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Sleep Deprivation Is Really Starting To Irritate Me – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 6

“Sleep Deprivation Is Really Starting To Irritate Me” – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 6

by LauraBelle

I’m not sure what necessitated CBS moving The Amazing Race to Wednesday nights instead of Tuesdays, but I’m hoping they’re just trying to find audiences for other shows, and not trying to kill this one. I’m thinking they are figuring they are picking up new fans, as they spend the first few moments of the show not just summarizing last week’s show, but the whole season so far.

BJ and Tyler are the first to leave the pit stop at Palermo, Italy at 2:29 AM. They talk about Eric and Jeremy, referring to them as the “Frat Cats.” They think they are nice guys, but feel this is more their game, having a lot of traveling experience. BJ and Tyler also believe the Frat Cats are dumb, and only keep coming in near the top of the pack because they have luck. They imagine that very soon Eric and Jeremy’s luck will run out. BJ’s and Tyler’s first clue sends them to what they call “Catalina, Sicily”, but is actually Catania, Sicily, in search of a 2000 year old ampitheatre. As they leave, they acknowledge their mispronunciation, and find a dog to pet, and ask him to take them to Catania.

Eric and Jeremy leave almost two hours later at 4:11. They intend to make up some ground on the hippies. They note that when the four of them are traveling together, they often leave BJ and Tyler smiling behind them with pixie dust flying off BJ and Tyler. Hmmm, seems the Frat Cats are a little testy now that their squeezes, Double D, have been eliminated.

Joseph and Monica leave nearly an hour after at an even 5:00. As Monica reads the clue with all the Italian words, she admits to murdering all the words. At least she didn’t think the city was named for a bottle of dressing. Monica is realizing she has more strength than she thought. They stop and ask someone in the middle of the road for directions, and he shows them, and gives them his map. Joseph says that in the United States if he stopped someone at 5 AM in the middle of nowhere he would be afraid he would be murdered.

Fran and Barry leave at 5:18, and Fran talks about when they were first married. She says shortly after, Barry was in the service, and was sent to Viet Nam. Barry thinks they are great friends, and that is what has cemented their relationship. He says being lovers and companions is great, but it’s the friendship that keeps them together.

BJ and Tyler arrive at the ampitheatre and find that it doesn’t open until 8:30 AM. They decide to play a joke on the Frat Boys, and craft a sign telling the teams to sign in for a team order.

Lake and Michelle leave at 6:06 AM, and receiving their clue that says they get $63 for this leg of the race, they can only find $61, and get quite upset until they find the $2 hiding in the envelope still. Lake is very disappointed where they are, but realizes they made mistakes to get that far behind. As they drive to Catania, he says that sleep deprivation is really starting to irritate him. If this is just the start of irritation, I can’t imagine what the end is. When Lake says he’s okay with it, Michelle patronizes him saying she can tell he’s okay with it.

Dave and Lori leave at 6:25 AM. Dave talks about being supremely frustrated with Lori on the last leg of the race, and they resolve to communicate more and keep on trucking. Ray and Yolanda leave just a little later at 6:34. She says she knew she loved Ray, but now understands why. He has an incredible strength of character.

While BJ and Tyler lie in wait in their car, Eric and Jeremy arrive, and see the sign up. They start to sign up, and then say, “Wait a second …” They realize it had to be the Hippies setting them up, and find them laughing in their car. Fran and Barry are driving around lost. He points out the “fabulous statue without a head,” and says they’re screwed because they can’t get out of the circle their driving around in. She tells him to calm down.

At 8:30 BJ/Tyler and Eric/Jeremy run into the old ampitheater, and the Frat Cats find the clue box first. The clue tells them to count the heads on the fence post around the theatre, and then search for the groundskeeper and give him the total. If it’s correct, they’ll find the next clue. Both teams get the correct answer right away – forty-one. Their next clue sends them on a Detour – Big Fish or Little Fish. Apparently Dr. Seuss has joined The Amazing Race. In Big Fish, teams need to travel on foot and find a street vendor where each member of the team needs to pick up a thirty-two pound swordfish. Carrying the fish one third of a mile, the team then navigates to the market, and finds another fish vendor to receive their next clue. In Little Fish, the teams will go to the same market, then take over a store and sell four kilos of a small Italian fish. Both the Frat Cats and Hippies decide on Big Fish.

Fran and Barry are still driving around in circles, with Barry claiming this is total disaster, and realizing they really made a mistake. Lake is frustrated driving in heavy traffic, saying he’s gonna get “right on these people,” and Michelle tells him to calm down again. Ray/Yolanda and Dave/Lori are also struck in traffic, with Dave and Lori realizing this is the advantage for lead teams, to not get stuck in traffic. Joseph and Monica arrive at the ampitheatre, count the heads, and receive their next clue.

Eric/Jeremy and BJ/Tyler get their big fish, and run through the streets. Tyler, of course, is cracking jokes, introducing himself to the fish on his shoulder, and asking if he comes here often. He then says the fish feels good after awhile, like an ice pack. As Jeremy and Eric get to the new fish vendor first, Jeremy pretends to eat the fish as he puts it on the scale. BJ and Tyler arrive at pretty much the same time, and receive a clue to drive to Siracusa, Sicily. Leaving, BJ and Tyler decide there’s something fishy about this place (Is there no end to this?), and run into Joseph and Monica. BJ and Tyler hug them, and Monica tells them they stink! BJ and Tyler show Eric and Jeremy how to get there on the map, and they all decide to hang together, but the Frat Cats quickly ditch the hippies.

