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Video is a Smash Hit – The Surreal Life 6, Episode 2

Video is a Smash Hit – The Surreal Life 6, Episode 2

by Tracy Rose

The focus of this episode of The Surreal Life is the cast members creating a video for Smash Mouth’s song, “Story of My Life.” They are on a tight deadline and a tight budget.

So while Steve sets up his band, he trusts Tawney to handle things as the producer. The cast hits a prop store and they want to have fun with it, but Tawney lets the power go to her head and vetoes all of their items. They pick up very few props and go way under budget. But when she tells this to Steve, swelling with pride, he gets upset with her. He doesn’t get why she would only spend half the budget for props and sees that they have very little to show for how she spent the money.

But the show must go on. Steve senses that he isn’t the only one frustrated by Tawney so he takes control over the situation and manages to keep his cool.

Flo tries to keep her cool too, but after being asked to play a dominatrix and then being asked to play in a scene with a Nun, she refuses. She does a shoot pretending to be the lead singer of Smash Mouth and then asks to leave.

Even though Tawney aggravates the other cast members by not only being director, but having herself in every shot, Steve does get her to do a car shot to remind people of her in the Whitesnake video where she got her start back in the 80’s. He is happy with that scene in particular and the video comes out looking fairly good, all things considered.

As the video shoot comes to an end, they kick back with margaritas in the evening. It is a real challenge for CC because he is fresh out of rehab and he wishes he were well enough to just have a drink or two, but he turns down the temptation.

They discover notes attached to their glasses. It is a game of dare. They can do their own dare or switch with a cast member. Andrea strips and jumps into the pool completely naked, without hesitation. Tawney is appalled and claims that she would never do that. CC plants a long kiss on Andrea after checking out her naked body. She seemed to take this as more of a compliment than part of the dare.

Alexis chose Maven to give her special lap dance to. Amazingly, he seemed to enjoy it and said he has gotten worse lap dances before. He must be pretty secure in his manhood to let a transgender act like this on top of him. Then it was Maven’s turn to make a fool out of himself by trying to create a whipped cream bikini. He put it over his briefs and it wasn’t working very well. But it worked for Alexis. She couldn’t stop thinking about this beefcake all night.

Sherman stays out of the limelight once again. Can you blame him?

How will the cast do at a newscast? Come back next week to see how it went!

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