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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 8th – Dr. Will and the Wall of Flames

Most of the hamsters gather in the backyard and attempt to play something resembling basketball in the pool. Booger is holding the basket, and the others are trying to throw the ball in. This leads to Booger sharing his extensive knowledge of b-ball teams and players, and then we get fire on the screen. Booger, for someone who really seems to crave attention, everything you do causes a temporary feed blackout. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

Howie says hi to one of his fans “up there”. Apparently someone who was a big fan of his died recently of heart failure. See, Howie can be sweet when he wants to be!

Outside, Janelle, Howie, and James are gabbing. Janelle suggests that Diane should be the new Busto. Yay! Alison would be better, but I’m okay with Diane. James says that it’s a different season without a nerd herd, so the Hurricane Howie thing probably won’t work. Ah, we’ll see. They talk about who else might be joining them in the house, and vow to send them right back out the next week, using the “Kaysar Clause”. I’m assuming this is total speculation, but maybe it has something to do with the “revolving door” that was hinted at in some of the previews.

When they talk about evicting Alison, Howie seems disappointed. He seems to think Ali is his best shot for hooking up this season. (Howie, have you met Diane?) He calls Ali a whore, and when James gives him hell for it, he says, “Okay, she’s kinda slutty”. Potay-to, Potah-to.

Janie and Howie go into the house and start counting things. This is what they do, to prepare for competitions. Jase looks at them rather oddly, and when Nak walks in, Howie shouts, “Natalie and Adria, kiss my ass!” O-kay then. Nak and Howie leave, and Janelle tells Jase that Howie would tell the other side last season all the ways that the Sovs tried to get ahead in the competitions. She and Jase seem to be getting along pretty well.

Booger attempts to talk strategy to James (which may be like trying to talk rocket science to Cowboy, but I digress). He’s on the Chicken George hate trail again, and says that George knows the game inside and out – he probably knows every little detail about every houseguest in there. James agrees that George is asking way too many questions to be believable. Apparently James told him that he gets backdoored again this season, he’ll give those responsible one minute to say goodbye to their loved ones on the feeds, and then throw them over the effing balcony.

Howie gives George lessons in Jedi-ism. What’s the word I’m looking for here? Jedi-ism isn’t right. Anyway, this is the most serious you’ll ever see Howie, I’m afraid, even including his comment about his dearly departed fan. He’s very patient with George, who looks like he’s really trying but has no idea what Howie is talking about.

Will is outside entertaining people with stories of Bunky masturbating in the shower during BB2. Oh goodie. Apparently Hardy caught Bunky in the act. Will asked Bunky who he was thinking of when he was, you know, doing his thing, and Bunky said it was Hardy. Anyway, when Hardy found out, he flipped his noodle and made Bunky clean out the shower. Many times over. I don’t remember this happening – anyone?

James and Janelle are talking game again in the tarantula room, and this time they allude to an actual alliance between the four BB6’ers in the house. Good to know. They think that everyone in the house except Erika would nominate two of them together. James says that Diane asked him if Howie would make her the new Busto if she nominated him. James wants Chicken George out, followed by Marcellas. Why, people? Why? I don’t understand this at all. James wonders if Janie will be allowed to compete for the next HoH, since there are two of them now.

James leaves and Marcellas enters, and he and Janelle are trying to memorize and count things. They start talking about season three, and Marcellas wonders when all of the “glory days” talk will end and they’ll actually start focusing on this season. Amen, brother.

Outside, Nakomis says that she forgot to pack her shorts. I predict a few pairs of cutoff jeans are in her future. Booger says that he doesn’t care what the people on the internet think of him. Out of the blue, pretty much. So he does care, ’cause otherwise why would he be thinking that? Really, trying to make sense of this guy is making my brain hurt.

Howie, James, and Ali are hanging out in the kitchen. James asks if he looks as good as Jase and Will – Howie, quite seriously, tells him to wrap a towel around his waist and he’ll look just as good as they do. Heehee! Howie then turns to Alison and asks her when the last time she had sex was. Then he tells her that he likes her boobies. Oh boy. Ali says thanks, and that they fit in her boyfriend’s mouth. I don’t think Howie is used to this kind of response. He says he needs to go work out and get ripped so he can steal her away.

Will, Booger, and Howie talk about Howie’s sister, Ashley. Booger seems very interested, and Howie tells Will he might have a chance with her since she likes “ordinary-looking guys”. Will starts humping a chair pretending that it’s Ashley, and asks Howie if she has the feeds. When Howie says she does, Will calls out “Oh Will, bang me like my brother does!” Howie responds with, “Oh Will, back in BB2 you used to have muscles!”

After some napping and Erika telling Jase he has a perfect body, a bunch of them decide to share what they’re thankful for. Why? Because they’re bored out of their minds. Nakomis is thankful for arts and crafts. James is thankful for his sister getting married. Jase is thankful for his unbelievable abdominal muscles. (Thanks Erika.) Danielle is thankful for her kids’ unconditional love. Howie is thankful for his health and his BB stardom. Will is thankful for his friends. Marcellas is thankful for Jase’s tight little ass, his 206 pairs of shoes, and his 6 designer suits. Oh, and that he is able to do what he wants to do with his life. I am thankful for my active brain cells, which may be in jeopardy if things don’t pick up here soon.

Now it’s time for shout outs to the celebrities that are watching the feeds: Shannon Elizabeth and Lance Bass.