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It's Not Over Until The Phil Sings – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 4

“It’s Not Over Until The Phil Sings” – The Amazing Race 9, Episode 4

by LauraBelle

The show left off last week with one of those pit stops that aren’t really a pit stop, at Red Square in Moscow, Russia. Eric and Jeremy had reached it first, with Phil informing them this leg of the race still wasn’t over with. As we rejoin them tonight, Phil gives them a clue telling them to fly to Frankfurt, Germany. Once there, they will take a train to the city of Stuttgart, and find the Mercedes Benz factory.

Lake and Michelle reach Phil just after, and when she hears they aren’t done yet, Michelle says, “Oh shoot,” while her husband says, “Haul ass, Baby!” In the cab on the way to the airport, they discuss how they ran across Red Square, and no one else they know can say that. Eric and Jeremy, discussing Red Square, only say it would have been a prime spot to hold hands with the chicks. I’m still having a difficult time determining which is Eric and which is Jeremy. Ray and Yolanda reach Phil in third place, and resolve to make it out tonight before the other groups.

BJ and Tyler, on their way to Red Square, feel bad leaving Fran and Barry back at the nesting dolls, and will feel bad if they are eliminated, which is assumably why they helped them in telling them what the clue they are looking for will look like. Barry eventually finds the clue, and they head off to Red Square as well, as BJ and Tyler reach Phil in fourth place, and Fran and Barry arrive just after in fifth place. BJ and Tyler celebrate when they see Fran and Barry run in. How can you not love these two? Tyler says it’s not over until the Phil sings.

Double D, Joseph/Monica, Wanda/Desiree, and Dave and Lori are still cleaning the trolleys. Either Danielle or Dani (I have a hard time telling them apart like I do Eric and Jeremy) says it’s the last thing she thought she would do in Russia; clean a trolley. Eventually they all finish and head to Red Square. Double D arrive sixth, followed by Wanda and Desiree. Remembering how they lost one of their backpacks, putting them behind early, one of the Double D says she’s going to staple this next clue to her ass. Joseph and Monica arrive in eighth, with Dave and Lori arriving last, expecting to be eliminated. When Phil tells them they aren’t done, Lori says it was Phil being his dramatic self.

At the airport Eric and Jeremy secure tickets to a flight leaving that night. When Lake and Michelle arrive at the ticket counter within minutes of Eric and Jeremy they are told that check-in for that flight is finished, prompting Lake to say, “Dad Gummit! We missed it by minutes!” They find another flight arriving 1-1/2 to 2 hours later, and grab it. The computers go down in the airport just after they get these tickets, and the other seven teams are all out of luck waiting, fearing they’ll have to spend the night in the airport. Double D realize if not for the backpack snafu, they’d be right there with Eric and Jeremy on the flight that already left. Not necessarily, as one team did dolls, and the other the trolleys. And even if they had both done dolls, there’s no guarantee they would have found it in the same timeframe. Eric and Jeremy, meanwhile, have already caught the train to the Mercedes Benz factory in Germany.

The ticket counter back in Moscow re-opens, and BJ and Tyler manage to be first in line for tickets, putting them on the same flight as Lake and Michelle. That flight is then closed after them, meaning the remaining teams will all need to wait until 7:00 AM for the next flight. Dave says, “Oh crap!” and it reminds me of Sully on Third Watch. Everyone just sacks out for the night there in the airport. Eric and Jeremy have made friends with a young man on the train, and ask about the pretty ladies in Germany.

Eric and Jeremy find the Mercedes Benz factory in Stuttgart, and end up waiting until 8:30 AM for it to open. By this time, Lake/Michelle and BJ/Tyler arrive. Each team is driven by a Mercedes driver around the old test track for Mercedes Benz, which used to be known as the Wall of Death. They travel at 170 kph, and are nearly vertical on a wall at one point. When they’re done, the teams are given the Mercedes to drive, with their next clue. Eric and Jeremy tell their driver they won’t drive like him. They all need to drive to the city of Bad Tolz, and find a marked field in the the Bavarian countryside.

As those three teams get on the autobahn, the other six teams get off the train and make their way to Mercedes Benz. Wanda asks how to say “fast” in German, and finds out it’s “Schnell.” I’m left contemplating this, as I know a few people with the last name of Schnell. As all these teams travel around the Wall of Death, Lori says she’s glad they didn’t eat on the train, and Joseph gets so excited he tries to drive himself.

With everyone now on the autobahn and looking for Bad Tolz, many of them are asking for directions. Desiree asks Wanda why she has to speak in an accent, as it makes it hard for everyone to understand her. Dave and Lori figure out how to get to Bad Tolz, but tell Joseph and Monica they haven’t, and tell a “white lie.” They had decided to go it alone from now on, and not work with the other teams. Desiree and Wanda realize they are going the wrong way, and that Double D is following them. They all turn around, but somehow just end up circling around the autobahn. Double D feel like they’re in the movie Groundhog Day, but I think they’re mixed up. That’s Punxatawney Phil, not Phil Keoghan.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at Ellbach Field first, and find a Roadblock. One person from every team needs to search the field, picking up gnome feet and hats, to find the Travelocity gnome hiding underneath. Jeremy (I figured out which is which! Jeremy is the lighter-haired one) tells the gnome, “It’s good to see you again.” They get a clue sending them to the Bavarian Film in Gremwold.

