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Laundry Day In Italy – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 5

Laundry Day In Italy – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 5

by LauraBelle

This is an extremely good season for The Amazing Race. The personalities in these teams are so entertaining. While the personalities of the family edition could be just as much so, there was a certain spark that was missing. I certainly don’t like all the teams this year, but they are all a joy to watch.

Departing first from Munich, Germany are Eric and Jeremy, at 2:15 AM. Their clue tells them to fly to Palermo, Italy, on the island of Sicily. There they will take a taxi to the Teatro Massimo, a 100-year-old opera house. Eric and Jeremy says they’re enjoying being idiots, being competitive, and getting chicks. They’re doing all the stuff they would normally do. At least they’re honest about it.

BJ and Tyler leave almost an hour later at 3:04. They believe in karma with personal relationships with people by using people who want to help them. Perhaps this is why they are always helpful to the other teams. Just five minutes later Lake and Michelle leave, and join up with BJ and Tyler. Lake thinks Michelle has room to grow as a navigator, and thinks she can do better mentally. He still sees himself as a great leader. I’m hoping that flight they’re headed for has barf bags.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the airport way ahead of anyone else, and get the fastest flight to Palermo, leaving at 6:35 AM. They ask the females behind the counter if they are wearing scarves to hide hickeys. Lake/Michelle and BJ/Tyler arrive at the airport and find Eric and Jeremy playing in the wheelchairs. Lake remarks, “Good, maybe they broke their leg.” BJ and Tyler sit down to play too, while Lake and Michelle head off to find computers to book a flight on the internet. I don’t know why they couldn’t book the flights at the counters. Michelle can’t figure out how to book the flight, as everything is in German. BJ and Tyler arrive, and get it figured out, booking the 6:35 flight. The flight is full minutes later when Michelle tries it. Oddly Eric and Jeremy never booked their flight before. Perhaps it was closed for a certainly amount of time. They played in the wheelchairs too long, and lost out on the 6:35 flight as well. BJ and Tyler will be the only ones on this flight.

At 5:03 AM Fran and Barry leave. Fran says that each leg they make mistakes, repair them, and learn how to play better. At 5:28 AM Dave and Lori leave, with her promising to kick ass, finding out they are going to Italy. They are deeply in love, and resolve to just approach the race one leg at a time, and run a clean race. Lori says then it will be as smooth as butter. Joseph and Monica leave at 5:52 AM. She says people think she is a dumb blond, and she will use it to her advantage, as she isn’t stupid.

Lake and Michelle manage to get on a flight that will arrive in Palermo at 2:00 PM, while Eric and Jeremy wait at the other flight for standby. Fran and Barry also get the 2:00 flight, but Barry asks for a better connection flight to improve on the time. They will arrive earlier at 1:25. Lake and Michelle come snooping around to see what Fran and Barry are doing, and Fran tells them to step back. Lake says she’s a doctor’s wife; she shouldn’t act like that. But he should act like a horse’s ass, being a dentist? Eric and Jeremy get the 6:35 flight on standby, but not the good connection, which will get them to Palermo on Fran and Barry’s connection at 1:25. Dave/Lori and Joseph/Monica book the 1:25 flight as well.

Ray and Yolanda leave at 6:48 AM. He can see what Yolanda is made of spending time with her on this race. He sees that she’s strong, doesn’t give up, and has her own mind. Double D leave last at 7:28 AM. They made promises to each other not to get stressed out. They’re hoping if they stay slow and steady they can win the next leg. Maybe it’s me, but if you’re leaving in last place, slow and steady might not be the way to go. Ray/Yolanda and Double D book flights on Lake and Michelle’s flights.

BJ and Tyler, of course, are the first to arrive at Teatro Massimo. The next clue has them driving to Castellammare del Gulfo. As Eric and Jeremy land on the next flight, Jeremy says Italy is more their flavor. It’s warm there, and there’s also Italian women. Once the next flight arrives, it’s Lake and Michele that are bringing up the rear.

Reaching Castellammare del Gulfo, BJ and Tyler find a Detour – Foundry or Laundry. In Foundry, the teams will walk to a metal works place, pick up a 110 pound church bell, load it onto a special delivery vehicle, drive to a church, and carry the bell up the church stairs. In Laundry, teams will need to find an intersection loaded with laundry lines, and need to sort through the clothing to find the yellow and red tag. They will then trade that to a laundry lady for the next clue.

I figured BJ and Tyler would jump right on transporting the bell, but instead they choose to do laundry. BJ eventually finds the clue on a bright fuschia shirt. Their next clue sends them to Segestra, where they will hike to an ancient Greek amphitheater, Tetro di Segestra. They receive a warning as well that there is a Yield ahead, and wonder if they should Yield the Frat Boys.

Eric and Jeremy reach Teatro Massimo in second, with Joseph/Monica, Fran/Barry, Dave/Lori, Double D, and Lake/Michelle in third through eighth. Driving to Castellammare de Gulfo, Barry feels like he’s driving like an Italian, and Double D are having trouble with the stick shift. What as that about slow and steady?

Eric and Jeremy decide to do laundry, and again I’m shocked that they didn’t choose the bell. Searching the laundry, they think they find one of Phil’s turtlenecks. Eventually they find what they think is another of Phil’s shirts, but it turns out to be the clue. They wonder if the Hippies are going to Yield them.

