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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 8th – Dr. Will and the Wall of Flames

James and Ali head into the kitchen. James rummages around for something to eat, and Ali alternatively wants to take a nap, clean out the fridge, and complain about her injury. They both discuss how annoying Howie is, and James jokes that Ali must be in love with him. James asks who Alison will go after if she stays in the house, and she says that she has “a list”. She also tells him that she doesn’t think James is on anyone’s radar at this point. James says he doesn’t trust anyone, regardless.

Alison changes the subject and says that Amy and Jack were both out in L.A. trying out for the show. That it came down to George and Jack for the “old guy” spot. Never mind Jack – Amy was there? And she didn’t make it in the house? Or even on the short list of 20? Why do I find that hard to believe? They put Bunky there but not Amy? No way.

They continue to gab about Sarah and how she viewed the game as summer camp rather than a competition, how sorry they feel for Howie who is 35 and clearly shouldn’t be that into Star Wars at his age (obviously they’re unaware of the Star Trek phenomenon), and the various names of alliances that they were in during their original BB tenure. Alison is horrified to learn that the BB6 group had a competition where they had to spell words. Clearly this would be far too intimidating for Ali to even attempt.

Now it’s group gab time again. What kind of car would you buy if you could buy any of them? They discuss the American Idol finale, and decide that Katherine chose to sing with Meatloaf because she knew she would sound better than him. Ha! Let’s go back to the kitchen.

Danielle and Kaysar have now joined the kitchen group, and Alison is moaning about her injury (still) and how her boyfriend is too good for her. Dani and Kay both start telling her that she needs to love herself first. Great, it’s amateur Dr. Phil hour. At least Ali has enough problems that she can keep them busy for hours.

Back outside, they’re talking about reality shows. Marcellas mentions that Howie sang the Busto song on House Calls, which brings on another rendition and the screen of fire. Did Busto not sign a release? Oh, and as much as I dislike the wall of fire this season, at least it doesn’t make me have to run to the washroom like the fishtank sound did.

George corners James and grills him (in a nice way) about his season, the boot order, why people left when they did, etc etc. James seems rather bored, but George continues. Oh, janelle is there too, but she’s not saying much. James gets in a few digs at Kaysar. I’m not sure if there’s actual animosity between the BB6’ers, or if they’re putting it on to make it seem like they’re not together.

Marcellas, Jase, and Kaysar arrive to spice up the conversation, as James notes that the very green shirt George is wearing matches the sheets. See what you’re missing if you don’t have the feeds? Jase could be cropped out of this scene and placed back into his own season – he’s posing for the cameras with his hat on sideways, no shirt, and his shorts riding down below his gitch. Marcellas is in his robe. Kaysar has his FBI hat. Are we sure this isn’t a spliced scene from previous seasons?

For the next while, we get still images and streaming audio, interspersed with flames. It’s like some low-grade art student’s first project or something, and impossible to recap since I can’t hear the end of anyone’s sentences.

Time for the hamsters to start making dinner. It’s hard to tell what they’re actually making, though. Maybe fish? Janie is putting together her famous apple crisp. I’ll bet Ivette is really jealous she didn’t make it into the house now. Booger keeps singing and we keep getting flames, then the BB voice telling them not to sing. And repeat. You know what would make this more fun? If they had picture of the houseguests burning in the flames.

Will, who is so pale he’s almost translucent, calls out “F*ck you, live feeders.” Right back atcha, Will. Booger is putting together a song and dance routine, so it’s time to switch feeds before I throw myself into the fire. But wait, Jase sees a plane and they think there’s skywriting! And … wall of fire.

The fire lasts for quite a while this time. Could someone really have decided to go for skywriting instead of a banner? God I hope not – Dr. Will’s ego hardly needs that kind of boost. Quick shot of all the hamsters in the house, and it’s possible they’re on lockdown. They all seem to be getting dinner still though.

A few minutes later we’re back, and the dysfunctional family is sitting around the table eating and making small talk. It seems there was a plane or something, because Will says that they should have just quietly said to look up. More flames. Thanks Will. He continues though, bringin up names of BB staff (flames), asking for a shrink (flames), singing (flames). Argh. Kick him out. This isn’t worth it.

After dinner and cleanup, Erika decides to teach her Pilates class. Her students are Alison, Nakomis, Dr. Will, and Booger. Will is not the most limber person in the world, but Nak is afraid that Alison just might be. Will likens himself to a Labrador Retriever with hip dysplasia. Then he asks if they’re almost done, ’cause while they’re out there working out, there are ten other people in the house making an alliance without them.

In the bathroom, Kaysar and Danielle are sitting on the loveseat and Kaysar is doing Yanni impressions. Yeah I know – sounds weird, but really funny. I like the goofy side of Kaysar very much. Eventually though the discusion turns to serious talk about marriage.

Marcellas joins the Pilates group, and he seems to have a good deal of knowledge about the moves. Erika says that Pilates is the only thing she does to keep herself in shape. That and plastic surgery, of course. Heh.

With the Pilates class over, the hamsters are pretty much milling about and talking about things like music and movies. Not much going on here. James complains that there are lots of cameras on Nak in the hammock, and she calls out that she’s in the pillow alliance.