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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 7th – New Alliances?

It’s day two of the live feeds, and I have to say it’s not the most interesting stuff out there right now. Last year what made it interesting this early on was we were trying to pinpoint who the pairs were, and watching the others try to do so as well. That made it really interesting and gave them all some extra strategy.

This year, however, there’s no twist to draw people in like that, and cause the extra interest. At this point we know that one of two people are leaving the house, more on that later, so with that bit decided, there’s no extra strategy about that. No one knows exactly how long they will keep the double heads of household, so it makes it hard to strategize past this point.

Nakomis is the first one awake this morning, and she showers, dresses, etc., before anyone else is even stirring. We now know, though, why she made the decision to come back to the BB house. The poor girl can’t even afford eye shadow applicators. She sits doing her makeup in the mirror, putting her eye shadow on with her finger.

After Nakomis wanders into the kitchen, Danielle gets up and they pretty much discuss just mindless chit chat. The only game chatter is about the veto challenge later that day. There’s been a change to the way they choose who plays for the veto. Now instead of the head(s) of household and those nominated choosing someone to play for them, the other players are chosen randomly. Nakomis likes this, as she thinks it will change the way alliances work, and possibly make them not as effective. She was in an alliance before, so I’m not quite sure why she feels this way, unless it’s because she feels out of the loop this time around. At least she doesn’t have her brother to knock her down again.

One by one other members of the house start getting up, and all are irritated with the snoring heard the night before. It was very rhythmic and constant, and the general thought seems to be that it was Chicken George. Marcellas gets up, after sleeping in the HoH room with Janelle, and complains that everyone is talking too loudly in the kitchen. They pretty much tell him he had it easy since he didn’t have to put up with the snoring, and they tell him if he wants to sleep more, he should get a pair of ear plugs and join Chicken George and his Buzz Saw downstairs. Personally, I’ve always found a few good swift kicks does the trick for me. Will gets in trouble for sleeping on the couch, and makes plans to then sleep in the kitchen.

Some in the kitchen wonder what is wrong with people that sit around the watch the live feeds for entertainment, especially when they don’t know anyone in the house. The general consensus, especially by James, is that only relatives should watch the feeds. If we all didn’t watch the feeds, though, there wouldn’t be a great interest in the show, and they would have no reason to spend three months in the house in the hopes of winning $500,000. They don’t only trounce feed watchers, as they also question the parents that have let their kids live and stay with Michael Jackson at Neverland. Well, I can’t argue with that.

Howie tells all how he lost his pinkie finger. He was making bombs, and one went off in his hand. He was just thirteen years old, and there was parts of his finger everywhere. The whole block heard the bomb go off, and he made the papers. This, of course, comes up after everyone discussed April’s big comeback to Howie and his Busto taunting, when she said, “At least I have all my fingers.”

Both Marcellas and Diane have quite the attraction for Dr. Will. Marcellas is even wanting Dr. Will to do liposuction on his butt. He tells him to keep sucking fat until he hits bone. I think House Call’s loss this year is the BB House’s gain. You got it give it up for Will, too. He calls Kaysar the Brad Pitt of Muslims. I hope Marcellas, Howie, James, and Will stay around for awhile, as they can all be so funny, and when all of them get going together, it could make for a real good time, even if they think we shouldn’t be watching if we’re not related.

Everyone is gearing up for the veto ceremony. Those playing will be the heads of house, Jase and Janie , the two nominees, Alison and Danielle, and two players apparently chosen at random, Kaysar and Chicken George. While waiting, many start talking about their own season and others. Among the interesting tidbits is Danielle telling Nakomis she could never have been a part of BB6 as there was too much hate. Possibly, but that’s why we liked it.


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