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Big Brother 7 Live Feeds, July 6th – Welcome Back!

Hard to believe that it’s finally here, isn’t it? Big Brother All Stars kicked off the season tonight, and now feed-watchers everywhere are anxiously awaiting the feeds to start up. Moments before they do we get what will be our substitute fish for the season – glowy, blood-red flames with Big Brother music in a loop in the background. This is gonna get old real fast.

Ah, here they are! Jase, Janelle and James all talking about season 6, and Janelle admitting that they thought Howie would have been smarter. Heehee. They head to the kitchen, discussing a possible alliance between Dr. Will and Danielle, and how they need to get rid of the evil doctor soon. I’m sure he’d be pleased to hear that.

The group realizes that the feeds are now on, so they joke around about how Kaysar has already been evicted but still has a chance to come back into the game. Ha! Looks like my spell-check doesn’t remember that “Kaysar” is acceptable. Nifty. They decide to name the tarantulas in the wall (which for some reason Julie didn’t show us during the premiere) – Maggie, Eric, and Beau. Love it! A few other random names are called out before we head to the backyard.

Alison, Diane, Nakomis, and Chicken George are all out there, not really talking about much. Alison is stressing over how much strategy is going on, and Diane tells her that she’ll let her know if she hears anything. Diane adds that no one talks to her anyway, but there’s no point in worrying until after the veto competition, which apparently will be on Friday. Nakomis has to explain the veto and how it works to George. Hmm, are they sure he’s All Star material?

There’s a lot of talk this evening about everyone’s previous seasons. Marcellas and Danielle seem to actually be getting along (shocker!) talking about BB3. Fortunately I haven’t seen or heard Mike Boogie yet, but I’m sure he’s off somewhere reminiscing about the good old days when he was the leader of Chill Town.

After some witty banter in the kitchen about the health hazards of Oreos, Nakomis and Janelle head upstairs to play chess. While I’m hoping for some strategy talk here, there’s very little talk about anything at all. Oh well, lots of time for that. Let me just add here that the sound is cutting out constantly and, out of four feeds, I have one with flames, two with furniture, and one with Nak and Janie playing an almost noiseless game of chess. C’mon camerafolk – liven it up a bit here!

We head off to the kitchen, where everyone is slicing, dicing, and enjoying some watermelon. More banter about mundane stuff. James goes to the storage room and comes back out with … booze! Woot, maybe that will liven things up. He complains that there’s “still no vodka”, but there is wine and beer.

Janelle is now distracted, and both she and Nakomis decide to continue their game later. Nak jokes that she won’t be able to see the pieces later, ’cause they’re clear. Janie decides to drink in the hot tub so she can get a buzz. Apparently there’s only enough booze for two drinks per person, and Howie is not satisfied with this. He offers up his own money for BB to go and get more alcohol. I love me some Howie, even if he is a big cheese ball.

Dr. Will has tried to get in a few jabs at Howie, and this time he says that he doesn’t want everyone to get drunk and talk about Star Wars for hours. Howie has no comeback, and it’s hard to tell if he’s actually taken this comment personally.

A meeting of the minds that includes Jase, Will, Boogie, Howie, and, I think, Nakmois is trying to come up with a way to ensure maximum intoxication with a minimum of alcohol. Shotgunning seems to be the preferred method here, but all kinds of drinking games are suggested.

Everyone heads out into the backyard, except for Chicken George who wanders aimlessly around the house. The discussions are all rather boring. I think we’re going to have to weed out a few hamsters before this stuff really gets interesting. Erika and Kaysar take off to play pool (they got a pool table and a hot tub right off the bat? Boy are they ever spoiled!) and comment that they’re the quiet ones. If I have to choose between the “quiet ones” and Mike Booger threatening to do some rap tunes for us, I’ll take the boring folks any day, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of Booger, he’s in the living room now with Will, Jase, and a couple of others. Will brings us the wall of fire when he starts singing “The Gambler”. Riveting stuff here. When we come back, Booger is bragging about the time when he flat out refused to put on his mic. Yeah, this guy’s bad ass all right. Yawn. How did he get in there again? I’d swap him out for Cowboy in a heartbeat, and that’s saying a lot.

Back at the pool table, Erika is asking Kaysar if he likes brunettes. Interesting. They’re really flirting it up with each other, and it seems Erika is coming on rather strong. Maybe she thinks that’s how Janie got him on her side last season?

The hot tub clique is playing some kind of movie guessing game. Kaysar and Erika are discussing Miami and California. Kay wants to go to Miami as soon as he gets out of there. They haven’t even been in the house for a week yet, and they’re already planning what they’re gonna do when they get out?

Chicken George joins the pool table duo and they laugh about his back injury from the HoH comp. Kaysar calls out, “Final two, George!” and they both giggle. Kaysar and Erika both comment again on how they must be really boring to watch, because they know exactly how much everyone sees on the live feeds now. Hmm.

Marcellas, Danielle, and Janelle are all laughing it up in the hot tub, mostly talking about season 3. I’m guessing that Danielle is trying to get some people on her side to steer the vote away from her. Who knows though – there’s lots of wine flowing, and maybe they’re just enjoying themselves.

And now something weird from Erika and Kaysar. They’re talking about who they want out more, Dr. Will or James. Kaysar calls James the “poor man’s Will”, and they both decide that he can’t win the veto tomorrow. What? I’m totally lost here. Kaysar likens the group to washed up superheroes. Then Marcellas comes by, and Erika asks him who they’re taking out, James or Will. And he agrees that James has to go. Um …