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From Zero Dollars And No Pants to First Place – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 11

From Zero Dollars And No Pants to First Place – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 11

by LauraBelle

The hippies just barely survived elimination last week as they faced arriving in last place for the second time during a non-elimination week. They ran so quickly in to the pit stop, that BJ never had a chance to put on his shoes or pants. This has him leaving the Australian Outback literally wearing no shoes or pants. Every single team mentions it tonight when they opened their clue. Either it was actually written on the clue, or every team adlibbed the same way. “And one team starts with zero dollars … and no pants.”

Ray and Yolanda are the first to leave at 1:13 AM. Yolanda takes pity on a half-naked BJ, and leaves on the hippies windshield her pair of tight purple lycra running pants. She and Ray note that with only four teams left, it’s game time. They need to bring their mental skills as well as their physical ability. Their clue sends them to Bangkok, Thailand where they’ll take a taxi to a bus terminal then ride to the city of Lopburi, and find the Three Spire Pagoda, a Buddhist temple that is home to hundreds of monkeys that are considered sacred.

Eric and Jeremy leave just seven minutes later. They notice Yolanda left BJ pants, so leave him a pair of sandals, saying they don’t think it will help them beat them any better. They believe the other teams are more worried about them than they are about the other teams. Actually I think Ray and Yolanda are worried about everyone, and the hippies and Mojo are only worried about each other.

Monica and Joseph leaves a minute later and still can’t get over being Yielded by the hippies. They knew they would be Yielded by them, but they want to drive them into the ground now, and are not about to help them by leaving anything on the car. Monica and Joseph don’t want to play mind games and aren’t gong to take it from anyone else. They think the hippies know that they can beat them.

One minute later BJ and Tyler leave and are glad to see the clothing items left on their windshield, especially the sandals, as without those, they wouldn’t be able to board the plane. They believe Mojo didn’t leave anything because they’re not giving people and have gotten too cocky for their own good. TJ says he thinks Mojo has a date with not being in the race anymore. Tyler corrects him that they had that date before, but it stood them up.

At the airport, it appears the ticketing agents are all closed down for the night. Ray and Yolanda use a phone to secure tickets for a flight arriving in Bangkok at 11:00 PM. Eric and Jeremy see BJ and Tyler arriving with BJ wearing Yolanda’s pants, and say, “Look, a girl with a beard.” The frat boys come upon Mojo talking to a ticketing agent, and ask if he is helping them get tickets. Monica proclaims that he’s not helping them out, just looking up porn on the internet. I think the frat boys don’t buy it, otherwise they would have stuck around to see the porn. Hey, maybe that’s how Double D is filling time waiting for their boys to be done with the race. Monica also chastises the frat boys for giving BJ shoes, saying they wouldn’t have been able to come into the airport without them. As the frat boys walk away, Mojo gets the guy behind the counter to stop pretending to look up porn, and book their tickets.

After leaving Mojo supposedly watching a ticketing agent watching porn, Eric and Jeremy find a phone and book the same flight the others have, for 11:00 PM arrival in Bangkok. The hippies decide to go outside to beg for cash, and looking at the purple capris, BJ wonders if he should beg without pants or gay pants. We aren’t told what he decides on, but he is never shown from the waist down until he has a large pair of shorts or swim trunks on, so I imagine he decided on no pants, and some kind local gave up his pants. If this is the case, it wouldn’t have mattered had the frat boys left their sandals or not, as I assume BJ could have gotten those off the street as well. At one point begging for money, a local woman chants for BJ to take his shirt off. He obliges, and then the chant starts to put it back on. Not a good day for BJ.

With enough money to carry them through, BJ and Tyler arrive at the airport, find the same 11:00 PM arrival flight, but also find that it is completely full. They decide that maybe nice guys do finish last. Tyler gets on the phone and finds a different flight, arriving at 10:45 PM, giving them a fifteen minute advantage on the other teams. After high-fiving the ticketing agent, the hippies decide they may have started the day with no shoes and no pants, but they had a lot of soul and a lot of heart.

