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So You Think You Can Dance 2, 05-31-06 – Few Standouts In Two Long Days

You would think it would be Mary’s ballroom choreography that stopped the street performers. Instead, it’s Brian’s hip hop class, as Steve and Victor seem confused trying to follow along. They are dismissed at this point, and after Mary’s salsa choreography class, everyone that is remaining makes it to Las Vegas, including the prince of swing, calling himself Luke Skywalker, and telling his father he’s going down. I can see this guy getting a little annoying.

Day two in Los Angeles starts out with the dancing equivalent of Anthony Federov. Ivan Koumaev, 28, of Aliso Viejo, California had surgery when he was 8 as his aorta was really small and had holes in it. It’s a miracle he’s still around to dance hip hop. His body looks like rubber as he moves around the stage. Nigel tells him he is very good, and asks what dancing styles he is familiar with and for how long he has been dancing. Ivan says he’s been dancing for seven years, and he does hip hop, jazz, and tap, and he even did swing and ballroom with his mom a couple years ago. He admits that yes, it was a little embarrassing. Mary says it’s good to know he has done other styles, and she thinks he’s great. Brian says he was not bored with Ivan’s steps, but says he was bored with his face, comparing it to a little kid who grows into his big ears. He thinks Ivan’s dancing is so large that he just hasn’t grown into it yet. Ivan’s ears will be joining him on a flight to Las Vegas.

In a long drawn out speech, 30-year-old John Arviso from Long Beach, California says he feels like every day he gets one more chance to dance, as he never knows if he could get injured tomorrow. He wants to tell his story through his dance of pain and emptiness, blah, blah, blah. He launches into a lyrical type of dance but does not have good balance to stand on one leg. Mary tells John the presentation of just himself in this outfit is such a turnoff, and she shut down before he even took a step. He’s wearing a black letoard and leggings and black ballet shoes. Brian says he expected John to be a major ballet dancer because of how he came dressed, plus his technique was hideous. Nigel had indicated before Mary was a little rough on John, so she tells Nigel here that if he thinks she was hard, Brian just said “hideous.” Brian doesn’t know what ballet company would have him as his pirouettes are terrible. John says he didn’t even get to show his whole dance, though, as he was cut off. Brian continues, saying the look in his eyes scared him like he was possessed. I think he needs to get together, then, with Cortney. It’s a love connection. Nigel says both Mary and Brian were tough, as he would have said yes. Somehow, I don’t believe that. As John walks out, Brian starts laughing, and says something that gets beeped out. That really isn’t fair that we keep missing Brian’s thoughts because of his potty mouth.

Danny Cabrera, 20, from Los Angeles, does a hip hop routine for the judges. Brian notes he was in a “zone.” He can tell Danny was in it to win it, and he was doing doin’ the thing, but was bad. Nigel asks Danny what he wants to do, and is told obviously he wants to be a dancer , as he’s here. He needs to reach that professional level, but there is no way he will at the level he is going. It’s Danny’s turn for the potty mouth as he says, “Bleep. Bleep. Nigel. I hate you so bad. Bleep. Bleep. Bleep.” Nigel is either bored or starving, as he sits eating a bag of chips.

Xufei “Sophia” Wang, 26, from Monterey Park, California, talks about how much she loves dancing and how much it’s a heart beat of hers. She demonstrates all her favorite moves which are … odd. As she performs to Doncha, she doesn’t even have rhythm. Mary and Brian laugh, and Nigel challenges Sophia, saying it says on his notes that she saw the line outside the theatre, decided to stop because she was curious, found out it was a dance audition, and decided to do it. He tells her she wasted her own time and theirs. Mary says she felt like she just entered the twilight zone. Nigel tells Sophia that she either just wanted to be on TV, or she made a bet with someone to make a fool out of herself, and she basically just did. Later Sophia gets really upset saying when you deal with sensitive people, you need to care about their feelings. She wonders “how high of education they have.” The odd inescapable thing to me is that her accent, while definitely being an Asian, sounds the same as Sully’s Russian wife’s on Third Watch.

Henry Graham was born into the Los Angeles foster care system. His mother adopted him at six weeks old. He was born addicted to PCP just like his mother had been. Because of this, he developed asthma, although his mother notes that now at 22, his has pretty much outgrown it. He is barefoot with one taped foot that I think he uses to still go on toe despite not wearing toe shoes. He does a lyrical/ballet type of dance. Nigel tells him it was one of the strongest techniques, and certainly the strongest of today. Mary absolutely agrees with Nigel, telling Henry he is a shining light and very refreshing. Brian agrees he is a strong dancer with great technique, and the best part for him is that Henry danced masculine. They all agree to send him straight through to Las Vegas. Henry thanks them, and says this is for “all us adopted kids.” Another one of those you just want to do well.

Nicole Yates has been dancing in modern, jazz, ballet, point, etc., since she was 8 years old, and is now 27. She thinks she brings to the stage what isn’t out there right now. She wears a gray leotard that is too tight and she has very obvious pit stains. She dances, to me, more like a stripper, than anything else. Mary sits watching, cackling, once again. I really can’t stand that anymore. It was irritating last season, and now it’s unbearable. Nigel says for what Nicole was doing, she’s a good performer. Mary says when Nicole was dancing, “if that’s what you want to call it,” it was like a beehive the way she was throwing her hands and hair around. Brian calls it a little campy and totally wrong for the competition. It was very chivalrous of all three, that none mentioned those horrible pit stains.

During the choreography lessons, some are cut after Brian’s hip hop, once again. By the end of the day thirty-five dancers out of Los Angeles are moving on to Las Vegas, which doesn’t sound like very much, considering. Tomorrow’s show will feature the Chicago auditions with someone throwing up, and another dancer popping out of her top, exposing herself. A must see show! Personally, I’ll be glad to be rid of Mary for a night. That cackling really got to be too much.

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