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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Project Runway's Big Gun

Sure, the cattiness claws are fun to watch. A finger caught in a sewing machine at crunch time. Those designer gags that only designers find amusing. The stress of having a model that can’t walk and a sequin that won’t stick. All great television on Project Runway. But none of that is great without the greatest weapon in fashion, TIM GUNN!!!

So funny that I’m crowin’ all about Tim Gunn this week because as I write this, I fall upon VH1’s Best Week Ever, and who, according to them, is having the Best Week Ever? Tim Gunn!! They even go so far to suggest that he have his own network called The Tim Gunn Network (yeah, they’re about as creative as I am when it comes to nifty titles). And the best part of this segment is that Tim Gunn is actually in it, hamming it up for the camera. Gotta love Tim Gunn for being chee-z.

But back to Project Runway. Reasons to love love love TG.

1. He is so friggin dapper. So well put together. I guess he has to be, considering the whole fashion world thing he’s got going.

2. Honesty is the only language he speaks. Season One he told Wendy SaltnPeppa that she was too dowdy. Season Two he’s offered more colorful commentary, most recently telling Santino that his dress looks like Renaissance Fest. Heehee. And that’s what he’s there for. Creative constructive criticism. If he can throw in a few barbed similes, then by all means he should. Also on the honesty tip (did I just say that? When did I become a fly girl?), at the beginning of this season he revealed that he already knew two of the contestants (Never-Crack-A-Smile-Emmett the man-clothes designer and MagicFingers Daniel who was on season one). He reassured everyone that, despite already knowing them, he was there to help everyone. Way to go, TG.

3. Catch-phrase motivation. Make it work. Make it work. Make it work. Like a broken record, but makes so much sense. When it’s down to the wire and the contestants are stuck on a blue thread and a prayer, that’s all that it comes down to. If they want to win, they have to make it work. Which is a completely refreshing spin from Ru-Paul’s statement on the fashion world, “Work it, girl.” I like Make It Work much better. It’s so much more empowering, and hips and stilettos are not necessary.

4. TG has a really good sense of humor. In the reunion episode, he laughs along with the German when she mistakes bagels for hotcakes as in “selling like bagels/hotcakes.” He also finds much comedy in Santino’s ever-evolving impression of TG that incorporates an imaginary romance with fellow designer, Bald Andre. This comedic trail culminates in Santino’s impression of TG asking, “Where’s Andre?,” followed immediately by the actual Tim Gunn asking, “Where’s Andre?” in the same exact tone. Laughs all around.

5. Tim talks trash about models. When NickyNick has his meltdown after Zulu steals his model, he asks Tim for help with dressing a blonde model. When TG finds out which model NickyNick got, he has a meltdown worse than Nick’s. Then ensues the greatest line I’ve heard on reality television in a long long time. He says, “Oh my God, when I think about that model…she’s like an elongated marshmallow.” HAHAHAHA! Then he goes on to say she has “gumby legs.” Now normally, I’d be ranting and raving about how this is what’s wrong with America’s idea of women today and that this is why gals of all ages are puking up popcorn in the bathroom. However, this is just funny shit. Too too funny.

6. He makes product placement seem not all so bad. Whenever Tim has to announce that it’s time for the designers to get their models ready, he has to tell them to go to the Loreal Make-up Room and some other name brand hair room. First season, it was just Loreal that was blatant. This season, products are all over the place. We even see him driving along in his sporty Saturn (a model I’ve never seen before, btw) as he meets up with the final three designers. Incredibly fashionable product placement.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality TV[/b]: Tim Gunn. It’s as simple as that. Sigh. This reminds me of my unrequited crush on Danny from Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. I need help. Until then, Project Runway will keep me longing for more TG.

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