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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 8th – Dr. Will and the Wall of Flames

James, Will, and Booger are discussing how much Booger needs a woman. No, Booger needs an Extreme Personality Makeover. Then he could maybe consider getting a woman. They think that an “older” woman like Erika would be good for him. Why are they talking about Booger like he’s one of the younger guys? He’s not!

Booger’s birthday is coming up, so James tells them that Sarah and Yappy got K-Mart stuff for their birthdays. Will says that, unless K-Mart starts selling Hugo Boss in the next few days, he doesn’t need sh*t from K-Mart. And … flames.

Will, who is obsessed with the “feeders” as he calls us, says that ordinary people will never get on a reality show, and that we’re obsessed with them because we’re jealous. Darn, he figured us out. I guess we should just revel in our ordinaryness and let the star-studded BB cast shine like the superheroes they are. Booger says that he doesn’t understand the obsession with Janie, and that we only like her because she beat down the people like April, who are representative of middle America. Say what?

Booger moves on to cozy up with Nak on the hammock. Run Nak, run! She tells him that she’s aligned with Diane, and that they’re both willing to stab anyone in the back to move on in the game. Geez Nakomis, keep that to yourself. Booger says that he’s planning to cut Will loose eventually. That’s pretty funny. They both agree that they need to keep an eye on Jase, since he’s very different than the last time he played the game. Isn’t that kind of the idea?

They decide to go after the BB6 people, starting with James. They think Erika and Jase have aligned with that group, but that they would be willing to ditch them if they have to. Booger wants to get rid of all of the “America’s Choice people”. Hmm, who’s jealous now?

Janelle, Kaysar, and Erika are talking about Jennifer (Jblow) from last season, and how she came on the show to jump-start her modeling/acting career. Erika is amazed, since Jblow is “like 4-feet tall!” Heh. They all agree she was a whack-job.

In other news, Dr. Will claims that if he had sex with a transgendered person who had their female sex organs made out of their former penis, he would know. And we’ll leave that one at that.

Jase, Janelle, and Kaysar are pondering why things aren’t very exciting this season. They think that it’s just not new to them anymore. They’re used to being on camera and on TV, and it’s too early to really strategize much because there are still so many people in the house. They talk about Janelle calling Chicken George out on his supposed lack of any sort of knowledge of BB and the game itself. They think that this season there’s no one to pick on because everyone has a strong personality. Except for George, of course.

Marcellas joins them, saying that Howie offered to give him a blow job for $25 if he wears a condom. Again, we’ll leave that one alone. They’re still talking about George, and Jase says that it’s a horrible strategy for All Stars to come in and pretend you don’t know anything about the game. They use the term “Amber Alert” with George, which refers to Amber winning Survivor All Stars by basically doing nothing and hitching herself to a strategic player.

A bunch of them get into the hot tub, and Will starts talking about something that brings us the screen of fire again. Howie says something about the feeds going off, and Will mentions that he made a deal with the … screen of fire again. He’s absolutely doing this on purpose. C’mon BB – is he that important to you that you’ll let this go on? Teach him a lesson and boot him out! (I know, that won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be nice? And heck, he could even take Booger with him.)

I guess Will threatened to walk out or something, because now Booger is trying to talk him into staying. He promises to give it another week, for Booger’s sake. Then they laugh about how they’re playing everybody. I think they have the impression that they’re much more relevant to the game than they really are. Janelle, Danielle, Nakomis, James, Erika, and Marcellas are all in the kitchen talking about Will’s antics and how they think it’s all just a big show.

Will is called to the DR and everyone thinks he’s in trouble. We should be so lucky. The rest of the gang heads back outside. Lots and lots of mundane conversation ensues. Will comes back out saying that he’s not allowed to discuss what was said in the DR, but that no more furniture may be moved outside. Okay.

Janelle and Howie break off from the group to talk strategy. They think Erika will throw the HoH comps until she feels she needs to win one. Howie really hates Nakomis, and can’t wait to get her out of there. He says if she ever puts him up, he’ll go off on her. And here we thought Diane was the potential new Busto. Howie offers to give Janie three packs of cigarettes if she uses the veto and puts Nak up. Janelle doesn’t know, since she feels she owes Jase for not going with the plan to backdoor her. Heehee – Howie brought in three cartons of cigarettes, “to barter with”. Too bad the only smokers are Janie and Nak.

Group talk of past seasons, which is getting more and more boring. Marcellas, Danielle, and Kaysar hang out on the hammock and figure out Dr. Will’s gameplan. He’s not messing with the houseguests as much this time – he’s messing with the production crew. Why? Who knows. Marcellas says that he had an alliance with Lisa for this season, and was traumatized when she didn’t make it into the house. They all have a good laugh over that. Kaysar thanks America for bringing him back a third time. You’re welcome.

Once again, many conversations going on that have nothing to do with strategy or anything remotely interesting. Small groups wander in and out of the kitchen for snacks, there’s the odd game of pool, and every once in a while Howie shouts out one of his catch-phrases. Danielle mentions that this is the first time she’s ever been on the block, and she doesn’t like it.

Janelle and Marcellas eventually go inside to talk a bit, and Marcellas points out how Will tries to get people against each other, then sits back and laughs at everybody. It’s the same thing he did in BB2, and he thinks it can work again. Who knows, maybe it can? Marcellas thinks that Will needs to go sooner rather than later, even before Chicken George. I have to wonder how Will would react knowing that the Chickenman is seen as a bigger threat than he is. Marcellas and Janelle are on to the Nakomis/Diane alliance as well. They think they need to get rid of Alison this week, and then Will next.

Kaysar climbs into one of the small beds with James, and when Erika walks by he tells her to call them “Mr. and Mr. Rhine”. Ha!

While the girl group in the gigantic bed actually climb in and try to get some sleep, Marcellas is in the HoH room with Howie, telling him that he should tone down his act a bit. Howie doesn’t want to hear it though, saying that if people can’t handle him they shouldn’t be in the All Stars house. Janelle and Kaysar join them, and they talk a bit about who they should go after, who would nominate whom, and that sort of thing.

Chicken George has retired for the evening, sleeping on the couch outside the HoH room. Marcellas leaves to get ready for bed, and Howie immediately starts ranting again about Nakomis. He’s getting really worked up, so Janie and Kaysar try to talk him down. They’re finally getting sleepy, and things start to wind down for the night.

Someone wakes Chicken George up and tells him to go sleep in the HoH room, which he does. Good-nights are called out, and the house shuts down for the night. The Veto ceremony will be tomorrow, and then we don’t have much to look forward to until the voting on Wednesday. Hopefully BB will throw in a food competition this week to give them something to talk about for a while.

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