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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 9th – Strategy from the Jr. High Crowd

It should prove to be an interesting day in the BB house. They HGs haven’t even been in there a week, and already they are grousing about being bored. With only a veto ceremony and possible food competition to look forward to until eviction on Thursday, it will be interesting to see what they come up with for entertainment today.

Even the camera man seems to be suffering from boredom. While everyone is still sleeping this morning, he scans the toiletries and makeup in the bins and on the shelves of the bathroom. Of course we have the usual Right Guard, nail polish remover, and LA Looks hair gel, but someone there also has a bottle of witch hazel. Someone had all their things stored in a 2005 World Series bag. Realizing it must be someone from or with connections to Chicago, I’m guessing James, as it seems nicely organized.

Nakomis and Danielle are once again the first ones up. Nakomis complains that Erika was snoring and it was keeping her awake. Talking outside over their coffee, Danielle says that never in BB history has a head of household used the veto. Someone has asked Danielle if she has asked Janie to save her, and Nakomis compares it to beggin’ the executioner for mercy. While talking about what it takes to win this game, Nakomis says she is always underestimated, and figures it has to do with the blue hair.

Switching gears, Nakomis says she likes to write, and Danielle replies she’s creative about getting things done fast and efficiently. Somehow, I can see that. Nakomis says she didn’t go to college, but admits she’s smart. She was home-schooled, and her aptitude tests had her at a college level for reading, although she struggles with math. Danielle says she’s the opposite – bad at writing, good at math. Nakomis’ father had gone to college to become an English teacher and would have her do book reports on the The Bible. I love learning this type of stuff about these people.

BB comes on and announces a good morning to the HGs and also tells them the veto ceremony will begin in two hours. I think everyone else better start getting up. Erika, Will, James, Allison, and Boogie get up. Will does does the dishes while James works out and talks about a dream he had about the show Treasure Hunters. Allison, of course, is still nursing that bump on her head. To the point of still putting an ice pack on it.

Diane, Howie and Jase all get up with the announcement that the veto ceremony is now ninety minutes away. Howie just can’t let his anger towards Nakomis go, and is referring to her as the Daughter of the Poon. My thought is since Nakomis is different than the other girls, Howie just doesn’t know how to handle her. He can’t talk about her boobies or do the Oh Janie thing, etc. I think she’s different, and it makes him uncomfortable around her, and that’s why he doesn’t like her. That’s my $.02.

Allison, Nakomis, and Boogie talk about how they got on the show originally. Allison didn’t apply, as she got through with her ex during the X-factor season. Boogie applied on a tape while dancing to a Janet Jackson tune. And he was brought back for a second time? Nakomis says she got on the show the Jerry Springer way. Cowboy had applied first, and mentioned looking for his real father. BB tracked down his dad and asked him to be on the show, but he had no interest in it. He was asked if he had any other children Cowboy didn’t know about, and he offered up Nakomis’ name. The rest is BB history.

Janelle and Howie have a conversation about Michael from BB6. Howie still talks to him occasionally, and Janie asks if he ever talks about her. He does ask about “that Janie chick”, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with BB anymore. He is moving away, and says he is leaving in two weeks. Janelle says that’s what bothers her about him. He talks about doing certain things, then never follows through.

With Howie and Janie in the Hoh, James comes in to use the bathroom, and Janelle asks him to use spray. Before he embarks on this endeavor, though, Howie and James reenact the moment when Howie and Maggie shook hands in the bathroom and agreed to put James up on the block. When he is done, James says it was like giving birth to a small children, and Howie just wants it named after him.

There’s still some question over exactly who is included in the current BB6 alliance. For sure Howie and Janelle seem to be included, but sometimes Kaysar seems to not be so solid, and James seems to be just as questionable as he was last year. Jase sees himself as the fifth person in this alliance, and Marcellas seems himself the same way. They don’t want Marcellas to know that Jase is in the alliance.


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