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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 6th – Welcome Back!

The garbage bags come out and the ghetto slip ‘n slide part two is created. Marcellas is astonished that Janelle and Danielle, the two women with fake boobs (hello? Erika??) are the first ones on. Somewhere Ivette is seething with rage.

Janelle and Nakomis are bonding again, but this time it’s a discussion about peroxide versus bleach in their hair. Diane joins in and they try to figure out what Holly’s natural hair colour is. Heehee.

Danielle has moved on to Howie, telling him how hilarious he was last season with his Busto thing. Jase and Janelle are there too, but they both look deep in thought. Probably wondering when they’re going to be able to get a word or two into the conversation. Danielle moves on to talk about how awful the Fitness Twins were, trying to play up to Jase a bit. She’s right, of course – they were awful.

More random chatter that isn’t really worth recapping. I know it’ll get more exciting eventually, but it’s hard when there are large groups of people discussing things that really aren’t all that interesting. Ali goes to the bathroom to curl her hair (at 11pm – who does that?). James gets more drinks for everyone, while Howie belts out his “Carpet Muncher” song from last season.

James comes back and tells Alison that she’s one of the top two most feared players in BB history. What? Even Ali knows this isn’t true, and says her reign is over. Howie has created a new game to replace last season’s coasters. It’s called “duck ball”, and consists of rubber ducks being thrown into a barrel. Danielle is still talking about previous seasons, especially her own.

Poor Chicken George just doesn’t seem to fit in. James finally corrects him on the pronunciation of Kaysar’s name, but I’m not sure it’ll stick. Will has nicknamed Howie “Peanut”, after a slow kid that he used to go to school with. Kaysar and Erika are finally finished playing pool, and move over to the duck ball game to watch. They get into the game, and Kaysar eventually wins.

Janie and Danielle go back to the hot tub, still discussing past seasons. A large group heads into the kitchen to make snacks. Nakomis announces that her “thing” is that she gets drunk and makes quesadillas, so Dr. Will is off to hunt for ingredients. Alison has wandered off and is reading by herself.

Will and Booger are trying to entertain people with stories of “celebrities”, which somehow includes Jon & Victoria from The Amazing Race. Okee dokee. They’ve decided to hold “Boy Band Boot Camp” tomorrow, whatever that is.

Inside, a bunch of people are talking about the beds. They’re looking at the tarantulas in the wall again – and it looks like there’s actually a camera inside the wall. Yuck. Will says he wants to bring them out and play with them. Then he complains that Booger farts all over everything. See how fascinating this group is so far?

James and Booger discuss Alison and how dangerous she is. It sounds like they want to try and rally the troop to get her out first. I’m totally down with that. If it can’t be Booger, I’m all for Alison talking the walk of shame. Booger decides it’s time for him to get to bed. Yay.

Everyone else is hanging out in the kitchen, eating and finding more food to chow down on. I guess they’re assuming that they’re going to lose the food comp, whenever that may be. Diane and Chicken George have also hit the sack for the night, with Diane explaining that she has to get some sleep before the veto comp tomorrow.

Janelle goes to take a shower and comes out in her PJ’s. Looks like things are gearing down for the night. Nakomis is talking about how she’s had some good conversations with Howie, and that he really seems to have his head in the game this time. Let’s hope so.

Lots of action in the bathroom, as people are apparently getting ready for bed. But then some of them head back outside, so who knows. All I know is that I didn’t get any beers tonight, and this is rather dull. Jase is in the hot tub, and Nakomis goes over to talk with him. He says that the “BB5’ers” will stick together. Interesting – he’s got alliances with everyone, it seems. Nakomis eventually shares this information with Diane, who is releived, but preoccupied with Dr. Will. She thinks he wants to hook up with her.

Janie, Marcellas, and Erika are talking a bit of strategy in the HoH room. They’re pretty sure that Will is upset that he wasn’t nominated right away (ding ding ding!) and they think they need to get rid of him when it gets down to the jury. Why? Maybe they think he’ll appreciate good game play rather than who was “nice” to him. I dunno. They’re leaning towards voting Alison out first, but Marcellas really seems to want to go after Danielle.

A bunch of people come upstairs to join them, including Will, who says that he has no chance to win the game so he’s just going to provide as much entertainment as he can. Go ahead Will, we’re waiting. Oh, and here’s a tip: lose Booger. He does nothing to up your entertainment factor.

Looks like Erika and Jase have gone to bed. Upstairs, Diane is talking about how Cowboy got a better edit than he was really like in the house. I don’t know about that, but she was there so we’ll defer to her judgment. Howie asks Marcellas all kinds of questions about sex with men vs women. Good old Howie, grossing everyone out again.

We get the screen of fire again, and it looks like BB told them that it was almost time for lights out, because most of them are now getting ready for bed. Again. Janie and Marcellas are whispering about Jase, and how he has an alliance so they should keep an eye on him. Kaysar is off praying, so we know he’s going to sleep soon. Marcellas asks Janie if she were in the final three with him and Kay, who she’d take. She says Marcellas! Interesting. She says that she hasn’t even talked to Kaysar since they’ve been in the house. By all I’ve seen tonight, this might be true.

Marcellas compares Erika to Amber, and says that she needs to hitch herself onto someone who will make sacrifices for her. Looks like she may just have found that person in Kaysar, if he can manage to keep himself in the game this time.

These two keep talking for a good long time, as everyone else goes to bed. Marcellas is very candid with Janie, and even says that he has a small crush on Booger. No, Marcellas, just … no. That’s so wrong.

Finally, Janie and Marcellas hit the sack and all is quiet in the Big Brother house for the night. Veto competition is tomorrow, so expect lots of flames and BB music on the feeds. Over and out!

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