Lake and Michelle find a local man, and ask if they can follow him to Ellbach Field, but he says he’s too drunk to drive. Promising he’s not too drunk to give directions, he hops a ride in Lake and Michelle’s car to tell them how to get to the field. BJ/Tyler and Lake/Michelle/Drunk Guy all arrive at the field around the same time. Tyler and Lake do the searching, and find the gnomes fairly quickly. BJ and Tyler decide to follow Lake and Michelle to the next clue, realizing they have a local with them, and wondering if he was rented.

Barry and Fran arrive at the gnome search, and Barry has a unique system of searching, as he only searches under the feet, and not the hats. Once they find it, and are on their way, they say that’s what they do best – drive with the assistance of a map.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the Bavarian Film, and find a Detour – Break It or Slap It. In Break It, the teams will alternate breaking stunt bottles over each others heads, looking for a special label that bears the word “Prost”, the German word for cheers. The catch is that they can only break one bottle per cuckoo of the clock. In Slap It, the teams will need to join in and learn a German folk dance. When they have learned all the steps, they can move on. Eric and Jeremy decide to do Break It, and need to don lederhosen, complaining that those are jamming up their ass. They notice while breaking the bottles over each other’s heads that the Pauli Girl is pretty hot.

Ray and Yolanda arrive at the field, with Ray looking for the gnome. Joseph and Monica arrive as well, with Joseph doing the looking. Dave and Lori arrive shortly after, with Dave finding the gnome first, followed by the others. Back at Break It, Eric and Jeremy decide the bottle breaking is like German karate. They ask the Pauli girl to go out with them later, and she says if they pay.

Lake/Michelle and BJ/Tyler arrive at the Detour, and decide to do Break It. Tyler is wondering if there is a dressing room to put the lederhosen on, as he’s not wearing underwear. Just after, Eric and Jeremy find their “Prost” label. TMI. Jeremy asks the Pauli girl to give him some “good lipstick,” and she follows through and kisses him on the cheek. Their clue sends them to Leopoldstrope Street, to Siegestor, the Monument of Peace.

When Lake complains about being hit, Michelle tells him to shut up and take it like a man. BJ and Tyler end up finding their label before Lake and Michelle, and BJ tells the Pauli girl in German that he would like to go dancing with her. We never find out if she tells him to pay, like she did with Eric and Jeremy. Fran and Barry arrive at the Detour, and decide to do Slap It, with Fran complaining she can’t dance that fast.

Eric and Jeremy arrive at the pit stop first, and this, along with their gnome, gives them a Travelocity trip to the heart of Africa. Phil mentions the lipstick still on Jeremy, and tells them they are the biggest casanovas they’ve had there on The Amazing Race. All Eric and Jeremy do is talk about doing more tongue-wrestling with Double D, prompting Phil to do a little of his eyebrow raising.

Lake and Michelle find the clue in the bottle, and end up following BJ and Tyler to the pit stop, passing them. While Lake and Michelle argue, BJ and Tyler realize they’re going the wrong way and turn around. They make it into the pit stop in second place, and refer to the local standing on the mat as “Santa!” Lake and Michelle arrive in third place.

Fran and Barry finish the dance and make their way to the pit stop. Joseph/Michelle, Dave and Lori, and Ray/Yolanda all try Break It. While doing this, the dancers from the Slap It dance in and out of Break It area. The German version of the train dance? Dave and Lori are the first of this bunch to find the clue, and head off for the pit stop.

Double D and Wanda/Desiree eventually find Ellbach field. Double D finds the gnome quickly, and on are on their way, with Desiree having some trouble finding the gnomes in the dark. Although, she does stop to tell her mom the ‘g’ is silent in ‘gnome’. She eventually finds the gnome, but they are still in last place.

Fran and Barry arrive in fourth place, while Dave and Lori arrive in fifth. Joseph and Monica decide to switch to Slap It. They finish quickly, prompting Ray and Yolanda to follow suit. Josephy/Monica arrive in sixth place, and Ray and Yolanda arrive in seventh.

Double D decides to do Slap It, and as they finish, they find Wanda and Desiree entering to do the dancing as well. After they finish, Double D ends up lost yet again, leaving Wanda and Desiree to get quite excited, realizing they aren’t completely out of it. Both teams arrive at the pit stop at the same time, making it a foot race. It’s Double D that ends up arriving in eighth place.

As Wanda and Desiree walk in to the pit stop, they find they’re last and eliminated. Desiree says she’s proud of her mom, and says the last few days have been hell. But she is so proud of her mom for always meeting the challenges with grace and strength. Wanda says she loves her daughter more every day. She realizes she is an adult now, and on the race, Desiree showed her independence.

I really wish those two would have been able to pull it out a little while longer. They were very likable, and I can’t always say the same for Double D. If Eric and Jeremy are smart, they’ll play their tongue hockey at the pit stops, and go their separate ways during the race. With them, they fell to middle of the pack, and without them, have recaptured the lead. But sometimes those hormones on young guys makes them make bad decisions.

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