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Rain Man – Hell's Kitchen 2, Episode 3

Everyone has to pull it together for dinner service that night. On the Blue side, Heather’s leadership continues to benefit the lads. There’s still tension on the women’s side, as Sara doesn’t seem to mind the idea of the Red Team losing if it means eliminating one of her direct competitors.

Ramsay tells the teams that the ice machine is broken, so since the Red Team lost the lunch challenge, if ice is needed, one of them will have to go fetch it.

Both teams get off to a rocky start. Rachel and Sara have a miscommunication about the starters, for which Ramsay blames Rachel. (It’s edited to look like Sara possibly sabotaged Rachel, but a little unclear.) Over on the Blue side, Garrett sends out risotto without tasting the seasoning, which sends Ramsay into apoplexy.

Ramsay is none-too-pleased with Rachel’s risotto, either, which doesn’t “relax” on the plate or “flow like lava” as it should. He wonders aloud if the team is going to fall apart without Heather.

They start to get the appetizers to the tables, and so now the teams turn to entrees. For her dishes, Virginia has to depend on Sara for the seafood elements, and Sara indicates they’re are ready when she is. However, when Ramsay calls for the dishes, Sara says that one of the fish ingredients isn’t even out of the fridge yet. Ramsay then confronts Virginia – why did she say she was ready? When Virginia protests that Sara said they were prepared, Ramsay calls her a liar, and Sara stays mum about the truth.

Sara says in interview that basically, she felt if Ramsay was already gunning for Virginia, why not let him?

Aaaaannnnddd… things fall apart. Tom messes up something, Maribel messes up something, Virginia and Rachel mess up more stuff. Rachel is also in Ramsay’s crosshairs, and after another error, he sends her off to fetch ice. She runs off to buy it… but without her wallet! She doesn’t realize this until she’s in the checkout line. She’s not going to risk Ramsay’s wrath (say that five times fast!) so she gets down on her knees to beg another customer to buy the ice for her. Luckily, he does and so she’s able to rush back, but not before taking a nasty fall on the street.

Things don’t improve when she gets back, and after she and Virginia continue to struggle, and Tom sets a fire in the Blue kitchen… it’s curtains for the night!

Ramsay is furious, as usual, and demands each team nominates someone to go. He sends them back to the house to make a decision.

It seems clear that the Blue Team is sending Tom to the chopping block, so clear that he doesn’t even appear to negotiate, but spends his time back at the house rehearsing his closing comments.

The Red Team doesn’t seem quite so cohesive. Virginia and Rachel were the poorest performers of this night, but Virginia knows she’s been weaker longer, so can sense the target on her back.

Back at the restaurant, the teams present their sacrificial lamb chops of Tom and Virginia. When Virginia is announced, Ramsay expresses surprise it’s not Rachel. She offers to take Virginia’s place, a ballsy move, but I think a good one: Ramsay seems like that kind of old-school sense of responsibility can win him over.

But it’s Tom who is on his way out, despite his plea that he deserves to stay because of his tenacity. (Not a strong argument – roaches are hard to get rid of too, but no one wants THEM in a kitchen)

Well, thank goodness. I’d like to eat out again in my lifetime, and the only way I’m going to be able to do that is if the absence of Tom from my TV screen allows me to eventually bury the memory of the sweating-into-the-food. Once I’ve forgotten, I can go back to pretending that every restaurant kitchen is as sterile as a surgical ward. Until then, I guess I’ll be eating at home.

See you next week!

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