Fran and Barry arrive at the ampitheatre, and after counting the forty-one heads, Fran walks around yelling, “Hello?” hoping the groundskeeper will answer. They eventually find him, and decide to sell the little fish. I can’t help but think they picked the wrong Detour yet again. Joseph and Monica are carrying the fish.

Lake can’t believe he’s still stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, and Michelle explains it’s the problem with a town of 400,000 people in it. Lori asks Dave to get out and ask for directions, and when he won’t, she gets mad, and says, “I’m glad you’re being unilateral in the decision-making.” Where’s that communication he was talking about? Dave eventually relents and gets directions. Ray and Yolanda ditch their car, hoping that traveling on foot will get them there faster. They ask on the street for directions, and Ray thinks the people there are afraid of him.

Monica does not like carrying her fish, and never stops complaining about the smell, and says this is the worst thing she’s ever done. They travel throughout the fish market, find what they think is the right fish vendor, and can’t understand why he won’t accept their fish. It turns out to be the wrong vendor. After much more of Monica’s whining, they find the right vendor, receive their clue and are on their way. Monica keeps noticing girls walking by that are dressed cute, and wonders if they’ll switch clothes with her since she stinks of fish guts. Yeah, that’s going to happen. You’re an American, so you deserve to not smell like fish more than they do.

Fran and Barry are still trying to sell their fish, and eventually sell all four kilos. They leave to find Siracusa. Lake is saying he’s going to stab one of the locals through the head, but then finds the ampitheatre. And we wonder why our country has a reputation for being violent. They quickly count forty-one, run up to a man and high five him, telling him forty-one. It turns out it’s not the groundskeeper. He must be thinking these Americans are awfully odd. Finding the groundskeeper, they decide on Big Fish, with Michelle saying she has a forty pound three-year-old. She’s pretty sure she won’t have trouble carrying this fish. They pass Fran and Barry leaving, on their way to the market. Lake and Michelle make their way quickly to the fish vendor, and are quickly on their way to Siracusa.

Ray/Yolanda and Dave/Lori make their way to the ampitheatre eventually. They both count the heads on the fence correctly, and both decide to do big fish. Ray and Yolanda deliver their fish first, with Dave and Lori just after. Dave and Lori decide to buy a map to Siracusa this time.

Eric and Jeremy are the first to arrive at Siracusa and find a Roadblock. One member of each team must participate in the Italian sport of Kayak Polo. They will jump into a game already in progress, and must score one point. Jeremy decides to do the Roadblock, and Eric tells him to, “Go score, you pansy.” This professional volleyball player scores very quickly. Their clue sends them on foot to the pit stop at Fonte Arelusa, a natural spring.

As BJ and Tyler arrive at the Roadblock, it’s BJ who decides to play the Kayak Polo. He scores quickly, and they make their way to the pit stop. It’s the Frat Cats that greet Phil first, with a band playing in the background. They win a cruise for two form Travelocity. Phil tells them they stink, and they crack that it’s a new cologne called, “Sword.” BJ and Tyler run in in second place.

Fran and Barry arrive at the Kayak polo, with Barry deciding to do it. Joseph and Monica arrive just behind them, and it’s Joseph that does the task. He gets it right away, and they leave for the pit stop. Barry struggles, and Fran can’t figure out what he’s doing. Eventually he gets it after a few misses. Lake and Michelle arrive, and Lake asks if she thinks she can handle it. She believes she can. When she misses twice, Lake says, “Oh man, why didn’t I do this?” A little full of yourself there Lake? After she finally gets it, she tells him he is talking too much. That’s true. She doesn’t have a mute button like I do.

Joseph and Monica run in to the pit stop in third place, and Joseph says he still loves Monica even though she stinks like fish. Monica asks Phil if he wants to have dinner with them, and he replies maybe after they take a shower. Fran and Barry arrive in fourth place, and Lake and Michelle in fifth.

It’s down to Ray/Yolanda and Dave/Lori now. Ray and Dave choose to play Kayak polo. Ray capsizes at first, as he’s throwing the ball from too far away. Once he moves in closer, he makes it right away, while Dave struggles. After Lori tells him to let the force be with him, Dave scores. Ray and Yolanda run in in 6th place.

As they trot in, Dave and Lori say if it’s a non-elimination round, they’re going to have to go around in clothes that stink like fish. As they arrive in, though, they find it is not a non-elimination leg, and they are Philiminated. Dave says they had a ball, and thanks Phil. Asked if this has improved her love for Dave, Lori says he’s her everything, and Dave answers he loves her to death. Lori admits to being disappointed, but says it was a great race, and they couldn’t ask for more. Dave says he already got his prize – the woman of his dreams.

I’m glad the episode ended on a good note, as it wasn’t the most exciting. It reminded me of the one where they had to shine shoes a couple years ago. There was no big location change, no really hard tasks, no equalizers, except for the top two teams. I’m hoping for more next week, and hoping that people that have tuned in for the first time with the show on Wednesday aren’t thinking this is all there is. As Dave and Lori leave, they say they hope this adventure will launch their life together, and claim, “Nerds rule.” Yes, they do.

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