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Big Brother 7: All Stars, Premiere – Twists, Tantrums, and Targets

The first group on the rotating circle are Howie, Erika, Will, Jase, Marcellas, Boogie, and James. A fountain in between the two platforms is turned on, and it sprays an orangey-coloured goop at the circle folks. Weird. All of the guys except Marcellas whip off their shirts, and Dr. Will looks like a pale, skinny kid in comparison to the rest of them.

Nakomis swing the boulder first and takes out Howie. Alison is filled with glee, as she badly wants the BB6 crew out of the house. Danielle is next, and she tries to hit Marcellas but misses. Kaysar decides not to directly go for the evil doctor, but instead aim for his “right hand man”. Boogie takes the hit and is toast, but he says he was pretending to fight it because he didn’t really want the first HoH.

Janelle takes out Erika, followed by Nakomis bumping off James. Diane is going after Will, who grabs onto the rope and the boulder and swings right through the orange goop, trying to regain his footing on the post on his way back. Interesting strategy there, but it doesn’t work. Will is out.

It’s down to Marcellas and Jase now, but unfortunately Danielle is the next one to swing the boulder. She misses Marcellas again by a mile, but Jase cleverly shoves the boulder at Marcellas and knocks him off. Jase if the first HoH! Who saw that one coming? I certainly didn’t!

The groups swap places now, so Janelle, Alison, Nakomis, Danielle, George, Diane, and Kaysar are spinning on the posts. Howie pretty much just flings the boulder, knocking Nakomis out on its way back. Will sends the boulder out on a curve, which seems to knock Kaysar off just with its wind. Will says that Kaysar has an undeserved air of superiority about him that he doesn’t like.

James says he doesn’t care who he knocks off as long as it isn’t Janie, since she’s the only one left who he feels safe with. He takes out Diane, who doesn’t really seem to mind much. Marcellas tries for Danielle, but their aim is equally bad and he hits nothing. Jase, aiming for Janelle to thin the BB6 crowd, actually hits Alison.

Erika basically just lets go of the boulder, and it hits Chicken George in the butt, sending him sliding off the post and scraping his back against it on the way down. Ouch. He’s okay, and Erika says in the DR, “I killed the Chicken man!” Ha!

It’s Howie’s turn, and he says his choice between “Evil Danielle and Jedi Janie” is a no-brainer. He hits Danielle fairly hard, knocking her out of the competition. Janelle is HoH #2, which is really no surprise.

Janelle and Jase hug as they get their HoH keys. Alison is bummed, since Jase would have gone after the BB6 gang had he been the sole Head of Household. Oh well. There’s always next week Ali. Heh.

Up to the HoH room they go. It’s all done in calm blues and whites, obviously a serene contrast to the flames of hell in the rest of the house. There are pictures of Janelle and Jase on the walls, along with photos of their families and their goodie baskets and CD’s. Jase shows off a picture of his soon-to-be step-daughter and his fiancée. He says privately that he’s playing the game for them now. Hmm, has Jase perhaps changed a bit? It’s too soon to tell.

Boogie is jealous because, in season 2, all he got for winning HoH was a comforter and a bag of peanuts. Heh. Alison, on the other hand, thinks these two are spoiled by getting the spy screen and remote, since she had to peer through windows.

Janelle and Jase attempt to discuss their nominations, but it’s so early in the game that neither one of them wants to name any names. They both hem and haw about who they want out, or who they don’t want out. They seem to agree that Will is a threat (so put him up with Boogie!!), and that Chicken George would be an easy target. But do they want to go for the threats, or the easy targets? No one knows.

Meanwhile, Danielle is getting antsy because no one has approached her to talk strategy. She pulls Alison and Chicken George aside and tells them that, if Jase should decide not to agree with Janelle’s nominations, the two of them would go up and they could vote to evict Janelle. Ali loves this plan, but when Dani says that she’s got to warn Janelle about the possibility, Ali assumes that Danielle is in with the BB6 alliance. Um, if she were, then why would she spill the details of a backdoor plan?

Word spreads like wildfire. Danielle tells James, who thinks he’s being used and doesn’t like it. Ali runs off to tell Diane, Jase, Nakomis, Will, and Boogie. Alison is pushing hard for this, but no one else seems to want to give their word that they’ll vote one way or the other. Jase says that he trusts Alison (why Jase? Why?), but that he doesn’t think putting himself at risk is a good idea. Duh. He hurries upstairs to find Janelle so he can tell her what’s going on before she thinks that he’s behind it.

In the HoH room, Howie, James, and Janelle are talking about this backdoor plan. Janelle is clearly upset that Danielle is coming after her already. Jase comes in and catches the BB6’ers together, but plays dumb. He says that, if they can offer him the security of an alliance, then he’ll have their backs. They all agree, but privately Jase says that he’s lying. James, on the other hand, says that he trusts Jase more than Janelle or Kaysar. Geez, haven’t these people learned yet not to trust anyone? Janie wants to go after Danielle now.

Outside, Alison tells Jase that she’s put together a voting block of herself, Jase, Nakomis, Diane, Will, Booger, and George. Privately she says that it’s “mostly true”, and that she really doesn’t care who’s evicted as long as it isn’t her. When Alison lays on the pressure and asks Jase if he can disagree with Janelle, he says yes, he can.

The “Nominations Today” screen is lit up in the living room, and the houseguests all assemble at the table to hear who’s being nominated. Dr. Will says that he expects to be nominated, and that if his key is in that wheel then they’re both idiots. Jase and Janelle make their little nomination speech, and it’s time to pull some keys.

First one safe is Marcellas, who calls himself a “happy black man”. Erika is safe, as are Nakomis, Diane, James (who must be relieved that there’s no pressure to win the veto), George, Kaysar, Boogie, and Howie. There is only one key left in the box, and now Alison, Will, and Danielle are keyless. Obviously Alison’s key is coming out next …

… but no! It’s Dr. Will who is safe! Wow. Danielle and Alison are nominated. Janelle explains that they’re on the block because they’re playing the game hardcore already and have the ability to turn people against them. Jase agrees and concludes the nomination ceremony.

Danielle doesn’t seem surprised – she realizes that she came on too strong too soon. Janelle says simply that Danielle overplayed her hand too early. Jase says in the DR that the dumbest move in Big Brother history would be to take yourself from HoH, the highest place in the house, to a nominee, the lowest.

Alison, however, is outraged. She says she wants to pull Janelle by her fake hair and throw her and her fake boobs into the pool. Catfight! Rowr! “This is not how I play Big Brother!” she shouts. Well honey, maybe you should rethink how you’re playing Big Brother. I’m just sayin’.

Dr. Will, who looks like a chia pet gone wild, is also outraged to not be nominated. He vows to show Jase that he’s a threat and make him pay for his stupidity. Hey, whatever takes the target off Janelle’s back is a-okay with me.

There’s no show this weekend, but they’ll be back on Tuesday for the Veto competition. Then on Thursday, the first live eviction will take place. Should be fun!

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