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So You Think You Can Dance 2, 06-29-06 – Six Hours For Nothing?

So You Think You Can Dance 2, 06-29-06 – Six Hours For Nothing?

by LauraBelle

Even though I was on vacation the past week and a half, I don’t need to dust off the old computer, as I had my laptop with me, but I do feel at some point I need to dust off the old brain. It took some much needed time off, but this left me with six hours of So You Think You Can Dance to watch in a marathon today, just hours after stepping off the plane.

Some of the dancers seem to need a little dusting off as well. Alexandra just can’t seem to get her act together. By this week it seemed that some of the early favorites, such as Travis/Martha and Musa/Natalie were even struggling. I needed the excitement Heidi and Ryan showed in their Cuban Rumba routine to get a jump start.

All the dancers started the results show off tonight with a group hip hop number choreographed by Shane Sparks. You can always count on him. He provides great moments during the route of girls vs. guys with girls doing tandem flips and guys linking up to do their own tandem flips. With the girls wearing red sweatsuits and the guys wearing opposing black sweatsuits, it resembled a West Side Story thing at many points.

Judging this week are Nigel Lythgoe, the always giddy Mary Murphy and the new tandem hip hop choreographers Cicely and Olisa. They agree that in their first time as judges, it’s going to be extremely difficult this week to eliminate two of the dancers. Mary talks about giving Ivan a hard time at the beginning of the season, but backs off last night’s decision that this week he was resembling the underdog Seabiscuit. Nigel mentions that Ivan even got a special call from his father after last night’s Argentine Tango routine. Ivan says his father hasn’t always been super suppportive, but his coworkers forced him into watching his son instead of working last night. He then called Ivan at 6:00 AM and told him he was proud. I don’t think he’s in danger this week, but even if he was, Im thinking he couldn’t accomplish more than he just has.

It’s Ivan and his partner Allison and Heidi/Ryan up first to hear the results of the voting. The fans seem to feel the same was as Mary and Ivan’s father. Ivan and Allison are safe, as are Heidi and Ryan after the most interesting version of a rumba I’ve ever seen. It was captivating! As Heidi floats off the stage, she is wearing white ruffles, which must have been the outfit she was shopping for in last night’s videos of how the dancers spent the past week.

The pairs of Ashlee/Ben and Travis/Martha stand up to hear their results. The fans don’t appear to see Ben and Ashlee as very believable in their pop jazz routine, as he and Ashlee aren’t safe, but Travis and Martha dodge a bullet, and despite getting their worst judges’ marks so far, they are safe. Jaymz and Jessica find themselves in the bottom three … again … but judges’ and audience favorites, Benji and Donyelle, are safe yet again. Needing one more couple for the bottom three, Natalie/Musa and Alexandra/Dmitry step up. Neither pair did fantastic. Natalie and Musa float through anyway, and Dmitry finds himself pulled into the bottom once again by a partner that isn’t very strong.

Nigel, sounding much like Simon Cowell, thinks America got it right again, but sees that they’ll have a hard decision ahead of them deciding which two of these bottom six dancers they will let go. Mary admits to being surprised at seeing Jaymz and Jessica in the bottom three, as she very much enjoyed their contemporary routine, and feels they should be replaced in the bottom group of dancers by Musa and Natalie, because of their quick step, or lack thereof. Cicely and Olisa talk about what got these dancers up for the elimination this night was just small mistakes.

Ashlee comes out to dance a pop solo, but it doesn’t seem like she has the time to really get to what she can do. However, she says “this” is how you do pop. Okay, she seems to be making a definite statement with that remark. After doing pop jazz with Ben last night, she either didn’t like what he did, or she didn’t like the choregraphy. Ben does a ballet solo, but seems to just do a lot of spins. I want more than that, and he still isn’t strong as a partner. He admits that when he came out he had no idea what he would do. His pimp face from the night before is totally gone, and he appears very worried.


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