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Bad Karma To Tee Off the Hippies – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 10

Bad Karma To Tee Off the Hippies – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 10

by LauraBelle

What’s amazing to me is that while the hippies and the frat boys controlled the beginning of the race, and the frat boys controlled the middle of the race, it seems that the end of the race is up for grabs. It’s truly anybody’s game at this point.

Eric and Jeremy are the first to leave the Fremantle Sailing Club at the pit stop in Perth, Australia, at 11:47 PM. They believe that everyone, especially the hippies and Mojo are on the edge a bit, but they need to stay focused on making it into the final three. If they make final three, they’re in the finale, and have an equal shot at the big money. Leaving first today in front of the four remaining teams in the race, they seem on track to reach this goal. Their first clue for this leg of the race is sending them to Swan Bells Tower which rises six stories over the Swan River. This tower houses eighteen church bells given to Australia by England to mark their Bicentennial. There they will find the next clue.

Since they arrived on the mat just seconds apart at this pit stop, Monica and Joseph are leaving just a minute later. They have a huge goal to “beat these damn hippies.” They feel it’s getting brutal with teams getting mean to each other. They agree they personally wouldn’t be like this outside the race, but it’s funny that they never think maybe the others aren’t like this outside the race either. Meeting up with the frat boys, they borrow a cell phone from a local and call for two taxis.

BJ and Tyler leaving at 11:56 are remembering that they had told Mojo they would Yield them if they had the chance, because they left the hippies no money to help them out during the last leg. They complain now that Mojo says they are full of deceit and trickery, but don’t feel it’s being that at all. They find the first two teams waiting on a corner and ask if they’re waiting for a bus. The other teams just agree to it, until they hop into taxis and take off. The hippies are quick to fall into this plan, and use a cell phone to call a taxi for themselves.

Ray and Yolanda are leaving quite a bit later at 12:23. They say they are still enjoying this wonderful game, and feel like they’re growing and learning about each other. It’s the longest they have ever been with each other, and Yolanda is seeing it takes time to learn about each other like, “That’s the noise he makes when he brushes his teeth.” Is he humming? What kind of noise do you make when you brush your teeth? They, too, taxi it over to the tower. Once at the tower, the teams find yet another equalizer, which seems to be key in this season, and find the tower doesn’t open until 8:00 AM.

Monica walks up to a group of local guys and asks if they know a cheap place to stay. One of the guys says, “You can stay at my joint for free.” When Joseph walks up, the local says he was just joking, then changes to say, he was serious until he saw Joseph. Everyone talks about Yolanda having Ray “on a short leash,” and Joseph says he understands, as his is only about five feet long. Monica takes great offense to this. Eric then begins flirting with Monica, and the hippies notice it, and decide to use that to their advantage later. Eric claims he just wants Monica to talk dirty to him, however. Apparently he’s missing Double D quite a bit.

Ray and Yolanda get an early start to their day, and arrive at 7:30 at the bell tower. They use a pay phone to call for a taxi to meet them there at 8:00, figuring whatever clue they find there will have them in need of one. The hippies follow suit. Eric and Jeremy go to some outside vendor, and ask to use the phone there. They use a false name for the reservations, Doug Brubaker. They get a little dirty after this and cancel the taxis for the hippies and Ray and Yolanda. Mojo arranges for their own taxi, and think what the frat boys did was pretty funny.

It’s the hippies and Ray and Yolanda that get to the top of the tower first. They find a clue that is sending them to the Australia Crocodylus Farm, but first they’ll need to fly to Darwin, Australia. They will need to wade into the water with the crocodiles to get their next clue. BJ and Tyler grab the first cab that comes, but Joseph and Monica determine it’s the one they reserved, and kick the hippies out. Tyler says the fight for a cab isn’t worth it, but Tyler sarcastically says, “it’s not worth a million dollars to piss someone off.” Eric and Jeremy’s cab never shows up, and they worry that in all their fun, they cancelled their own cab. When Ray and Yolanda can’t find theirs, Ray calls the cab company and is told he cancelled it, and arranges for a new one. He tells the hippies “one of them bastards cancelled it,” prompting Tyler to say he’s glad they didn’t offend Joseph now by taking his cab. Since Eric and Jeremy’s cab never showed up, everyone assumes it was Mojo that cancelled all the cabs. As the frat boys wait alone for their cab, the wonder if it’s bad karma to piss off hippies, and that’s what “bit us in the ass.”

