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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 7th – New Alliances?

The veto ceremony is over, and Janelle has triumphed again. Us Janie fans love it, but gamewise, it may not be a good idea to win head of household and PoV in the first week. The competition had something to do with getting fish and/or chum dumped all over them, and Janie was far ahead in the pack past the others. It has left the players all very stinky, and even after showers, they still can’t get the smell off of them. I’m sure Howie could come up with a good joke or two about the fish smell, but instead, he’s busy talking about James’ desire to be HoH. He says, “James is due for HoH like Kaysar is due to get laid. I don’t think it’s going to happen.” And this for the Brad Pitt of Muslims.

There’s a very different mood in the house after Janelle’s win. She proves to be ever the competitor, as she injured her leg somehow in the veto competition, yet still gets on the treadmill to work out. Alison knows it’s all but over for her, and she has already packed her bags and has them sitting out. Five days ahead of time? She says she won’t be fighting to stay, but all know she is looking for some sympathy votes. Jase and Janelle all but confirm in the HoH room that the person leaving will indeed be Alison.

With everyone basically knowing who is due to leave, there isn’t a lot of strategy talk. It seems to be a lot of idol chit chat, getting to know the people from the other seasons, and no one really trusting anyone too fully just yet. Marcellas talks about getting hate mail after the BB6 finale show, and also about commenting negatively about a Kaysar blog and having the House Calls phones light up. He hopes Gretchen is doing it alone without him. She’s supposed to have guest hosts, but I wouldn’t know. I tried to access Friday’s show, and I can’t find it archived anywhere. Marcellas believes last season of House Calls was his last season altogether.

James and Janelle discuss who should be evicted. James would like to see Danielle taken off the block, and Will put up. Janelle is also questioning the amount of time Kaysar is spending with Erika, as she’s worried he’ll end up telling their strategy. She’s also afraid that he’s in cahoots with Will, but alternately also says Kaysar is upset they didn’t nominate Will. Which is it? Once Howie joins in the conversation, they decide that Kaysar’s ego got in the way last year. As much as we all like him, you just have to agree to that.

We are treated to seeing the beginning of what could be the most interesting alliance ever in BB. The two smartest females to ever play this game happen to be Janelle and Nakomis. For the second night in a row, they are playing chess together. Janelle asks what all happened with Danielle and Alison’s plot to get Jase and Janelle to disagree. Nakomis says she really isn’t sure, and Janelle lets out that Alison told her if it all went down, she had Nakomis’ word to vote out Janelle. Nakomis is very peeved that her name was being used in this way, and indicates she never agreed to that. No matter what else they talk about, Nakomis can’t get off that. She says she doesn’t want HoH next week, as it’s going to be a tricky week. Those boys better watch out. These two could rule the whole game. Many other people try strategy talk, Mike and Diane, etc., but there isn’t anyone in the game like these two.

Kaysar takes Nakomis’ place at the chess table, but the Janie/Kaysar strategy doesn’t seem to have as much in it as the other. They discuss who the BB6 allies are, and aren’t sure. They know Marcellas is probably with them, but feel Nakomis, Jase, and Erika are questionable. They both think Chicken George should go the following week. No one really trusts him. This is due to the fact that he asks repeatedly to have the backdooring thing explained to him. He even has James cornered in the exercise room trying to explain it, and James uses the radio and exercise equipment as other players, trying to explain how it’s done. Chicken George is either very stupid, or is using the I’m so stupid as strategy. No one can be that stupid. I’m trying really hard to not bring up names from last year to prove this, but every time I think of someone, I think, well, maybe there are people that stupid. Cough. Busto. Cough.

Will campaigns to the internet fans for a banner plane. He wants us all to chip in and send a plane over the house, and mentions it repeatedly. I think he wants to prove how famous and important he is to the others, that fans would send a plane over just because he asked. I think there’s definitely a hidden strategy in it. We’ll see if he gets it. I know it won’t be funded be me.

That’s basically the only strategy talk from the day. The other evening discussions revolve around game shows, Marcellas’ fascination with Danny Pintauro from Who’s the Boss, naming the tarantulas after HGs that didn’t get into All Stars, Howie using the pool cue as a light saber, genital warts, and Janie mixing her laundry with Chicken George’s, and him calling it the “Tuna Load.” Believe it or not, the last three things have nothing to do with each other.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Sunday. At some point there has to be the PoV ceremony, but I’m not sure whether that will take place today or tomorrow. Could be a boring day, or we could be flies on the wall for more interesting conversations about Michael Jackson and genital warts. Believe ir or not, those last two things have nothing to do with each other.

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