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Gearing Up for Big Brother All Stars

Whip up a batch of Triscuit pizzas and hide your toothbrush – it’s almost time for our favourite summer guilty pleasure! That’s right, Big Brother is back, and this time we’ll be seeing some familiar faces in the BB house.

If you’re the type of person (like me) who starts scouring the ‘net early for news of the upcoming Big Brother season, then you likely already know everything I’m about to tell you. But, for the benefit of those who may not yet be in the loop, here’s what you need to know to be ready for the upcoming season of Big Brother 7: All Stars.

According to CBS, 12 houseguests will enter the house after being culled from a larger group of 20 hamsters. Fans will help to choose who goes in, but of course we can’t be responsible for the entire cast; we’ll be able to vote in six people, three male and three female. The rest of them will be chosen by the production staff.

This leaves the door wide open for speculation, of course. Have some of the potential hamsters already been guaranteed a spot in the house? The official explanation is that, in order to introduce a theme of “good versus evil” this season, the producers have to have leeway to ensure there will be a variety of personalities in the house. Fair enough. We can’t have a bunch of Erika and Drew types who might be rather yawn-inducing.

On June 21st at 8pm, Julie Chen will introduce the 20 former houseguests competing for a spot in this season’s Big Brother house. After the hour-long show, we’ll be able to vote online for one week. Then, on July 6th, all 20 potential houseguests will assemble for the season premiere. One by one, the chosen will enter the house, to be scrutinized and ogled for the rest of the summer by rabid fans. How delicious! It’s almost tempting to not vote for people based on their potential reaction to not being selected. Then again, that would only be fun if Cappy were trying to get in. And I’m assuming he’s not.

Now, to make things even more interesting, eagle-eyed fans discovered a poll set up at the CBS Big Brother site that was there only briefly before being hastily removed. At first glance the poll looked blank, but once highlighted, the names were clearly visible. If you want to see who was on the list, check out this forum post – but if you want to be completely surprised, don’t bother. After people started posting their finds on message boards, the list was quickly changed and reposted briefly. Cover up, perhaps?

Personally, I think that the original list was a working list. Not officially confirmed, but very likely to be close to the actual group we’ll see on June 21st. But I’ve been wrong before – at least we only have a week left to find out for sure! In spite of a few people I’d really like to see on that list (and one or two that I could live without), it’s a pretty good selection, with potential for some good drama and strategy.

Stick with us in the weeks and days leading up to Big Brother: All Stars. We’ll be recapping the show three times a week, and LauraBelle and I will be back this summer with our daily live feed recaps. We’re also covering House Calls each and every day (no matter who the host is this time!), and will be running a gallery of stills from the live feeds. On top of that, we’re hosting a BB7 pool with a nice prize for the winner. More on that to come! It’s gonna be one heck of a summer.

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