The other three teams’ flight lands forty-five minutes early, meaning they now have a thirty minute advantage on the hippies. Once again, Mojo argue, this time over whether their taxi driver knows where the bus station is. Eric and Jeremy board the bus headed to Lopburi at 11:30, and wait for their 12:00 departure, hoping the other teams don’t get there. Ray and Yolanda board a few minutes later. Mojo get to the bus station, but are told that the sign says they don’t open again until 4:30. Since they don’t see any other teams, they assume everyone has gone and gotten a hotel room, so they do the same.

BJ and Tyler’s plane lands a little later than it was supposed to, so they assume they are about even with the other teams, instead of now being forty-five minutes behind. It’s hard to make sense of the times in the following exchange, but the hippies are told at the bus station that the next bus is at 5:00 AM. They sack out there in the bus station. They are able to then get on a 4:20 bus to Lopburi. Mojo gets there after the hippies’ bus has left and get a 5:20 bus to Lopburi, being told it’s the first bus out that morning. They look around, and can’t figure out why they see none of the other teams.

The frat boys and Ray and Yolanda arrive at the Three Spire Pagoda, and find it doesn’t open until 8:00 AM. Looking at the monkeys inside there, the frat boys decide it’s a pretty good lifestyle, as they don’t have to go to work. they also decide the monkeys look like rats on steroids. The monkeys jump onto Jeremy, and he decides the monkeys must like him. BJ and Tyler get there just before 8:00 to reach the other teams, and no one can figure out what happened to Mojo.

As the three teams enter the pagoda, they find an envelope that says to open at the pit stop, and also a Fast Forward, the last of only two on this race. For the Fast Forward, teams must travel to a restaurant where they will take part in an after-school activity popular in Thailand – eating stir-fried crickets and grasshoppers. The first team to eat it all wins the Fast Forward and goes straight to the pit stop. Both the hippies and Ray and Yolanda head out to win the Fast Forward.

The frat boys decide to forego the Fast Forward, and find a Roadblock. One person from every team must prepare a monkey feast. When it is complete, they need to present it to the monkeys to receive their clue. I’m not kidding. This is the task, and apparently what people do here in Bangkok to honor the monkeys. It has to be a full table of elaborately displayed fruit. You can’t just throw it on there, it has to be cut and arranged decoratively, from what it looks like. If you have watermelon basket skills, this is the place for you. As Jeremy prepares the feast, Eric says he has seen him prepare meals for monkeys quite often. Not even going to go there.

Traveling to the Fast Forward, and seeing the word “cricket”, Yolanda thinks it must be about football. BJ and Tyler are each served a giant bowl of these friend insects, and say it’s like fingernails with guts inside. Yolanda says she’s from the south where everything is deep-fried, so she’s ready. After seeing it, though, Yolanda doubts she can make it through the whole bowl, and realizing that Mojo isn’t even at the pagoda yet, they decide to head back and face the roadblock, leaving the hippies, as they think BJ will have a hard time. It’s not BJ, though, that is being challenged, it’s Tyler.

While Ray and Yolanda are on their way back, Mojo shows up, with Monica thinking they are out of it. They can’t figure out what’s gong on when they hear the frat boys say their bus left at midnight. Eric tells Joseph if he hurries he’ll be ahead of whoever doesn’t get the Fast Forward. Ray thinks it will take the hippies at least three hours to eat all the bugs, making the fast forward not all that fast.

BJ and Tyler use their standard jokes while they eat, calling the crickets, “Jiminy.” BJ says it makes him want to dance, and Tyler says, “You know what I feel like doin’? Throwin’ up.” Tyler starts gagging and has to use a barf bucket several times. They start to talk about heading back, but realize that would put them further behind again. Their only choice is to see this one through. BJ, seeming to have lost his spirit the past few legs of the race has bounced back. He says he’s trying to win a million dollars, finishes his bowl, and asks for a Rolaid.

After Ray and Yolanda arrive back at the Roadblock, Yolanda decides to prepare the monkey feast. It’s a hard task to complete, though, as the monkeys keep getting closer and are stealing the fruit off the tables before it’s done and presented. Jeremy finishes first, and he and Eric receive a clue to take the ferry to Koo Kret Island and go to the Buddha Garden to search for the next clue.

Some great editing comes in here as Tyler is shown with what looks like still a full bowl of bugs, and is gagging. The view then shifts to Monica eating something much more appetizing, as she waits for Joseph to get done preparing a feast for the monkeys. You have to wonder – the kids after school here get to eat stir-fried bugs, but the monkeys eat deliciously prepared feasts of fruit. This makes sense to someone apparently. Mojo gets done, with Ray and Yolanda immediately following.

