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If You Can’t Stand the Heat…Well, You Know – Hell's Kitchen 2, Episode 1

Part Two

After the stress of the first service, the chefs are sleeping hard when they are awoken at 5:24 AM by cow bells played by Ramsey’s two sous chefs. The sleepy bunch are trotted outside, where Ramsey has them unpack all the trash bags from the previous night’s service as an object lesson in the cost of wasted food.

After the chefs clean up from playing in the garbage, Ramsey presents them with their next challenge. They will have to cut perfect 10-oz steaks from a piece of beef. The team with the highest number of acceptable steaks will win a prize.

The women are only able to manage about two to three acceptable steaks each, for a total of twelve for the team. The men seem to feel pretty confident they have this locked up, but their butchering skills are no better, with the exception of Tom, who is able to get five steaks from his piece. Unfortunately, Larry got zero and Garrett only one, so overall the men only have eleven acceptable steaks. The women win, and the men, for losing, will have to cut all the steaks for the evening’s meal. (OK, in a lesson about wasting less, the team that was LEAST successful at using the resource will be put in charge of using the resource for the evening. You gotta love that reality tv logic.)

The women are taken by helicopter to another restaurant where they all are a bit discombobulated by the Friendly Ramsey who makes an appearance at the table.

The men are mad that they lost, and that evening, all plan to get to bed early to get rest, hoping to get an edge over the women who are partying in the Jacuzzi. All except Larry, who says in interview that women are his weakness and so he parties right alongside them. The men are irritated because Larry’s been saying he’s sick.

And maybe he is, and that would explain his freshly-clubbed look. Later that night, he calls for help and is taken to the hospital. He calls the others the next morning to explain the “stress” caused his body to shut down. (I’m not saying this isn’t stressful, but it’s been like two days?) So Larry the stunned fishmonger is off the show.

The teams are then even for the next night’s service – but that doesn’t mean everyone gets to cook. Keith and Sara are pulled from the kitchen to act as servers, as some kind of lesson, it wasn’t really clear what the point was. Keith isn’t happy, especially since he has to drag his doughy self up a set of stairs to a mezzanine seating area. Like Tom, he’s a sweaty guy and it grosses out the customers. And me.

The women get cooking first as Keith has some trouble getting a clear ticket together. As quickly as they pull ahead, though, they can fall behind, as their first starters are rejected.

Eventually, they get them out, as do the men. As the women start on their entrees, Heather is badly burned and Ramsey quickly sidelines her. As she soaks her burnt hand, she still calls out instructions to her teammates to ensure her station is covered, which Ramsey notices and admires. The burn is bad enough that she must be taken to the hospital.

With the departure of their strongest member, the women slow down immediately, and so Sara offers to stop serving and come back to the kitchen, a suggestion Ramsey is happy to hear.

Over on the men’s side, Tom is getting his entrees together, but Giacomo is having trouble coordinating the sides. Ramsey is furious again, and makes some snide comments about Giacomo’s woman’s hairdo.

The “customers” start leaving in droves, so once again, Ramsey shuts it down. This time, it’s the men’s team that loses, since they weren’t able to get an entrée out.

Garrett is selected as the best of the worst and he has to make the call as to the two to offer up to Ramsey. After deliberating back at the house, he and the teams return. Giacomo is selected as is Tom. Ramsey isn’t pleased with the selection of Tom and sends him back to the line. He says he wants to talk to Gabe instead. Gabe had gotten Ramsey’s goat earlier in the evening when he interrupted and talked back to the chef. And in Tom’s defense, Tom did seem to get the entrees together; it was Giacomo’s malfunction with the sides that meant they couldn’t go out.

Ramsey asks Giacomo and Gabe to explain why they should stay, and their rambling answers are actually more illustrative of the answer to another question, which is: “Why should debate class be mandatory for all high schoolers?”

But the speechifying is really superfluous to Ramsey anyway, isn’t it? He wants someone who can work in a kitchen, not articulate why they should, so it’s Gabe who’s sent home. Ramsey thinks he’s a “sweet guy” but “sweet guys don’t make great cooks.”

Two eliminated from and one “stressed” out of the competition in one night! Get out of that hot kitchen indeed! All that cooking made this recapper hungry and I’m just glad I can go make my dinner without Ramsey watching over my shoulder!

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