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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 9th – Strategy from the Jr. High Crowd

A funny thing that Jase tells James and Janelle while they are talking about the upcoming PoV ceremony. Cowboy thought it was “pond” instead of “pawned” when backdooring someone. Pond? Jase says it took Cowboy a good couple of weeks before he realizes it was pawned and not pond. Reminds me of the girl I knew that was getting married, and was nervous about saying her “vowels.” Honest to God. I wouldn’t lie to you.

After a short hiatus with flames, we learn the PoV ceremony took place, and as expected, Janie doesn’t use her power of veto, and leaves Allison and Danielle on the block. No big shockers there, and no one seems to be too upset about it either.

Jase and Janelle talk about their moms watching the feeds all day long, and Jase even tells Janelle that his mom voted for her to come back into the house. They also talk some strategy. Janie wonders about Diane, and they both agree she’s a little unstable. Jase also offers up that she was always mean to Holly just because she was pretty. As far as Allison and Danielle, Jase says Allison is just evil and she’s just pretending to be nice right now. They think Marcellas is just being a little too paranoid about Danielle.

Marcellas announces the day is about a nap, a shower, waffles at 4:00, another nap, and trash talk in the DR. This reminds Nakomis about Karen from BB5. Karen had said she would go into the DR and ask to talk to a shrink, and want to leave the house all the time. She was always saying she wanted to leave, which surprises Danielle, having watched that season. Yesterday he had said it to Will, but today Marcellas says to James, “Make me a waffle, Bitch!” I’m thinking he’ll do it every day til he finds a winner.

Nakomis has decided the day is about joining the others in the pool. Boogie catches sight of her in a bikini and is a little surprised, making a comment she’s been hiding a great body under her clothes. After that compliment, she is then made fun of for sitting outside on a dish towel. In a way, I kind of dig the fact she does whatever she wants or feels like, and doesn’t bend to what others’ think. She isnt’ changing Howie’s mind about her, though. He wants her ass on a platter.

Marcellas and Diane have a chat, and Marcellas is hinting at wanting to be in the Diane and Nakomis alliance. They talk about who should go this week between the two nominees, and Diane is thinking more along the lines of Danielle, as she knows if Allison stays she would be gunning for Danielle. Marcellas is just still having a hard time in the house with his old nemesis, Danielle there, and wants her out pretty much for that reason. He also wonders how real Allison’s boyfriend is, thinking maybe she made him up, just so she wouldn’t be the bed hopper girl this season.

Not ready for his nap yet, Marcellas turns to talking about being a stylist, but says you don’t really get anywhere in LA with that, unless you have celebrities that you’re working for. He had David Schwimmer and some others, but didn’t get very far with it without having to be a personal shopper, which he hates. He really wanted to do get a serious acting career going, but all that ended when he did Hotel Erotica. He sees that as a mistake now. He didnt’ see that until after he did it?

Howie and Janelle have a chat, and he’s still gunning for Nakomis. He claims the only reason is because he knows she’s after him. They discuss James and Kaysar being against their alliance them this year, and say James has picked up right where he left off last year. I get that, but I don’t get the Kaysar thing. They know James is coming after them if he wins HoH. Yet another thing I don’t understand. Why is the BB6 not staying strong in numbers, or are they actually, but just not admitting it to each other?

Janelle moves on to playing chess with Boogie, and they chat about their shared interest of exes from BB6. Janelle talks about Michael from BB6 and how he would call her mother and tell her Janelle was a horrible person and would wind up alone. Janelle at that point after the show just wanted to be left alone, and sat around drinking two bottles of win every night. Will met Chiara before BB3, and told her not to go on the show, but she did it anyway, they asked her why she did it. Boogie, who is learning to play from Janelle, asks Jase who has wandered over if he knows how to play. He says, “Hell no. Checkers f***s me up.” I’m really digging this new subdued Jase.

An odd conversation ensues with some in the house, as they discuss what happens if someone dies while in the BB house. Jase decides it would be a free week, and Nakomis thinks it would be like Jesus evicting you. James says if it was a girl that died, Howie might finally have a chance with her. Allison comments how brutal they are with each other, and James says it was worse last year.


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