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American Idol 5, 03-15-06 – One Down; One To Go

American Idol 5, 03-15-06 – One Down; One To Go

by LauraBelle

It’s surprises all around on the American Idol Results show tonight. While the person ultimately leaving wasn’t all that surprising, the supporting cast in the bottom three was. And the biggest surprise of all is that Simon is wearing a white button down shirt!

What I was really happy to see was a Ford Commercial starring our final 12. Okay … those things are corny as all get out, but I love them. This one is to All I Want originally by Toad The Wet Sprocket. Chris Daughtry is playing guitar and singing around a campfire, as Bucky Covington pops his head out of the window of a Ford parked nearby. The other idols pop their heads out from around trees, while Kevin is with a not very well-animated bunny. A monster appears at the campfire, and is best described as resembling the monster in Where The Wild Things Are, a children’s book. Katharine McPhee, the park ranger, arrives, and the monster takes off his costume head to reveal … Ace Young!

After the commercial, Stevie Wonder is at center stage with his keyboard. He says with the final twelve this week, he wanted to objectively hear how they all sounded with his songs. After that, he just wanted to be able to offer all the prospective idols some constructive criticism, which he did. Ryan leaves Stevie with his keyboard, performing a song My Love Is On Fire off his new album. It’s a little long and drawn out for me, but then again, I’m waiting for my results!

Ryan starts with comparing Ace and Kevin, and says one is safe; one is not. Surely Ace is safe. No? Ace is in the bottom three! How the … I’ll admit he wasn’t at his normal best, but he certainly didn’t deserve bottom three. The judges are equally shocked, but stress a lot of it has to do with song selection, and that you have to bring it every week.

With Kevin safe (shaking head …), Paris Bennett, Taylor Hicks and Chris are also declared safe. Getting to Melissa McPhee, she joins Ace in the bottom three after being way off with the tune and forgetting the lyrics to Lately. That was kind of expected. Elliott Yamin, Mandisa and Katharine are all declared safe.

The last final three spot will be filled by either Lisa Tucker or Bucky. Lisa has struggled to connect with her audience, but Bucky has been here before, and had to fit his southern rock thing around Stevie Wonder songs. Surprisingly, it’s Lisa in the bottom three with Ace and Melissa, as Bucky is safe.

Ace is sent back to safety, and all those looking for a weekly dose of eye candy are relieved. I think he can consider himself served though. He has to bring it every week, and can’t rely on those looks. Although, I do believe he was nervous last night. Voters will consider themselves served as well. Don’t ever assume anyone is safe. If you want them to stay, vote for them, instead of the person you kind of like that you’re worried about. I still contend that’s what happened to Constantine Maroulis last year. I must admit seeing Ace up there was giving me flashbacks.

It’s between Lisa and Melissa, and Lisa is declared safe. Melissa is going home. Extra time was taken in this half hour somewhere. My TIVO cut off just after Melissa’s parting video, set once again to Daniel Powter’s Bad Day, was shown. I didn’t hear Ryan declare a theme for next week, and I didn’t hear Melissa’s last song, but they couldn’t have fit that in that remaining overlap time anyway.

Melissa, who was hanging on by a thread, should have known she had to bring it this week. You can’t sneak your way into the final twelve then deliver a performance where you can’t stay in tune and forget the lyrics to a Stevie Wonder tune both in front of him and on the air, and expect to stay. Those close to the bottom should take note. I do wish Kevin would have at least been in the final three. For one thing, I’m tired of him getting credit for staying in tune. For another, I wish he would have gotten some type of comeuppance for his disrespect of Simon Cowell this week. I would never have allowed my children to act like this to an adult, and certainly not one that is looking to give him a record contract. I’m an assistant instructor in martial arts, and had one of my yellow belt students used that disrespect on me tonight, I would have had them doing push-ups.

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