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So You Think You Can Dance 2, 06-29-06 – Six Hours For Nothing?

Jessica’s contemporary solo doesn’t wow me, just as her and Jamyz contemporary dance the night before didn’t. She tells Cat Deeley she’s surprised to be in the bottom group of dancers, and thinks America hasn’t really “seen her”, as she is from Miami, and Italian, fun, loud and outgoing. Jaymz seems to show more in his solo than he’s ever able to do as a pair, yet he loses control and spins off the stage. He says no matter what, he wants to thank the judges for the amazing experience, and has trouble getting the words out because of his emotions.

Alexandra is much more wild and free in her solo than she ever was with either of her two partners. She says this performance should save her after messing up her solo last week. She also tries to explain something else about duets, then asks if her words were coming out in English, as she isn’t clear on what she just said, and neither am I. Dmitry performs another Latin solo, and he is just so fricking hot. The judges are clapping and laughing after, which is a good sign for him. He tells Cat he had a connection with Alex since the beginning. As he walks off he has what looks like iron marks on the back of his shirt. Somewhat bizarre.

The judges head off to make their decision, and Natasha Bedingfield comes in to entertain us with Single. I forwarded through most of it, I’ll admit, as I’m finding myself nodding off after getting up at 3:15 AM to catch the flight from Orlando back to Chicago. I think I’m still on EST. I don’t know if Natasha has jet lag as well, but but her looks somewhat pale in comparison to the beauty of Cat Deeley as they stand next to each other. Cat is just so striking. She is also quite the sympathetic host as dancers are eliminated every week, with hugs and kisses. She also, unlike Ryan Seacrest, isn’t in the position to deliver the bad news, as that falls to Nigel. I wonder if she would still be received as warmly by the audience if she did take on that duty as well.

Tonight Nigel tells the girls in the bottom three that he and the other judges (whom he referred to as the Witches of Eastwick last night) are in unanimous agreement. He says they feel Ashlee is a different person when she has her bolero hat on as her eyes light up and she feels more comfortable. Yet, he feels she’s on a journey and is growing every week. She is declared safe, and hugs Ben and Heidi.

As Nigel tells Jessica to step forward, both she and Ben do. Ben then realizes what he just did, and walks away, as Nigel tells him he’s glad he figured out his name isn’t Jessica. I knew the guy was nervous, but thinking he was Jessica? She is told by Nigel that he feels she’s in the middle area of how they feel about the entire group of dancers. He says she talks often about her great personality, but we won’t ever see it unless she shows it. It’s not enough just to talk about it all the time.

Alex is asked to step forward, and does, but Ben doesn’t. Nigel tells her when he does critiques and tries to find ways to explain what he means, he sometimes crosses the line between critique and rudeness. He felt watching the show back last night that he crossed the line comparing her to the Corpse Bride, and he apologizes. He was delighted with Alex tonight as she didn’t give up in her solo like she did last week, and he also references that people giving up in their solos will be hurt later in the show. This could be bad news for either Ben or Jaymz. She’s not being cut, though, for tonight; she’s being cut for what she has done in the show so far. Dmitry gets a panicked look on his face realizing that if he stays he’ll need a new partner yet again.

As Alex sits offstage crying, Nigel focuses his attention on the guys. Dmitry is asked to step forward, and Nigel notes he seems to be feeling a little anxiety after losing two partners, but tells him it’s obvious the girls adore him because of the screams. Cue girls screaming yet again. Nigel also tells him that Cecily and Olisa think he is “The bomb, Baby!” Yet none of that is why they are asking him to stay; it’s because he is a great performer.

Ashlee is asked to step forward, and as she does, she is asked about being Ben’s partner and if she feels he performed for her. She handles it as democratically as she can, but seems to be giving a Miss America response, trying every way she can find to say he’s not what she wanted, but he’s doing the best he can. Ben recognizes his own name this time, and steps forward. He’s asked how much time he put into his solo, and he admits zero.Nigel is very irritated, and asks how he can put so little into something when he is fighting for their life. Jaymz is asked the same question, and says he put something together and his nerves got to him as he forgot it all. As Nigel gets ready to hand down his decision, my TIVO cuts out. What the hell?

Can’t they give a sister a break here? I just watched six hours of this show in one day to get caught up so I could write this review leading up to this decision, and now they go over so that my TIVO cuts out? The noive! Luckily, I belong to a few great yahoo groups, and Doc was posting with spoilers for those that weren’t able to see it. It’s Ben that left, which puts Ashlee now in a pair with Dmitry. Not so sure how that will work out, at it seems destined to fail. There has to be someone there that can match up well to Dmitry, where they wouldn’t always feel they were working in his shadow. Perhaps Allison or Heidi. If either of them lose their partners, I can see Dmitry finally working with someone that can make him look as good as he does them.

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