Once everyone is on their way in their cabs, the hippies say once Yield seasons comes, Mojo will be the hunted. Ray would like to throw Mojo into the crocodile pool, but feels if the crocs eat Monica, they might just choke on her as she’s like Barbie doll plastic. Yolanda says black people wouldn’t be stupid enough to get in a pool with crocodiles, and Ray corrects her, saying for a million dollars, they just might.

I just have to add in something here. I really don’t get a chance to add a lot of commentary into these recaps, as the truth in this season, and the one liners, are so standalone, they don’t need much else said. What else am I going to say to crocs choking on Barbie doll plastic Monica, and Ray and Yolanda deciding black people would only jump into a pool with crocs for a million dollars. There’s honestly not much else to say.

It’s Mojo, benefitting from the frat boys’ trickery, that is the first to arrive at the airport. They intend to make their ticket planning a secret. They ask for the quickest flight to Darwin, and the ticket agent asks what it’s worth. When they say it’s worth them winning a million dollars, the agent says, no, what’s it worth now. Joseph decides to pimp Monica out, and says she’ll give him a kiss for the flight info. The hippies come up behind them, and ask if it was them that cancelled their cab. Joseph gets a little pissed that the frat boys are letting the others think the taxi canceling was Mojo’s doing. Monica tells him everyone lies at this point. Tyler takes this opportunity to tell them there’s a rumor going around that Monica and Eric are getting kind of close. I don’t think this is the way to get them back for the cab thing, even if they do think they are responsible.

All the teams end up catching the same flight, and it’s never revealed whether the ticket agent took Joseph up on his offer. Landing in Darwin, though, Monica takes a look at their Mercedes rental cars, and says, “Man, Pimp Daddy!” Yet again, the crocodile farm is closed until 9:00 AM. Monica complains that the bugs are getting to her, and Joseph says it’s because they are attracted to her. Eric says he’s gonna put meat around Joseph so that the crocs attack him, and then his plan will be in full affect to have Monica to himself. Honestly, Monica acts offended, but something tells me she is enjoying the attention.

Eric and Jeremy had joked about being scared of the crocs before, but now entering the pool, they have to admit they really are a little scared. As Yolanda puts on the big heavy waders to get into the pool, she says they aren’t real tight like the lederhosen she was forced to wear a few weeks back in Germany. I really didn’t need to hear the hippies saying, “See you in awhile, Crocodile,” as they are the first to retrieve the clue. They need to now drive to the town of Batchelor, where they will find the second of the only two Yields in the race. They agree on the drive to Yield Mojo. Mojo catches up to them, and they are neck and neck getting to the Yield. They all run in, and it’s BJ and Tyler that arrive first, and Yield Monica and Joseph right in their faces.

You have to wonder if this was the best decision. They are doing this because A) Mojo didn’t leave them money, but also because B) they believe it was them that cancelled their cab. However, if you look at the game, Mojo throughout has been also-rans, always coming in second. It’s been Eric and Jeremy leading the whole game. They could have put their feelings aside, paired up with Mojo, and put the leading team thirty minutes behind everyone else.

Past the Yield, the hippies find a Roadblock. One person needs to choose a plane, climb to an altitude of 12,000 feet, then tandem skydive to their next clue. As Mojo continue to stew and argue, it’s BJ that will be doing the jump. The other teams arrive, and it’s Eric and Ray that will be jumping after BJ. While Ray is going up, Jeremy takes the opportunity to flirt with Yolanda. I think the frat boys need a little somethin’ somethin’ to get their minds back on track in the game.

After BJ finishes his jump, his clue sends him and Tyler to the Litchfield National Park, where they will find the next clue in the Magnetic Termite Mounds. C’mon! This is Australia! Crocodiles and termites? Where are the kangaroos and koalas?

