right now are non-BB6ers. Jase is running around talking to everyone else about his worries about the BB6 and whether it should be Allison or Danielle leaving. Mike and Boogie then have a separate conversation about it. Allison, Diane, and Nakmomis are running around worrying about it. Yet the BB6 just sits back and relaxes. Pretty soon we’ll have the non-BB6ers holing up in the HoH room together, all sleeping on the same bed, and crying about how evil the BB6ers are. Maybe they need Cappy to come in and save the day.

Janelle and Marcellas notice everyone running around with all this, especially Jase. They think he’s with them, but are worried, as he was having a long conversation with Will and Boogie. This worries Marcellas a lot, since that seems to be how Jase usually strategizes, by aligning with the alpha males. Marcellas, along with both myself and my fellow feed recapper Aurora, realize there is something behind Will asking for a banner plane. Marcellas wonders if he pre-arranged to have one fly by so that the people in the house will think Will’s fans did it for him.

Marcellas would like Danielle to go over Allison, as he doesn’t think she has any allies, but believes Danielle has both George and James. He thinks Nakomis and Diane will go after the guys, but Janelle disagrees; she thinks Diane wants to get in with Boogie and Will. They decide even though Howie wants Nakomis out, they want to keep her as she can help them get to Boogie and Will. Once Howie joins them, he says he’d put up Marcellas and Danielle. Marcellas gets upset, saying he wouldn’t put up Howie.

Allison and Boogie are strategizing, and let’s just say you can hardly call it a brain trust. She says if she stays, she’s going after Janelle. She also says she believes that Danielle is with the BB6, and that she saw her talking with Kaysar. It’s their belief that the BB6 think George is a genius. This all is beginning to resemble the conversations my 13-year-old son has with his friends on the phone. “Well, he told me the she still likes him.” “Huh-uh. She doesn’t, and she told me that she won’t go out with him ever again.” Allison takes her strategy talk with Boogie to Diane.

Kaysar and Erika do some serious bonding. They start off talking about the game, then Erika makes a sandwich at 2 AM, and says she’s trying to add weight back on. Kaysar tells her there are more nutritious ways to go about that. By eating that stinky boiled lamb covered in Ragu? They then move on to talking about relationships, with Erika crying at one point about her most recent breakup. She offers to be Kaysar’s girlfriend. Hmmm. This could get interesting. The first All Stars hookup?

Meanwhile the other girls in the house are beginning the Janie bashing. They hold a pow wow discussing the color of her hair, and say it must be extensions. They’re late. I think the nerd herd did that on day three. Nakomis brings them back to early reminding them that right now Janie is pretty much running everything. They then switch gears from her appearance to bashing her job as a cocktail waitress.

There’s a big party in the HoH room, and they spend time analyzing and trashing other seasons and HGs. Cowboy takes a lot of abuse here, with Will wondering what would have happened if he and Nakomis had a showmance before they found out they were related. Will is also in awe of Kaysar spending 14 hours in the pressure cooker last season. Howie says Jennifer now says that she thinks it was rigged by CBS, as she had her finger off the button for awhile, and broke one of the rules, but they never noticed it or never said anything. She thinks they wanted the drama. Now why do we not get flames for that conversation?

Before everyone retires for the night, they discuss picking George, Mr. Snorz–Alot’s bed, and dragging it outside. Meanwhile, Boogie has woken up in bed, and the camera is focused on him … fishing for a boogie. Sorry I have to end on that note, as there truly was some great entertainment today, from a day no one expected it. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more kickball and jokes, and less nose-picking and snoring.

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