Eric and Jeremy take the ferry across to the Buddha Garden and find the clue box that contains a Detour – Move It or Alter It. In Move It, teams will need to make their way on foot to a pottery factory. They need to transport 72 clay pots by foot through a winding market to a boat on the river. They must be moved the traditional way of placing the pots on a board on the shoulders. In Alter It, teams need to make a shrine to Buddha, but completely gold leafing a statue, then putting it on a shire, and presenting it.

Mojo realize they aren’t out of it yet, and decide on no more mistakes today, but they can’t find the clue box in the Garden. Ray and Yolanda pass by Mojo looking, find it themselves and take the lead on Mojo, who finds it shortly after. The frat boys decide to build the shrine since they went for the physical task last time and it ended up taking too long. .Ray and Yolanda decide to build the shrine as well. Mojo sees the other two teams doing this one, and realizes they can either join in and be in last place still, or do the other task and hope to catch the lead. They had off to transport the pots. Monica struggles a great deal with this and drops pots all over the place.

Tyler finally finishes his stir-fried crickets and grasshoppers, and I’m thinking I’ll never take him as a partner on Fear Factor. They receive a clue sending them to the Marble Temple Buddha Shrine, the pit stop for this leg of the race. They skip to the mat, as Phil tells them they are the first team to arrive, and also says they had a fantastic leg. The hippies give Phil the envelope that said, “open at pit stop.” It’s a picture of a Travelocity gnome. If it’s golden, they win a special trip. They miss out on the golden gnome trip, but the good news is they will be one of the three teams racing in the finale for one million dollars. BJ and Tyler say they are really great buddies having a great time, and will do what they have to to win the race.

As Mojo struggles with their pots, they only have transported 46 of the required 72 pots. Monica says this is the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, but I think she says that every week. I know she at least said it transporting the big fish. The frat boys are still gold leafing, and they talk about having gold leafing parties all the time, and say that’s one way they get a lot of girls. They finish, but are told to smooth the leaf down some. They do, and receive a clue, that sends them back on the ferry and then taking a taxi to the pit stop.

Ray and Yolanda are told to smooth their leafing down as well. Monica is still struggling with her pots, and drops all but two pots one of the times she works to move them. They finish that trip, and still only have 65 of 72. Once again, the frat boys can’t seem to find a taxi. Ray and Yolanda finish their shrine, and leave for the ferry, hoping to be ahead of Mojo, not knowing where they are. As Eric and Jeremy catch a taxi finally, Ray and Yolada board the ferry, but get a taxi right away. Mojo, having finally transported all 72 pots, takes the ferry and catches a taxi right away as well. Monica says she is embarrassed for herself.

The finish pretty much goes as expected. Eric and Jeremy arrive in second place without a winning gnome. Ray and Yolanda and Mojo are all running around the temple, but no one is sure they have the right entrance. It’s Ray and Yolanda who run in to get third place, and they also have the golden gnome. This has them winning a cruise around the Sidney Harbor on a luxurious yacht. Tonight they will get to spend the night in a luxurious hotel (Phil must like that word) where they will get to go online and check out their future trip.

Mojo runs in, aware this could be it for them. Phil eliminates them, with Joseph saying he’s had a good time, and the best time in the world. As he tells Monica not to cry, she says it was the most amazing experience of her life, and she is very amazed at the things that she and Joe accomplished. She takes away how much he supports her, as he really is her rock, and she couldn’t have gotten through it without him. Joseph says he’s going to make her cry now. He says he’s very proud of Monica, and says it completely changed their relationship in the best way. She knows they will definitely get married some day, and they call the race and experience a beautiful gift.

I have to say that was a great ending for them. They seemed much more gracious in their loss than they were while racing. Then again, it was them during last week’s show that said the race changes people and makes them act differently. The interesting thing to me, looking at this last leg of the race, is that it wasn’t BJ and Tyler that took them out, it was themselves. It was their own mistakes. Getting lost, arguing, not getting clear instructions, etc. Next week is going to be an exciting finale, and I hope it’s a close finish one, like it was last season with the families.

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