Reaching the Yield, which Phil explains is the first of only two on this entire race, BJ and Tyler instead decide not to Yield anyone. They pass through and find a Roadblock. One person from every team will need to piece together pieces of a classical Greek statue, but what they don’t know is that there are two extra pieces that won’t be used. Tyler does this Roadblock.

Joseph and Monica decide to do the bell, and argue, prompting Joseph to carry it all by himself. Fran and Barry can’t find the clue box, and walk by it … once again. As Joseph and Monica finish transporting the bell, Fran and Barry find the clue box and decide to do Laundry. Barry wonders if the younger teams even know what clothes pins are.

Dave and Lori decide to do Laundry as well, knowing themselves to not be athletic people. Just after Fran and Barry find the clue. Ray and Yolanda arrive at the Detour, and decide to transport the bell. They carry the bell together, although it’s Ray that carries it all alone up the stairs. As Lake and Michelle find the clue box, she gushes, “You are so good at finding boxes.” Umm, yeah. I think I’ll leave the double entendres in that alone. They decide to do Laundry, as does Double D, the last team to arrive at the Detour. Dave and Lori find the clue first.

Ray and Yolanda get lost on the way to the Yield, and realize they passed by it. Back at the Roadblock, Tyler says he’s glad he had an anatomy class in high school. He figures right away it’s just two extra pieces there, and is done. The clue sends them to the pit stop on foot, the Tempio di Segestra, a temple. Phil rewards them with being first, and asks if they know what the prize is. Tyler wonders if it’s a pizza pie, but instead it’s a digital imaging package.

Eric and Jeremy reach the Yield, and decide not to Yield anyone else. Eric does the Roadblock, and Jeremy notes looking at the statue that the Greek guys are ripped. He wonders if Dani will leave him for one of these Greeks. Joseph and Monica arrive, choose not to Yield, and Monica builds the statue. Eric and Jeremy finish and arrive at Phil’s mat very un-enthused. Phil asks if they could be a little more excited, and they explain that they know they made a lot of mistakes on that leg of the race.

Lake/Michelle and Double D are just finishing the Laundry chore. Wondering if they should Yield Double D, Michele tells Lake she will let him decide. Monica is having trouble with the statue and says she feels dumb, not being able to figure out what to do with those extra pieces. Fran and Barry arrive with Fran deciding to put together the statue. Monica declares herself an idiot, and finds she was tricked with two extra pieces. I wonder if that was the dumb blonde act she was just going along with. Fran finishes her statue quickly. Joseph and Monica arrive in third place, and Fran and Barry in fourth.

Lake/Michele and Dave/Lori arrive at the amphitheater around the same time, but Dave and Lori are held up as Lori can’t run anymore, and Lake and Michele can’t figure out where the Yield is, at one time ending up real close to Phil and his mat. They pass Fran and Barry, ask for help, but Barry says he can’t tell them. Ray and Yolanda are still driving around lost. Dave and Lori reach the Yield first, but don’t use it, realizing that what goes around comes around. Lake and Michelle Yield Double D who haven’t arrived yet. I’m not sure why they don’t Yield Ray And Yolanda, but maybe it’s because they don’t realize how close they are, unlike Double D.

Lake decides he will build the statue, knowing he’ll do well, being a dentist. Michelle decides all those years of medical school will pay off. When DD finds they are Yielded, they cry. They can’t figure out why Lake and Michelle Yielded them, and figure it’s because they’re hicks from the south. Or maybe it’s because they realize how close they are to losing the race right now.

Lori gets her statue done, but finding the two extra pieces, she takes it apart to try again. Dave tells her it has to be a thigh piece, and she says she knows that, but it won’t fit anywhere. They just keep getting more and more upset with each other, saying the same thing over and over. Lake and Michelle finish, and tell Double D still at the Yield not to hate them. Lori is crying, saying she is so good at puzzles.

Double D finally are released from the Yield and begin putting together the statue. Running to the pit stop, Lake says they have “Fat Dave” and the girls behind them. He and Michelle see Ray and Yolanda arriving, and tell them to hurry or they will be eliminated. As Lake and Michelle arrive at the mat, Lake drops to his knees, and Phil says, “Rise, my friend.” They are in fifth place.

Ray decides to do the Roadblock, and says the statue is how he likes his girl, with good thighs. He tells Yolanda to be ready to run down the stairs. Dave and Lori finally finish the statue, and she’s quite upset that she had it done three times and took it apart because of the two extra pieces. They arrive at Phil’s mat in sixth place. Phil tells them it’s quite a workout program he has them on. Dave gets quite upset with himself, and says he was so frustrated, and doesn’t want to be like that with Lori.

Double D finishes the statue, and is told no. Ray and Yolanda finish and are told yes, making Double D very frustrated, as they also have two pieces left, and can’t figure out why theirs isn’t okay. They finish, and are approved shortly after, and race Ray and Yolanda for the finish mat. Ray and Yolanda somehow get lost on the way, and check a map, but find their way to coming in in seventh place, making Yolanda ask how many teams there are, just to see where they finished.

Double D arrive at what they call the hall of shame. Being eliminated, they are happy to have made it that far. Phil tells them they made the most successful connections with the opposite sex ever on the show, telling them it was a real quick hookup with Eric and Jeremy. They decide they will be friends with Eric and Jeremy for years to come. Yeah, right. Their parting words are that they have strong minds and big hearts. Dani and Danielle then say they are the “Double Ds from New York!” And they’re gone, before I ever figured out which was which.

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