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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 8th – Dr. Will and the Wall of Flames

It’s Saturday in the BB house (as I suppose it is outside the BB house), and the day starts off rather slowly. Nakomis and Danielle are the first ones up and out of bed. They talk about oversleeping while putting batteries in their mics and doing their usual bathroom routines. Discussion turns to what zits and bug bites look like with tattoos covering them.

Moving to the kitchen to make coffee, Dani and Nak talk about how obsessed Marcellas is with his white robe. Nak wants to make Howie a protein shake with many shots of espresso in it. Might be interesting for us to watch, but I’m not sure how the other houseguests would feel about that!

Chicken George, who had been banished to the HoH room with Howie because of their snoring, comes down the stairs still looking half asleep, complaining about how dark it is up there. “Almost too dark to sleep.” Say what? He wanders off to another part of the house as Danielle and Nak wonder if Howie tried to cop a feel. Heh.

They talk about how boring it is in the house, and wonder if they’ll get another two hours of “the Dr. Will and Howie Show”. Chicken George, who has returned, asks if there’s a picnic at the beach planned. He adds, “yeah, it got really boring at the end”. But … this is only the beginning.

Alison’s up now, and she spends some time in the bathroom while George heads in for a shower. We get closeup footage of George shaving. Why?? Ali says that she’s in a great deal of pain from the injury she sustained during the veto comp. Apparently she took one in the nose, and she ended up snoring so loudly that she woke herself up. She wants to see a doctor. Oh Will! Er, not that kind of doctor, I guess. I’m assuming she doesn’t need rhinoplasty again.

After much talk of medical conditions, food allergies, and Ali’s plastic surgery, James and Kaysar join them all in the kitchen. James had a dream that he was a vampire. Not a gay vampire mind you, a straight vampire. This leads to the detailing of Dr. Will’s chat at Kaysar’s website a few weeks ago.

Will and Booger are awake and whispering to each other. Something about the plane flying a banner over the house today, which Will is obviously expecting since he asked the feed watchers to send one. Buddy, cough up the dough and I’ll send the dang plane. Hope you don’t mind if it says “Booger: America Wants Your DOR”. Anyway, I think Will wants to tell the other hamsters that there’s a banner and it says something negative about someone – but I can’t be sure about that. Suddenly, blammo, the screen of fire and the BB music. I guess banner-talk isn’t allowed.

Erika is up and in the kitchen, talking about teaching a Pilates class today. Oh joy. Will and Booger have moved to the bathroom, together of course. They’re gossiping about how Chicken George’s strategy won’t work this time and everyone is onto him. Say what? Since when is the likes of Dr. Will worried about someone like George? Paranoid much?

Diane’s out of bed now too, doing the bathroom thing. Alison is babbling to some poor soul about how Lisa from BB3 apparently bought a Mercedes with her winnings and then donated some to charity. This comes out as sarcasm, but maybe my ears just automatically translate every word that comes out of Ali’s mouth as such.

Big Brother finally tells the rest of the sleeping houseguests that it’s time to get up for the day. James wants a recording of all the BB sayings to take home as a parting gift. Hey, I want one too! How much fun would that be?

Marcellas moves to the couch and goes back to sleep with his little eyemask on. Howie’s up, and as he passes Erika he says, “Thank you, America, for voting Erika back in. Erika, you’ve got a great rack!” And good morning to you too, Howie.

While Will is on the treadmill, someone mentions bringing Richard Simmons in to lead them in a workout. Booger is really excited about this – maybe because he’ll finally have someone in the house who dresses like he does. Alison is still complaining about her nose, and it seems to get worse and worse until she gets some sympathy, and then she’s okay. Ugh.

While Janie is finally starting to waken and rise, Alison is telling everyone that she broke the coffee pot. Booger is afraid that there’s broken glass on the floor. Why Booger? Afraid that a cut on your foot will mess up your big pimpin’ dance moves? Snort.

Howie and Chicken George are offering to make breakfast for everyone, but no one really seems interested. Will opts for plain yogurt and granola. He calls out to Marcellas asking if he wants some, and Marcellas retorts, “Make me a waffle, bitch!” Heehee.

Kaysar is off explaining elements of his religion to Danielle and Diane. It almost makes me yearn for April, but … not quite. Jase appears finally, and does some weird little dance. Booger asks BB to turn off the feeds for a minute (Ali yells out “just for one song”), and they do. Thank you, BB. Thank you.

Janelle and Kaysar go to work out together (in the gym – get your minds outta the gutter), but they don’t talk to each other. At all. I don’t like this.

Meanwhile, Nakomis and Diane are in the ginormous-bed room talking about alliances and stuff. Nak tells Diane that Dani told Jase (are you following this so far?) about the plan for Jase to disagree with the nominations. How is this still news? But apparently Diane is shocked. Shocked, I tell you! Nak adds that Jase is “bad news”. Diane wants to keep Alison in the house, since Ali has a big mouth and isn’t good at “thinking”. Should I go there? Nah, too easy. They figure that there will be a lot of back-dooring this season, since it’ll be the only way to get some people out. I wonder how they can guarantee that though, since they don’t get to choose their own players for veto?