BJ and Tyler reach the mounds, and find the clue quickly. They decide the termites will eat all the wood in their bodies. Huh? Sometimes they’re not funny, and just odd. The clue ends up being a Detour – Wet or Dry. In Wet, teams must drive for six miles to a roadside park. They will then hike and swim a “daunting one mile course down a jungle river, inhabited by large spiders and poisonous plants.” In Dry, teams will drive another six miles off road, to reach “The Lost World.” They’ll choose an original instrument known as a “didgeridoo,” and will follow the sound of the music they hear. There are several aborigines out playing their own didgeridoos, and the teams will need to find the aborigine with the didgeridoo that has a pattern that matches the one they are holding. After this, each member of the team must learn from the aborigine how to play a sound on the instrument. Sounds much more complicated than it is. BJ and Tyler choose to do the Wet.

Mojo continue arguing, completely oblivious to the fact that their hourglass timer has run out. As Monica finally realizes that she’s released from her Yield and begins the skydive, Eric and Jeremy arrive at the mounds and find the clue. They decide to go with Wet, the more physical of the two Detours. Ray and Yolanda arrive just after, and decide to do Dry. Arriving at the roadside park, BJ talks about doing the hike in his underwear, but Tyler says he can’t as he doesn’t even own any underwear. He says something about corduroy that I can’t understand, but frankly, I’m sure it’s TMI. They put on safety gear, and begin their swim/hike.

Mojo are getting lost again, but don’t worry, knowing that if they pick the Detour carefully, they can jump out in the lead again. They decide the hippies are sleezeballs. Reaching the Detour, they decide to do Dry. As Ray and Yolanda arrive at the Lost World, they choose their instrument (so much easier to type than didgeridoo, and it doesn’t sound quite as silly), and start searching for the aborigine with the matching instrument. They accomplish this, learn to play the sound quickly, and are on their way, in first place. The next clue sends them to Lake Bennett in Australia’s tropical bushland for the pit stop.

As Ray and Yolanda are leaving, they see Mojo driving in. Like Ray and Yolanda, they accomplish the task and are on their way now in second place. BJ and Tyler finish the hike and swim in third place, leaving Eric and Jeremy in last place. How’s that for a change; the previous first team is now in last, and the previous last team is now in first?

Indeed, Ray and Yolanda end up on the mat with Phil in first place. They find they have each won a one-year lease on a Mercedes just like the one they were driving today. Ray wants to be sure the driving controls will be on the right side, or left, or … you know what I mean. Phil assures him it will, and says he looks happy. Yolanda says that’s part of his appeal, and is the best his emotion gets.

Mojo are having a hard time knowing where to go, as the map they are using doesn’t have Lake Bennett on it. The frat boys stop and ask an ambulance driver for directions. Somehow, everyone ends up within inches of each other on the road. We know this will be one exciting finish! The frat boys are leading, then the hippies, with Mojo trailing. Stopping at Lake Bennett, it becomes a footrace. For some odd reason, despite the fact that Tyler told him to put his shoes on in the car, BJ never did. He’s forced to run barefooted, and attempts to get ahead by crossing over rocks and a thin little stream rather than taking the bridge like everyone else – meaning he is beaten on the run by everyone, including Monica. With all six players standing on the mat, Phil sorts it out to be Eric and Jeremy in second place, Joseph and Monica in third place, leaving BJ and Tyler in last. But, it’s another non-elimination round, so they lose what little belongings they have left, and their money.

Monica is still ticked, and tattles to Phil about the hippies’ play. She says they themselves aren’t playing the game by playing mind games like the hippies are. She complains about the rumors of her and Eric getting close. I really don’t think the tattling is necessary. What’s Phil going to do? Give them a timeout?

Next week will prove telling. Personally, I think BJ has lost his drive in the game, and is being pulled along by Tyler. After he looked through all that sand two weeks back, he just hasn’t been the same. It seemed to deflate him so much. I think if it was up to him, he would have been out of the game last week, but Tyler keeps a tight rein on him. How long can Tyler keep that up though? The sordid rumors and nasty play seem to be all his ideas, and it seems BJ just can’t take much more. It’s too bad they have made themselves such enemies with all this. This would be a good time to team up with Mojo and Ray and Yolanda to take out the frat boys. But right now, I don’t see it happening. In the meantime, it’s clearly anyone’s game.

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