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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 9th – Strategy from the Jr. High Crowd

James and Erika have a conversation about the old BB6 days. James is upset about how he was viewed after the show because he took a lot of crap from internet fans. He saw on tape Howie making the deal with Maggie, and it pissed him off. He claims Kaysar was pissed off as well. Yet for some reason, the internet fans still blamed him. Erika wishes she were the one to take out Allison during her season. They have a conversation about what happens with the dual HoH and you are forced on the block by not coming to agreement. James says it doesn’t matter, as he’d still win the veto, and then he’d put the other HoH on the block, but they can’t figure out how that would actually work.

Howie and Will discuss Howie’s sexuality when it comes up about him frenching Beau Beau last season. Will decide’s Howie is tri-sexual, as he’ll just try everything. They seem to come to a little understanding, and even share a hug, although the jokes still don’t stop as they talk about each other smelling. This goes into a conversation about Howie’s women problems, and everyone seems to feel kind of sorry for him. Will finally tells him he’s just a baby bird that doesn’t know how to fly.

Howie tells a story about an encounter with a six-foot alligator, and he actually seems to be holding court in the backyard with this. Will gets up and says it was the stupidest story he ever heard, and Howie retorts saying it took a lot of guts for him to do all that, but it takes even more for Will to come sit outside with as pale as he is. This turns into a conversation about Howie using the word “decificate” earlier and not knowing what it means. He clarifies he was not saying defecate. He expects the internet feed people to look the word up for him, and I tried, but I can’t find it in the dictionary.

Some of the going get in the pool, and play with a blow up innertube, and after the ensuing jokes about it being a vagina, Jase makes up a jingle for the “blow up innertube.” He runs around the yard singing his jingle, and some wonder what got into him to get him all jacked up, since he’s been so subdued since entering the house this time around. Is the old Jase coming out? Someone asks if it’s a real jingle, and he says no; he made it up, because he has creativity.

Jase’s creativity seems to spark more from others. A kickball game is invented and Danielle maps out a diamond in the backyard. Boogie and Janelle are napping, and Marcellas is showering and eating, so they miss out on the fun, but it ends up being guys vs. gals, and it’s actually flat out entertaining. Jase switches up from singing about the inner tube to adding color commentary to the game, including saying the BB baseball game is brought to us by the sponsors peanut butter and jelly.

It appears the game is done once Kaysar gets the big ball caught on a ledge at the house. Someone speculates that no one should mess around in the wires up there, as they’re probably electric and meant to stop HGs from leaving the house. Kaysar eventually succeeds in getting the ball down, and the game continues. The guys win 9-5. Marcellas even comes out and watches from the sidelines at one point while he eats his dinner/snack.

Danielle corners George in the storage room and asks if she will have his vote this week. He pretty much tells her he’ll do it, but he expects her support in return. They just keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. Eventually they leave, and I’m still not sure who George is voting for, and I don’t think either of them do either.

Will is singing yet again, and I’m beginning to think it’s his way of screwing with the internet feed people. He seems to always be either trying to get us to send him banner planes, or to spend his time singing and talking about every movie/TV s how he can think of. It seems he has figured out that it stops the feeds, and we can’t watch if it’s stopping and going to the flames every few minutes. It also makes me think of some strategy. If you want to do something, and don’t want the camera to catch you, you can have someone in another room keep talking about stuff that will send the feeds to flames.

James, Boogie and Howie have a conversation about not trusting George. He keeps bringing the cast pictures in asking HGs who the other people in the pictures are. Everyone knows this is a ruse to make it seem like he doesn’t know the current game. Howie says he can’t believe George never watched BB6, as everyone watched it – President Bush, Shannon Elizabeth did. Etc. He makes reference to his “Ray Ray” and is asked if he’s talked to her recently. He talked to her before he came out here this year and she also talked to James. They talk about giving their notices at work to come on the show, and it moves into a conversation about how hot Ashlea was. Does it always have to go there? Perhaps she’s the reason behind Boogie’s shirt that says, “Anyone for a Showmance?”

For a nightmare going back to my junior high school gym days, everyone decided to play kickball again, and Janelle and Erika acting as captains pick the teams of Janelle, Boogie, Diane, Howie, James, Jase vs. Erika, Danielle, George, Kaysar, Nakomis, Will. The ball is kicked onto the room again by Howie, and it’s decided they’ll just switch up to the smaller orange ball. Marcellas tells James he’s not wearing regulation shorts. Apparently he wants them shorter and tighter. Jase still manages to work in his color commentary even though he’s playing. He refers to Diane Henry as the only person in the BB house with two first names, like Elton John or George Michael. The game ends too soon as the little ball is now kicked onto the roof as well. Game over.


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